Friday, November 05, 2021


 So, I did some sewing yesterday, while SOME of the carpet was put down.


Anyway, it's not perfect, nothing hand made is, and this one ended up with a slightly wonky left side... don't bag me!

ABOVE:  I'm going with the 'I don't give a shit' attitude!  And, it's not that bad. 

I was distracted with the carpet lay.  

It's so cute though!  I love it... that bird!  I love him.  Actually, the cat is damn cute too.

Moving on.

Today will be a good day.

Why?  Because we have traded in Stew's Toyota Avensis and bought a new car.  It's been something we have wanted to do for a while now.  Best thing is we got a damn good trade in price for his car.  Much more than we expected.

This new car is my gift to him... for the next few Birthday's and Christmas's at least.  😂😅😊

He SO deserves it.  My Dad said he is a HERO or a FOOL when we got married.  I have always said  HE'S MY HERO.

He took me and FOUR kids on when he was only 25.  He adopted them all, and raised them as his own.  He has worked his entire life to provide for 'his' kids, and me.

He is the best, most wonderful man and I am eternally thankful that he loves me, and my kids.

All of them.

And all of our grandchildren.

So, I wanted to get him a car that he really loved, not something I picked out, like last time! 

AND TODAY... we pick it up.

This is one thing that won't go wrong!  


Right.  Let's have some positivity on here!
The carpet is GORGEOUS!
It lifts the rooms, they seem lighter and brighter, and bigger and just ... GORGEOUS!
All the bedrooms have carpet down and the hallway.
Half of the family room has carpet on it, but it's not tacked down yet.

The carpet layer said we could bring back in some chairs to sit on, and they would take them out again when they come back to finish the install.

So we did.  We are not sitting on the floor for days on end!

ABOVE:  The hallway always seems dark and gloomy.  Not any more!  It really is amazing how the lighter carpet has lifted it so much.
I'm really thrilled.  AND it's made the walls seem even whiter.

ABOVE:  Our bedroom is (so far), the only room we have finished.  Well, except for putting the doors back on. 😊

When Jamieson (the vinyl layer) was here, he finished off his job and made sure there were absolutely NO trip hazards for us.  He said he had to for 'Health and Safety' protocols.
So, he put back on all the metal bars that linked the vinyl to the carpet.  No trip hazards anywhere.

ABOVE:  Bearing that in mind.  THIS is what we are living with right now.
Just a FEW trip hazards.
I wonder what Carpet Court Head Office will think of this shit show?

Right I better go.  Stew is putting doors back on and I am sure I can do something!  

10.42 am:  Gosh Stew and I are making huge inroads getting stuff put back where it belongs. 
Almost got all the bedrooms and linen cupboards  back together.   
But now, we have stoped so we can go and pick up the new car.

Then we will probably have some lunch.

*MUST NOT FORGET to pick our Miss Muppet up this afternoon, another weekend with her.  Love that.

AND... Coco has a vet's appointment late this afternoon too.  More about that later.

1 pm:  Well, we now are the proud owners of a lovely new car!

ABOVE:  Sitting waiting for number plates to be put on (ours), and hand over.  Looking at our car parked inside, in front of us.

ABOVE:  Stew and David posing in front of our new Toyota RAV.
David the salesman, let's give him a 10 outta 10 shall we?   He was wonderful, so friendly, so helpful, so informative. 
No shit communication from him, that's for sure. 😊

ABOVE:  11 km on the clock.  Photo taken for posterity. 
It's a beautiful car and we are so very happy with it.

Just so ya know, I wanted one in BLUE, but they don't make them any more.  But, the Crystal Pearl White is gorgeous too.

4.05 pm: Finally, we are home and can relax for a while.
It's been a busy day.

COCO:  Freaks out over fireworks, gets mega stressed out and scratches and digs until her paws are bleeding!  She started doing it last night, as soon as she heard some fireworks go off.
So, instead of trying to confine her to keep her safe from herself, I decided to try something new.
We took her to the Vet for sedatives.

ABOVE:  So, now we shall try this.  Fingers crossed it works, because there is nothing worse than a stressed out Coco, with bleeding claws and paws.

Annoyingly, it rained quite heavily while we were out, so all the washing is sopping wet.  😣😩😰

We had a visit from Griffin this evening.  OMG that boy can talk!  But it was just lovely to see him... even with his freakin' mask on.

10 pm: We gave Coco her medication at bedtime.  About an hour later we had fireworks going off in our neighbourhood, and like usual, she went nuts.
BUT... it's now two hours later and she's quiet, even though there's bangers going off next door.
The medication might have worked, it just took longer to kick in perhaps?
Tomorrow night we will give the pills to her a bit earlier and see what happens.
It would be awesome if this works for her panic attacks.

Alright, I'm off to bed soon.  It's been a long, but GOOD day.


  1. Yay new car how cool. Road tripping yes!

    That cat very cute

  2. You sound so much more positive today. Can't wait to see photos of the new car. What a lovely idea. The carpet looks amazing. But I am gobsmacked at the poor service and safety issues. I guess head office will be getting an earful when all is done.

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Hi the carpet looks great, and new car sounds good..

    Take care


  4. The carpet is looking great.

  5. What a huge difference the carpet makes 💙💙 well done for spoiling the love of your life 👏 🙌 apart from the fact he drinks Waikato he's a good bloke 🤣 have a super weekend with Keera 💙💙

  6. I love the white colour!! It's a beautiful car and I know you will both love it.

  7. Congratulations on the new Car Dad, you deserve that and so So SO much more xx
    #Lacy 💙

  8. Beautiful car, health and happiness to enjoy all those Sunday drives 😊😊

  9. Love the new car, maybe the car salesman could give Carpet Court some pointers on how to do good customer service :-)

  10. The carpet looks great.
    And congrats on your beautiful car, what a wonderful gift for Stew. I can see many happy trips coming up for you both.

  11. The car looks lovely. Great for travelling around your beautiful part of the world. I had my cat on anti-depressants because he was overgrooming due to anxiety. As soon I started letting him out during the day he calmed down. Hope the valium helps Coco. Enjoy having Keera. She's always good for a giggle, that kid.

  12. What you said about Stew is lovely. Carpet looks great so does your new car. Poor little Coco hope the sedatives help her.

  13. Hope Coco is ok tonight with her meds

  14. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Congratulations on the new car, looks like you’ll have many wonderful trips in it. Jo

  15. Congratulations on the new car. Nice carpet. Be careful till it is finalized. Have wonderful weekend.

  16. Carpet and car are great. We had a dog that went nuts when he heard fireworks. We kept a radio on and also meds for him. It worked wonderfully. Good luck and hope it works as well for Coco,

  17. Wobbly binding can happen :) check out some of the ideas online about glue basting binding? I learnt about it from a Sharon Schambers YT video - it was quite long but she explained it well.

  18. Why are fire works going off? Is it a NZ holiday ? Or just a fun thing to do?

    1. Guy Fawkes Night originates from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a failed conspiracy by a group of provincial English Catholics to assassinate the Protestant King James I of England and VI of Scotland and replace him with a Catholic head of state. As we are a part of the 'British Empire' we celebrate British traditions, so we 'do' Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November every year. WE personally do not have fireworks now, mostly due to what it does to poor animals like Coco. A horse owner down the line had two young horses panic and bolt into fences last night, and it looks like they might die from their injuries! Both animals cost the owner $500,000 EACH. His neighbours were asked not to let off fireworks, but they did anyway. Shocking behaviour.


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