Tuesday, April 26, 2022


In response to suggestions we get ducted central heating in our home:

We would rather get ONE new heat pump for the family room than pay up to $10,000 (if not more) to keep the entire house cool/warm.

We spend the majority of our time in our family room, so I don't think I want to pay to have the entire house kept at a constant temperature.  

I read up on the cost of running it too... it's not cheap by the sound of it.  Lynda/Cranky ... how do you find it?

When we go to bed we are perfectly comfortable.  He's under the covers to keep warm over winter, and I have a fan on 100% of the time! 

So, while I appreciate the advice re :  Ducted Air Conditioning, we will give it a pass.

Also, our home has ducted HRV, which keeps the moisture levels down, especially during winter.

No crying windows or mould on curtains etc.  That is something well worth getting if you don't already have it.

Stew is back at work today... he's in Rotorua today.

I was thinking of going to a neighbour's funeral today.  I'm undecided on that at the moment.  I only knew him casually.  He, by all accounts, was a really wonderful, loving, caring man.  The few times I met him were lovely.

Funerals are not something I like to put myself through... been a few too many in the past few years.  It would be a bit embarrassing if I started bawling at an acquaintance's funeral. 😕😟

So, maybe I've already made up my mind not to go.

I will make a donation to their chosen charity instead.

There's plenty to keep me busy around here.  Mostly housework generated by having extra's here over the weekend.

I am also contemplating starting a new quilt... Queen Sized.  A Quilt-As-You-Go, so I can complete it myself, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a 'professional long arm quilter' to do it for me.

I will have to make the pattern for the quilt first, so that's what I will start on today I think.

10.15 am:  I've managed to get heaps of jobs done this morning... including cleaning all the bathrooms.  Shitty job when you didn't even make half the mess.

Now though, I am starting to draft that pattern.

ABOVE:  And it's taken me AN HOUR AND A HALF to work out what size the blocks need to be to fit on the Queen bed!
And then cut them out.

And now... I'm going to work on the actual design that goes ON the white.  
That is bound to take me all bloody day!

The only consolation is that I haven't had to pay for the pattern.  And I'm going to change a couple of things so it's not a total rip off... but really, it still is!  😅😂😋

Any idea what it's going to be?  Not exactly giving you any clues eh?

Sitting in the sewing room, thinking "Shit I'm hungry".  
I look at the clock.  It's only 12.30 pm.  Shouldn't be THAT hungry.
Then I realise that clock hasn't been wound forward for the end of Daylight Saving.
So it's actually 1.30 pm.

No wonder I'm hungry.  I've not eaten at all so far today.  Time to stop and get some lunch I reckon.

ABOVE:  And there it is. The pattern.  Totally IGNORE the colours!  It's just paper and card.
That took way longer than it should have.
But getting things the right size, and in the right place was a right bitch.  And that friggin butterfly's wings?  😖😫😵  I wish I wasn't so fussy, but I am.  

I'm stopping now, gunna put me feet up for half an hour.  Then it will be time to start dinner prep.
We are having roast lamb (pre cooked), baked potato (pre cooked) and broccoli bites.  The Broccoli bites are from a video off Facebook.

ABOVE: Turn the volume off!  It's just the TV in the background.
I think I could have added a bit more cheese to mine.  They are very nice, not too strong tasting.
Nice for a change.
Chopping up the broccoli is a pain in the arse though.  Messy.

So dinner is done.  Dishes done.  Washing in.  Now just watching the TV till bedtime.


  1. Fair enough (regarding the ducted aircon). You can turn off in any room you want by closing the vent which means you only heat the areas you need. I love that you don't need to shut doors or get cold air into the lounge when going to the loo etc. We never have ours set to either very hot or cold, just a really comfortable temperature and we do switch off when we go out. The place will heat up or cool down in a matter of minutes so I'm not sure why people leave them going. It's also incredibly quiet and 'non intrusive'.

    I do think though that as you have the HRV system then that's great. I suppose I only suggested it because you were going to spend money anyway. We don't find it expensive to run.

  2. I have two heat pumps one in bedroom mounted on wall. The second one is in dining room and is on the floor, this one is great and heats right through the living area. Brand is Mitsubishi and far bettter than the wall one

  3. We could not survive in our house without our HRV. We mainly heat our house with one baseboard in the winter and a window AC in summer. We built a super insulated house with 16 inch thick walls and the house is south facing with triple glazed windows. We can be in here at -40C with the sun shining and warm at 70F without the baseboard running. If I lived in a temperate climate like you do, I would do as you do.

  4. I'll enter into the ducted air con conversation, even though you know you don't want it!..... we have it and it's brilliant. We have "zones" so we can change it from living room to bed room etc, so not heat or cool the whole place at once

  5. Show me broccoli bites!!

  6. I would not live without ducted now. I love it SO MUCH! Doesn't cost any more to heat and cool than other options. You can close off rooms/zones, set it to come on via an app so your house is hot/cold when you come in...I just love it. Cost us $11K to install, I'd pay double to be honest!


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