Thursday, April 07, 2022


 I'm going out this morning to buy a couple of bags of small rocks.

For here:

ABOVE:  I'm going to fill those two areas up with small rocks, then put small pots of plants on top.

Obviously the boxing and metal posts are still there, but I'm hoping that Giovanni comes back today and removes them.

If he doesn't arrive today, I will take them off/out myself.

Apart from that little job, I've not got anything else on me agenda.

My sewing room still needs to be put back to rights, but Stew can help me with that on the weekend.

So... off to start the day.

Someone left me a comment a while ago, saying they could never live with me because I am ALWAYS changing my mind.
It's what I do.

ABOVE:  I'm now trying to build wooden surrounds for those two areas, using scrap timber we have lying around.

Wish me luck.  I'm not too flash with a hammer or hand saw.

ABOVE:  Archer just lost his first tooth.  I hope the tooth fairy remembers tonight!

Coincidentally, Lacy just got a tooth pulled out!

I have been slaving away out the back trying to build my first wooden surround.

Ran into trouble with nails either getting stuck half way and refusing to budge, or come out again... or they bent over half way through!

ABOVE:  It got so bad I had to talk to Steve for some advice.
He helped via the phone and I got there in the end.

But only with ONE FRONT PANEL.

ABOVE: After building that one, I'm done for the day!
I swear to god I cannot believe how hard that was!  
Maybe I'm using the wrong nails?  All I know is, I'm not doing any more today.

The neighbours really don't want to hear me swear like a trooper any longer.

It's 12.45 pm.  Time for some lunch and put me feet up for a little while.

4.40 pm:  I've been outside watering the grass.  I'd show you how it's coming along... but me phones doing an update and I can't use it right now.  Most annoying.
Worse still, if you don't do the update, it starts doing shit on it's own.  Like changing the display settings, light/dark modes etc!  

I've not thought about dinner yet.  I had a really lovely chicken salad sandwich for lunch ( from left overs from last night)... so I'm not actually even hungry yet.

I get so sick to death of cooking.  Making dinners, even though it's only the two of us right now.  I'm sure everyone feels the same way right?

If it was only me to worry about, I think I'd live on tinned shit, hot chips and crackers 'n' cheese!

Soooooo.... I pulled me finger out and cooked Stew and I a beef/onion pasta dish.  It was bloody yum too.

Now I'm watching Coronation Street, trying to stay awake!  I am off to bed the minute it's finished.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The bits of driveway I can see look good.

  2. I agree, the driveway bits look nice and clean. And that is what you wanted. Not a bunch of sticky, goopy, black, smelly tar.
    You have an amazing eye for tiny details. Like these areas. I wouldn't even give them a 2nd thought. I know they will look lovely in the end.

  3. I've done the same around pipes etc, stones with pot plants on top... it's a great solution to hide them. I'm looking forward to the final "after" photo and am so pleased it's all done (properly).

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    May I suggest that you put down landscape cloth before you put the stones in? It will lessen the likelihood that pesky weeds will show their annoying heads through the stones.

    The concrete is looking fab so far; can't wait to see it with your finishing touches.

    A Fan in Canada

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Hammering is hard. I try not to do it. Ha Your fence looks nice, good job. Ky Girl

  6. When it's just the two of you, why not look at something like Hello Fresh? Might be a little more expensive than your regular grocery shop, but it's all in the box, you just have to put it together. The meals are tasty, and probably dishes you wouldn't normally try. Currently, I have hubby on Lite & Easy, which is pre packed lunches and dinners (frozen dinners but fresh lunches) so I don't have to cook much at all! Only on weekends.

  7. Gosh your driveway is such a huge improvement on the previous job.

    Re the cooking - I totally hear you! Like Colleen suggested, we use Hello Fresh from time to time when I'm in my "I'm over cooking" mood. We usually order the 3 or 4 nights option but for 4 people - and although there is only two of us, we cook the whole meal each time, and either have the second half the next night (with a quick zap in the microwave), or freeze the meal to have as an easy option another time. They do have some very nice meals - and you can put the orders on hold anytime you want - or cancel completely. I just start/stop it to suit our needs at the time.

  8. The driveway looks so good! As for the cooking? It's the bane of my life. I'm over thinking about, planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up. I've got Covid at the moment, so I can't even taste it!😆😆😷

  9. I'm like you...I hate cooking dinners. Thankfully son cooks one night a week so I do get a night off.

  10. There's a phrase for the cooking..... 'Food Fatigue' 😅 I think it hits most women after a lifetime of planning meals, cooking them & cleaning up after! At least it makes eating out a real treat!

  11. Anonymous11:48 PM

    I make enough stuff to last 4 nights so gets me out of cooking and washing up for 3 nights lol

  12. Driveway looks wonderful. For sure cooking gets to be annoying after all these years.

  13. Can you figure out what I should make for dinner too lol.


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