Wednesday, November 17, 2021


 Right, first up for today I'm heading into town to the garage.

With everything crossed that my car passes it's Warrant of Fitness.

While it's in the garage, I will browse a few of the nearby shops and visit Stew too.  His building is right next door to the garage, so silly not to.

ABOVE:  our new Christmas Friends.  I'm looking forward to getting our Christmas tree and decorations out.

BUT NOT YET!  I will do that on December the 1st.

I'm not into putting it all up too early, unlike some crazy tarts!  (Felicity 😅😂😊)

The 'Parcel' shall remain a mystery for now.

I will show you what it is, once it's assembled.

And yes, it is a job for Steve (and Stew), and maybe even Griffin.  The more strong men the better I'm thinking.

I dislike the colour of 'it', so will probably paint it before it's put together.

Another big job.  But ya know me, I like to be busy.  

Now... I'm going to roll over and snooze for another hour or so before getting up and starting me day.

11 am... sitting at the garage waiting for them to look at me car. Its been here for over half an hour and its not been moved yet. 

Starting to regret not going to a testing station now.

Stews busy working so I didn't want to slow his day down. He's always busy as.

Upside.. I found a white bedspread in the curtain shop that can act as a throw for my bed. And HEAVILY reduced in price too.

Gosh I'm good at finding bargains.  It was $170 down to $60!

ABOVE:  Finally, a 'throw' that's big enough for our bed.  

ABOVE:  My car sat in the carpark for about an hour before she was taken into the garage for her WOF.   I sat and sat and sat... and after 1 hour and 45 minutes... she was done.
She PASSED.  Such a relief. 
But lesson learnt.
Go to a VTNZ testing station.  Usually in and out in about 20 minutes.

So I'm home now and just had lunch.  Now... I will catch up on Coronation Street, then maybe do some sewing.

7.10 pm:  Well I must be tired.  I did NOTHING this afternoon.  I sat and thought about doing this, that and the other thing, but didn't.
I pretty much just sat here and watched TV!

And I don't feel guilty.  I feel like my brain just switched off.
And I might continue being brain dead for a bit longer.

Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Nice to c u was thinking of me...i belong to a Christmas site on Facebook and believe me im not the only crazy tart i have started my lights and decorations but the tree isnt up yet. Ive had a big order for cards so now that is nearly finished the tree and garden is next on the is it weeds grow quicker than flowers.

  2. Reid and Rowan are super cute.

  3. My tree is up because what else is there to do in lockdown? I need something to put a smile on my face. My Stu is in Hamilton today, he had a job to do so got a border pass.

  4. Of course, your cute little car will pass its test!

  5. That white throw looks lovely. Well done on the price too!

  6. I love a bargain! We just bought a jacket for my husband reduced from $ 350 to $ 24.95 at Myer. Score!

    1. That is an amazing bargain! Imagine what they paid for it to start with, if they can sell it for $24.95!

  7. your bed looks great! Here we have to take our cars to get smogged. The rest of the car can be shit just as long as the check engine light isn't on.

    1. WOW! A car can fail on just a bit of rust here. They are very strict on just about everything. I'm surprised I didn't fail cos my car was a mess inside! I really should vacuum and clean it this weekend, it's a disgrace.

  8. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Chris - you go at warp speed, no wonder you needed a rest. Hey, when does the pool open? I know how excited you will be this summer knowing all of your big house chores are done for years to come. Enjoy! Ky Girl

  9. Great bargain, looks very nice on the bed. Good to hear the car passed the mustard.

  10. My husband suffers depression and anxiety, and his doctor once told him to "practice being bored" so a little downtime now and then is necessary. Don't ever feel guilty about sitting and doing nothing now and then. It's good for the soul.


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