Thursday, April 28, 2022


 Late yesterday I heard from Harvey Norman, where we are getting the new Heat Pump.

Seems the installation man MIGHT call in the next couple of days, otherwise Saturday.

I'm like, damn.  I had hoped Stew and I would go out Saturday/Sunday.  Just leave for a nice weekend elsewhere.

But again, our plans might have to be put on hold.


So today I am going to prep that first flower block for stitching.  I'm trying to think of the best way to do the 'Quilt As You Go' for this quilt.

Block by block, or three blocks in a row?  Not sure yet.  But I'll need to make up my mind as soon as I've got three ready for stitching.

ABOVE: Got woken up by this floating by...  beautiful.... BUT LOOK AT MY GRASS!!!
It's amazing.  
So proud.

I went to use the iron this morning to press a top I wanted to wear.  It stuck... and wasn't even that hot.
So I looked at the iron's base.

ABOVE:  HORRIFIED!  WTF????  I am so, SO careful that I don't burn anything, stick anything on it, and LOOK AT THAT!
I'm like, GODDAM IT ALL.

ABOVE: So I went down to Spotlight and got some iron cleaner.  I really hope it works.
The lady at Spotlight said it can be something so simple as left over detergent in your fabric, or my husband's deodorant still in his shirts!

It certainly isn't anything I've done.  OMG I'm so damn careful when ironing, because I don't want to ruin any of my fabrics!  

So, I'm now going to attempt to clean my iron.  If it doesn't work, it will be going in the rubbish, like the last dozen (at least).

ABOVE:  Step one:  Apply cleaning cream to a thick, soft cloth, rub hot iron in a circular motion over cleaner and cloth.
Repeat if necessary  ... it was necessary.

Now my iron looks WORSE.

ABOVE:  Step two: wash off all the cleaner, making sure you get it out of all the steam vents.

Tried very hard to do that.  
My iron is now 100% FUCKED.

I'm now crabby as fuck.

Off to find Martyn's mother's iron now... it's in a cupboard somewhere.

Oh and YES, I will be taking that iron cleaning stuff back for a refund.  They sold me something that made my iron WORSE not better.

ABOVE:   My sewing room side kick... wishing she could squeeze through a gap and get outside.  Oh the adventures she would have!
But no.

ABOVE:  Block Number 1 ready for stitching.
I have decided to make all 9 blocks before doing the next step.
So maybe you won't get to see much more for a while.

Correction on yesterday's post re:  Vliesofix.    I use Steam A Seam, not Vliesofix.
Anyway, I was about to run out of Steam A Seam, so I went out to Gordonton and bought more this afternoon.

Then I got on with making the second block.

ABOVE: I'm happy to say the second block wasn't quite so time consuming.  Getting in the groove so to speak now.  Second block got a Bumble Bee instead of a butterfly.

It's now 5.45 pm and I'm buggered.  Stew will have to get his own dinner tonight.  I'm done for the day.

8.45 pm:  I just spent over an hour tracing out the next block's flowers etc, ready for tomorrow.
I also drafted a couple more butterflies and made a pattern of each.

So, ticking along nicely.  Really enjoying the creative process.

But now... it's wind down time, wait to watch Coronation Street, then off to bed.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Why don't you ring Harvey Norman and make another time - you never know it might be tomorrow or Monday. Audrey

  2. I have heard great results from people using damp Panadol to clean their iron

  3. I remember using salt on baking paper to clean the iron as a kid. 3 negative tests feeling worse today than I have all week fuck it all 💙💙

  4. I have 3 irons. I have one that I use for fusible stuff and nothing else. Maybe have one for sewing and one for clothes.

  5. Just gonna say, if you and Stew want to play this weekend -- DO IT. The heat man can come some other time.

  6. Anonymous2:50 PM

    That's beautiful Chris. Keep going.

  7. Anonymous12:54 AM

    That quilt is going to be a show piece!! Ky Girl

  8. I just had to buy a new iron too, my cats love to throw them on the floor :(

  9. The squares are gorgeous.


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