Saturday, April 30, 2022


 So *sigh*, today we are going to stay home and wait for the heat pump Installation guy to arrive.  He said he would arrive between 12 - 1 pm.  

His job is to work out what heat Pump will fit in the same place as our existing heat pump.

In the meantime, there's housework and making those gorgeous blocks to carry on with.

Let's wait and see what else the day brings.

9.25:  Stew comes into the garage and says:
"What's going on?  I don't know what I'm doing today.... there's no blog post up today!"

I'm like... really?  You look at the blog in the morning to find out what 'YOU' are doing today?
OMG that is rather funny.

So... blogger is being a bitch.  Had problems with it yesterday, and now again this morning.

Hopefully when I hit 'PUBLISH' it actually will this time.

ABOVE: Block number four has this utterly gorgeous flower!  Fussy cut so I got lots with hearts inside the heart.  Too cute.

And a spur of the moment decision ... as soon as the install man has been we are taking off for a little break.
Tauranga.  Stay the night.   Explore the coast North of Tauranga, then come home again.
It was planned for last weekend, but those plans had to change when we unexpectedly had Keera to look after.

It's only 11 am, I do hope the guy arrives closer to 12 than 1. 

We have thrown a few things in a bag ... ready to go.

AND.... 4 and a half hours later and after a very frustrating and avoidable delay, we reluctantly decided to stay home.
All going well... we will have two full days in Tauranga NEXT WEEKEND!
So damn annoyed.

We could have left now and got over there in time for dinner, but we are both just crabby and didn't want to go away in a bad mood.

**  The Installation guy arrived kinda on time.  He recommended a slightly bigger heat pump from what we had thought of buying, so we had to go into Harvey Norman's and sort that out.

There was another 'problem' but it eventually got sorted out.  Nothing to do with the Installation guy though.
We will probably have to wait about a month until the new heat pump is installed.  *sigh*

So.  Fish 'n' chips for dinner, then a quiet evening here.

8 pm, dinner is over.  Struggling to stay awake now... far too much food at dinner time.
I think I will have an early night.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. No post had me worried I’m glad you have it up now

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Seeing if this work’s good to catchup

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Lol lol lol Stew. That made me Crack up. Lol lol have a great day. The sun is shining again, quilt meeting today and then a bit of tlc on my succulents. Kj

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM


  5. Ohhh bless Stew 🙌 I did wonder if everything was ok. Just been for the swizzle stick up the nose keep fingers crossed 🤞 if you do manage to get away drive safely 💙💙

  6. have a wonderful details break guys.

  7. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Having trouble posting last few days
    Cheers 🥂

  8. Kiwionholidays4:01 PM

    Trying this again

  9. Wait a minute? Was the heater man the cause of the delay? Be sure to do your stuff first and work the heater man around YOUR schedule! Sorry you had to bail on your plans.

    1. Anonymous7:44 PM

      I agree, if he let them down I certainly wouldn't be going with Harvey Norman. I shouldn't think they want any more problems with tradies. Audrey

  10. Bugger that the plans went to custard! Stew is hilarious x

  11. Nothing worse going away crabby. I take it the heat pump man didn't deliver?

  12. The quilt is going to be so beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.


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