Monday, April 25, 2022


ABOVE:  Last night's birthday cake(s).  Because people are fussy, we got three different flavours of cake.
So everyone enjoyed a piece. Left overs of cake went home with Brylee, Steve and Bex.  

ABOVE:  I wonder how many times I've posted a photo of someone blowing out their candles on here?
Maybe one day I'll count them!  lol

ABOVE:  Sorry.... it made us laugh, so I had to share.

Today ... the kids are going to the playground with Steve 'n' Bex.  Stew and I will either go with them, of just hang out here at home.
Nothing is open this morning (malls, shops etc) due to it being ANZAC Day.
(google it if you want to know what it means)
So, we might go out later.  Time will tell.


10.55 am:  silence is golden.  All the kids are off playing at our local park with Steve and Bex.

Stew and I are just chilling out wondering what to do with ourselves.  It's weird not having anything pressing to do!

ABOVE:  Laura asked me what was the name of the egg things I used.  There they are... off TradeMe.  I'm sure they are available from Ebay, AliExpress etc too.

OK.  I managed to find one SMALL job that needed doing.
It's something that I was aware of, but it wasn't on the 'must do now' list.

Today, as we really don't have anything to do... I mentioned it to Stew.  And off he went:

ABOVE:  Yeah, this conifer out the front of our home really was calling out for a trim!
It is embarrassing how badly it needed pruning, yet we simply had not got around to it.  I doubt Stew was even aware it looked that bad!
Done now.  

Lovely surprise when the kids arrived home.  They came bearing PIZZA for lunch.
After lunch Steve, Bex and boys went home and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon.

Stew went out and picked up his work car, as he's off to Rotorua tomorrow.

I got Curried Sausages out for dinner.  Stew wants them with rice and veges.  So that's what he shall have.  I'm gunna have them with mashed potatoes.

So Stew read the above and assured me he didn't mind having potatoes, so we both had mashed potatoes and veges.  Dinner was really YUM.

After dinner I did three loads of washing and Stew and I hung it all out.  One less job for me tomorrow morning.  Plus I don't have to wait for the washing to actually get done.  Each load takes over an hour, sometimes 90 minutes depending on what it is.

Now?  Winding down till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. That plan would result in me eating three pieces of cake. Gotta try them all!

  2. I lol'd at the earth thing 🤣. Have a good day guys x

  3. Groovy looking cake 🎂 ended up buying the Samsung Frame 🤗 Lest We Forget 💙💙

  4. I second Lynda's suggestion from yesterday to look into ducted air! I love love love ours!

  5. We got ducted air last year and it's great. For the first time our house isn't the typical Aussie or Kiwi house where you live in the one room that has heating and cooling!

  6. Happy birthday Steve and many more of them. I'd be trying all of those cakes. Wouldn't be much leftover 🍰🤣

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Curried sausages. Oh my mouth is drooling. Everytime I make them they don't taste right. Yummy. Kj

  8. Curried sauages and rice yummy. My machine takes 90 minutes 2 Chris bloody pain for sure, i should put load on tonight but already in bed cant b tossed geting up


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