Saturday, April 23, 2022


 At least a week ago now, my right knee has been giving me a bit of grief.

There is a sharp pain in the lower/middle of me knee.  Mostly when I walk, but sometimes just when I straighten it out fully.

Sharp stabby pain.

Enough for me to go 'OUCH!'.  And be more careful and wary of it.

Most annoying.  It's stopped me walking any distance for now.

If it continues, I suppose I'll end up at the doctors, to be told it's just age/my weight bla bla bla.

I know there's no doubt nothing to be done about it unless it gets debilitating.  Such is our health system.

My friend couldn't walk AT ALL before she finally got a knee replacement!

NOT that I need a knee replacement, but yeah.  I know I'm just gunna have to grin and bear it, and hope it resolves itself. *sigh*

Right, bitchy bit over. 

ABOVE:  Got the power reading for the last week.  I get one every Friday thanks to our power company.

And look at that!  Big spike when I was cooking up all our dinners for the freezer.  But NOT as huge as I thought it would be.

In fact, it only cost about an extra $5-6 bucks to have the oven on literally all afternoon and half the evening too.

Today Stew, Keera and I are going for a little wander in the Hamilton Gardens, or down by the river .... then have a nice lunch somewhere.

Possibly at Chartwell Square.  

... Guess what?
We've been out all day... well until now (2 pm).
We took Keera to Hamilton Lake, there's two lovely playgrounds there.

ABOVE:  Keera had so much fun at the kids playground.  She was 'in charge' of the spinning contraption!  Constantly making sure kids got on and off safely.  I felt so proud of her.

ABOVE: The second playground on the other side of the lake was more for teenagers and adults.  It was one where you could do exercises, lift weights etc.  And a Parkour, I think that's how it's spelt?  You could leap and jump off walls etc.

ABOVE:  Keera gave a few stations a go.  I did not. 😂😅😆

ABOVE:  Don't be deceived by the beautiful BLUE water.  It wasn't.  It's disgustingly BROWN and heavily polluted... warning signs everywhere  saying KEEP OUT of the water.  Such a shame it's so hard to keep clean.

ABOVE:  I love this photo.  Keera loved swinging with me in the sunshine.  
After the parks, we met up with Steve, Bex and the boys for lunch at Chartwell Square.

10.11 pm:  Well we've had a lovely afternoon and evening.  Stew and I spent the afternoon relaxing, watching some tv, while Keera spent a play date with her cousins.

Then we prepared dinner, which was pre-cooked roast beef, cheese sauce, veges, potatoes and eggs.  

After dinner we had Bex and the kids here, lots of NOISE!  Now... all is quiet.  Our kid is asleep and we are again just chilling out till bedtime.


  1. Ironically, my knee has been hurting also. I think I will do some gentle stretching/yoga.

  2. Looking to buy a smart TV this weekend OMG how does one choose 😳😳 just did a RAT test sore throat runny nose weeping eyes FFS negative though 🤞 have a lovely time with Keera 💙💙

    1. TV... I went with a certain look... not features.

    2. We're looking at a Samsung Frame possibly

    3. Nice choice. I would have got that one if we were putting it on a wall. But ours was going on a shelf in family room.

  3. So as a certified RAT TESTER you can have symptoms way before testing positive whatever comes first symptoms or positive.
    8 of us are on Good Health Joint Active UC11 ALL OF US no joint complaints all aches and pains disappeared and me after 30 years of truck accident pains ALL GONE haven’t had ibuprofen for 3 weeks!!!!!

    1. Hey Blondie I woke up with the runny nose then the sore throat came a few hours later. Should I do the test again down my throat?? Am freezing cold and have taken Panadol 😀 but nothing is working.

    2. Yes just test again last weekend teenager had mild symptoms night time more symptoms come morning tested negative morning but tested evening positive. I have tested 3 people like that in the last month. My nephew had symptoms for 3 days before testing
      Positive. A possibility and it’s better to be vigilant, I’m now in a working environment where I’m tested twice daily morning and evening, because of 24/7 shifts in our client sites…..

  4. Glad you had a lovely time with your wee girl.

  5. Love the pic of you and Keera! She loves her grandma.

  6. Glad you had such a fun day out with Keera.

  7. Beautiful photo of you and Keera. I can tell she loves you. You’ve been a constant in her little life and it looks as though she feels safe and loved by you. Lucky girl 💕

  8. Chris, that's exactly how my knee used to be. It got to the point where I couldn't walk properly without limping and getting up and down was painful. I'd get cortisone injections in it before holidays etc but eventually I just couldn't walk so got the knee replacement done. It's brilliant now, my strong knee and my other one seems to be behaving itself so far! The surgeon said the knee was really bad due to osteoarthritis. I'm so happy to be able to walk properly again!

  9. What Lynda said about your knee. Mine was the same and it got bad really quickly.
    Keera looks so happy. She is lucky she can spend time with you.

  10. What a heart warming, blissful photo of you and Keera, such a special bond between you, so much love for each other.

  11. Anonymous2:46 PM

    That is so lovely for you to be proud of Keera!! And the picture is lovely too. Happy Birthday Steve!!!


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