Wednesday, April 13, 2022


 Today we are heading back home.

We've had a really nice mini break away.

Extra neat to catch up with our friends and family down here.

Big thanks to Sandra and Neil for having us to stay.

We are having morning tea with Chris D and Sandra before leaving for home.

I'm sure we will take all day to get home... we like stopping here and there.

10.58 am and we are just leaving Palmerston North. 
Morning Tea with Sandra and Chris was very pleasant.  We all had hot scones from Verdict... a local cafe.

ABOVE: I love my girlfriends.  They are my best friends.  Sad to be going home... but as I told them, I miss my beautiful driveway!
They think I'm nuts. I don't get that! Lol

ABOVE:  collecting pumice from the lakeside, Lake Taupo. Very overcast but no torrential rain which was forecast .  Half way home.

I might have stopped at a very little fabric shop in Putururu...

ABOVE: I bought some fabric. Her prices were $5 a metre LESS than anywhere else I've been. SCORE.

6.15 pm.  Safely home again.
All unpacked.

Stew's gone to get some dinner (Chinese Takeaways).
I've been editing photos.

A couple more for today, then the rest tomorrow.  Don't worry, there's not too many.

ABOVE:  It was very dismal through the Desert Road.  No sign of any of the mountains ... just heaps of cloud and drizzle.
But that was ok, at least it wasn't too wet.

ABOVE:  Once we got to Lake Taupo, the weather was lifting a bit.  It looked nice to the East, but still stormy to the West.

The trip was uneventful today.  We had several piddle stops, and a 'fabric stop', but that was all.

Nice to be home.  Off to have dinner now.

Well dinner is done, it was very good.
Time to relax and put our feet up till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh so sweet! Good friends, lovely family and canine, and beautiful driveway! All is well!

  2. Just knocked off for the day 🍺 hope you have had a safe journey and the weather hasn't played any part for the drive home 💙💙

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Ooh awesome pumice. Good for growing succulents in. Yeah I'm addicted but they say you have to things that make you happy! Kj

  4. Love that pic of you 3 such a happy time 💕

  5. Sounds like you had a lovly break away just what u both needed...shame driving is involved but your flash new Toyota would have just felt like your were in your lounge chairs im sure

  6. Glad you had a couple of nice days away

  7. Looks as though you had a nice break. Welcome home.

  8. Love all your drives, nice score on the fabric!


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