Wednesday, November 10, 2021


 Yesterday afternoon the Interiors Barn man dropped our shelving unit off.

And Stew had the pleasure of putting it together.

ABOVE:  I think Stew was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put together.

ABOVE:  He was onto the very last shelf, and he pulled out the last piece of wood.

And bugger!   It was the nicest piece of the lot, and I didn't want it on the very bottom.  So my poor man had to pull half the shelf apart again, so the 'nice' shelf could go in the middle.

ABOVE: See?  Just gorgeous.

ABOVE: Pulling it apart and inserting the nice one in the middle.

ABOVE: And there ya go... it's done.

ABOVE:  View from the front door... it looks awesome there!

ABOVE: The other tubular metal shelf we got from The Interiors Barn a couple of years ago, just before we moved here from Cambridge.

I do believe I'm very happy with our front entrance now. 😊

It's not like I'm a fussy tart or anything, right?

Stew is back in the office today, so I will be home alone again.

I have the entire day to do literally nothing.

The carpet gets finished tomorrow... so I can't put anything else away from in the garage.

So... maybe I will do some sewing?

Let's wait and see...

So..  there is an FBG Picnic this morning, out at Lake Karapiro.
I've decided to attend.  Its been ages since I saw any of the FBG group.

2.45 pm:  And I'm finally home from Cambridge.  I went over early, so I could look in a couple of new gift shops that had opened since we lived there.
I ended up finding a good Christmas present for someone.

Then I went out to the lake and had a really lovely, relaxing, enjoyable time with a small group of the FBG's.  I felt so happy being with them.
We all had lovely long yaks, then went on our merry ways.

ABOVE:  We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather, or scenery.

ABOVE:  My mistake of the day.  The cafe didn't have Diet Coke, so I tried what they had.  It gets 2/10.   1 point cos it was wet.  1 point cos it was cold.  No more points cos it was freakin' disgusting!
Lesson learnt.  Don't leave ya Diet Coke in the car.

On my way home I stopped at another gift shop in Cambridge.  And saw a little side table/coffee table that would be PERFECT for between two lounge chairs.  Did I buy it?  Hmmmmm.
Let's wait and see.  😂😅😆

Yeah.  I have quite the headache going on right now. So, a panadol or two and a lie down might be next on the agenda.  Damn annoying cos it came on real fast outta nowhere.  Grrrrr.

10 pm, still got the headache.
BUT... I made a delicious potato and bacon salad for dinner tonight.   Stew was very happy.
Loves his food does Stewie.

Been relaxing this evening ... just watching TV.
Stew put a couple of things back out in the sunroom, in readiness for tomorrow.
I will move the lounge chairs and smaller things that we brought back into the family room, tomorrow morning. 

And that's a wrap on the day.  I've enjoyed today, even with the damn headache.


  1. Shoe rack is GREAT!

  2. I like the shelf. Might need to have the hubby make one. Enjoy the picnic!


  4. Totally agree with the others,that shelving looks awesome,
    Love that area, Such a welcoming look to it,

    Neat to catchup on the last couple of days posts and see alls good over there

    Take care,
    Cheers 🥂

  5. I can’t wait to get to The Waikato again, but more that that I need my fam home for Christmas 🤶 fingers crossed 🤞

  6. Nice shoe rack, I take it the floor in and around the bottom is still technically part of the shoe rack aye? Just asking for a friend haha

    1. Cheeky bugger! YOU will use the damn rack son!

  7. Glad u going to the picnic hope the weather plays ball...have a lovely day

  8. Shoe rack looks amazing Chris, the whole entrance ties in with it. Clever girl. Enjoy your picnic.

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I think you need another rack for the other side of the mirror!

  10. Shoe rack is amazeballs love it 💙💙 nice work Waikato drinker on putting it together 🤣

  11. Oh the front entrance looks cool love the rack perfect for there. Hahaha only a Steve answer he so quick!
    Stunning weather here today too.

  12. Nice shelves. Looks like a lovely day. Hope you are feeling better. Good luck with the carpet installation.


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