Wednesday, November 24, 2021


 Well... thanks to one of you, I have the words for my cute little cat runner from yesterday.


Once she's finished you will find out what I used.

But first...

ABOVE:  I must clean up this mess!

I cannot function for long in here without tidying it up.  This is the mess after making the last couple of Cat Runners.

Finishing that runner is about all I have on my 'to do' list today.

I'm sure I will find something to do later on though.  

So until then... catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Bex visited after she took the boys to school.  That was lovely.
She's just had her hair highlighted, looks lovely.
Try taking a decent photo of her though!  OMG.
So many 'gimp' photos.  Best ones I got were when she wasn't posing. 😂😅😆

I've just finished cutting out the lettering for that cat runner... now I have to stitch around them.
That's gunna take some time, and probably a bit of swearing!

No swearing happened!  I went nice and slow, kept in the lines and ...

ABOVE:  Here she is.
DOGSTARS suggested a lot of things, but one that stuck out was 'I need wine right now'.
I tweaked it a bit, but same same really.

What do ya think of her?  
Hopefully someone wants to buy her.
She measures 58 cm X 42 cm, and is $45 plus P & P.

For now, she's going in me stash.

ABOVE: This one visited this morning too.
Bringing all her smaller stuff back here... she may be moving home soon until she can find a new flat. 

Oh shit, didn't realise I'd not updated since this morning!
Well... I have just been pottering around the house, did some washing and so on.

I sold today's Cat Runner already, and have been asked to make another one by a 2nd person.
So I suppose that's what I might be doing tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was left over Pork Pie, lettuce salad and mashed spuds.  

Watching Coronation Street was the highlight of me evening.  Now?  It's 11.15 pm and I'm about to head off to bed.
Fingers crossed I get a decent night's sleep.


  1. I cannot wait until you show us the finished runner - my interest is piqued :-)

    Love Bex's hair colour :-)

  2. YAY - Silly Kitty!

  3. That runner gorgeous love it. Ha your sewing looks like Edward Scissorhands went cray cray lol.
    Brylee nice in time for Xmas, how is the shoulder?
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Nice one Bex nothing like a revamp of the hair to brighten your day 💙💙

  5. It is rather stinky that the flat situation didn't work out for Brylee. I hope she finds something awesome! But she might not mind having a poll in the yard at the beginning of summer!!!!!

  6. Bex's hair looks lovely. Love the cat runner ... it wouldn't be wine for me ... it would be more like chocolate (but that would be too many letters) ... lol.

  7. I love that runner. Of course I do. It speaks to me on so many levels!!

  8. I love your hair out Be , you look so pretty

  9. Chris, if some members of your family really knew the extent of heartbreak and grief that you have endured over the past 12 months in particular, maybe they would hang their heads in shame as they should.

  10. Oh and Bex your hair looks lovely.

  11. Just loving, as usual, your daily catch-up. Love Bexs hair and the cat words. Looking forward,as usual to the 'onwards'.

  12. Super cute cat runner.


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