Monday, November 01, 2021


 Who else hates dirt?

Like really, really can't stand it on their hands?


So 'gardening' is hard for me.  But yesterday I did some... I potted some of the little succulents I bought from my friend in Cambridge.

ABOVE:  I knew I had another fish container, quite a bit smaller than the first one I showed you.  And the white Boat dish.  Both were easy to find in the garage, so I used them to pot more succulents.

I'm feeling very happy with my little indoor 'garden'.

Today?  The only thing on my agenda (for now) is to ring Carpet Court AGAIN.  I'm not going to be happy until they confirm the carpet is coming on Wednesday.  And what time.  And how long they expect it to take, (1 - 2 days?).

These are things I should have already been told of course.  The lack of communication to confirm the date is still totally pissing me off I tell ya.

Once this is over, and our carpet is down, I will be having something to say to Carpet Court, HAMILTON.  It might not be nice.

If it has only happened once, I'd not be so crabby about it all.  But this is the 5-6-7th time I've not had a phone call returned.  Or I've had to ring and hound them over something.

It's really upsetting when you are looking forward to something so much, and silly things like this just take the enjoyment out of it.

Right, bitch over.

I think I will roll over for now, and read the news.  Not that it's very interesting.  It's all COVID, COVID, COVID.   

10.30 am:  And I rang the lady who schedules all the flooring installations.  She didn't pick up, so I left her a message.  I feel like that's all I can do now. 

And now... I'm gunna sew.

1 pm:  And I caved in and rang Bryan at Carpet Court, Hamilton.
I reminded him that I was still waiting for him to ring me back, five minutes later, on SATURDAY.
He apologised, said he got busy and forgot. (SO RUDE)
Upshot is... we are now getting our carpet installed on THURSDAY.  Not Wednesday.
I suppose I should be grateful it is still THIS WEEK.

OMG I hate Carpet Court (HAMILTON), I would not recommend them to any one.  
I feel like I need a punching bag!

I am now stopping me sewing, for lunch.

DEE:  ya think?   I will be email their head office and lodging a complaint.
AND they can wait for the balance of my account too.   I paid the deposit the second they asked me to.  I'm SUPPOSED to pay the balance within 24 hours of the carpet being installed.
Hmmm... might make them wait for a change.
Come to think of it, they have not given me a receipt for the vinyl payment yet.... do you think they should have?
I do.

The boys are here having a play date with the dogs.  They really don't come here to see us at all.  They LOVE the dogs more I'm sure.

6.25 pm:  And I've stopped sewing for the day.  And am cooking a Shepherds Pie for dinner.  
After that?
Relaxing in front of the telly, as per usual.
Three more nights of relaxing, then it will be all go getting the house back in order.

ABOVE:  Today's little finish.  Another 'WHAT ?'.  This runner is much shorter, suited more for the top of a small coffee table.
I started another one, sneek peek tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Dinner.  Was very nice,  and plenty left over for tomorrow night's dinner.  SCORE, I don't have to cook tomorrow.

And guess what?  That's me for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. If only you knew where this Carpet Court place was purchasing its carpet, you could call them yourself and make a way better deal and pay one of their fellas under the table to install it. This is ridiculous.

  2. I guess carpet court is going to get a blasting when the carpets are finally installed ?

  3. What in the world? Did they give you any reason for the one day delay? My gosh. Some people don't have that flexible of a schedule and wouldn't be able to be there "whenever" they decide to show up.

  4. Ohhhhh that’s appalling service what a blimmin drag yes an email to head office as a start.
    Pleased that all the little bits are done shit imagine if you’d have moved the bed Wednesday morning early!

  5. That is appalling service, it is not like they are delivering a small package, you have to upheave your whole bloody house for this. Definately submit a written complaint and ask for a discount in the final payment for the inconvenience. Don't let them blame Covid, that is not the issue, the issue is their lack of communication and the fact they do not return messages and you have had to constantly chase them. At what point were they planning to let you know they would not be there as planned on Wednesday???

  6. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I'm so sorry you've had such appallingly bad customer service from this company. You are absolutely right to withhold final payment. Write to head office and give them the timeline of your dealings with the local branch (you've got it all here on your blog!) They owe you either a discount, or a freebie, for your time and trouble.

    A Fan in Canada

  7. I know that lockdown has affected businesses all over but some of them use Covid to excuse poor service. And some just have shitty service at the best of times. God help them when you tell you what you think!

    #Lacy 💙


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