Thursday, November 11, 2021


 Let's just post a few random things eh?

ABOVE:  Yeah, I did buy the little coffee/side table in Cambridge.

I had to sign a 'Disclaimer' saying I acknowledged it was 'off the floor' and could have minor scraps etc.  There were none that I could see!

And because it was 'off the floor',  IT WAS HALF PRICE!  Not everything was half price mind you, just some stuff.

ABOVE:  I wasn't sure if I'd buy it, until they put it on the floor (it was up on top of another unit). Once I saw the top, I said 'MINE!'   I LOVE it!

ABOVE: All the dark parts are metal!  Looks like patinaed metal of some sort.  It fits in perfectly with well... a lot of our stuff.  😊

ABOVE:  this made me laugh.  I MIGHT have bought some socks.

So, let's just get it out there.

This afternoon I am expecting the carpet guys back with our last piece of carpet.  Then they can lay the family/dining and lounge rooms.

I have taken a photo of the carpet information from the back of a piece of the carpet that's here... so I can compare it to what's coming in today.  It better be the same!

Am I anticipating a problem?  YEP.  Cos that's all we have had with this install so far.

Now ... I need to move two lounge chairs, two bar stools and a coffee table into the sunroom.

11 am: And I decided to go to the supermarket for a couple of things.
New World today, as the local Countdown has had a Covid Positive case working there and I don't want to risk it.

And I walk in the door to see these on sale:

ABOVE:  BOOM!   I buy every family member a box for Christmas.  So, 2 for $9, instead of $6.99 each.  Awesome.
I grab the required number.
Only to be told there is a limit of 12 per customer, per day.
So I put my extras back.
Then a lady behind me grabs them and offers to get them for me, if I have cash to pay for them?
So I hand over me cash, and she gets them for me.
How lovely was that?  
I don't think the check out operator was very happy about it, but hey, we followed the rules.

Now I'm home and eating some food, let's call it brunch shall we?  😃😂😉

Then I might just sit here and wait for the carpet guys.
I wonder how late in the 'afternoon' they shall turn up?
'M' the carpet layer, knocks off at 5 pm on the dot, he made that very clear last time he was here.  So, presumably he will get here well before that.

Wow, first time they rang me without prompting... 'J' from Carpet Court just text me and said the carpet layer would be here between 2 and 2.30 this afternoon.  So, I have three hours to kill.
Might go out and look for more Christmas stuff.
I am totally ahead of the game this year!

How can you tell if you are being scammed?  I have several parcels en route to our home. Today I got a text asking me to pay 'Import Duty' on a parcel.  Asking for my Credit Card details etc.  No tracking number or indication what the parcel was or from whom?
So, I've not paid it.  Would it be a scam?

Brylee just got advised via text from the Health Department, saying:  You may have been in contact with COVID19, and to monitor herself for Covid symptoms.  

She visited a local supermarket (Countdown) on the 7th of November, when a staff member worked all day, while having Covid.  *sigh*
So, she can't come near us or Steve and his lot for a while now.

Seems the tracking system works! 

The carpet guys arrived on time.  There is a distinct ATTITUDE.  'M' was not happy having to carry the old carpet out of the dining room and put it in the garage.  
Funny, he said he's move anything we put back in the rooms, to use in the meantime, for us.  I think he forgot that part? 

I have left them to it.  They are bitching about owners getting in their way and not wearing masks!  
Funny. Last week 'M' stopped wearing his mask pretty quick!

I got the LOUD hint though, and put my mask on.

Worth noting, last week we agreed not to wear masks cos we were all double vaccinated, but definitely social distance. 

ABOVE:  Well look at that!  Bitch about 'owners' not wearing masks???  Hello, two of you have taken yours off already.

4.35 pm:  And they finished the job and just walked out and drove away.  NO "We have finished Mrs Harvey, Bye"... nope.  Nothing.
Just leave.
How nice.  NOT.

On the up side, the flooring looks wonderful.

And then Steve arrived.  And bugger.  He noticed stuff I didn't.
So, my email to the Head honcho has been added on to.
It was REALLY long.  And backed up with photos.

I HATE having to do this, but seriously.  We paid a lot of money to have this done, and we wanted it done right.

And I'm going now.  It's been a long day.  


  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Love the table. I really hope the carpet gets laid today. Fingers crossed kj

  2. Hope it all goes with out a hitch

  3. Crossing fingers the carpet gets done today!

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    My fingers are crossed!! Ky Girl

  5. LOL I love that Roses story! You have made my day :))

  6. Definately most likely a scam re the parcel.

  7. The BLARDY cheek of those guys I hope you asked to see batch number make poignantly clear the complaints being put forward are in lack thereof in way of customer service, not carpet layers and to kindly leave there attitudes outside! You have paid and expected a service in a timely hassle free manner.

  8. Lol. Sounds like someone has his bitchy pants on! Pathetic!

  9. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Wow it was their fault about the carpet and they are shitty about it, bloody idiots

    1. In all fairness, the carpet layers did not cut the carpet wrong, so that part is not their fault I believe. Unless they did cut it? I don't know.

  10. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Every interaction with this firm and its employees provides you with so much fodder for your complaint to head office. You have so much to say, you'll have to write a book!

    Hope it all turns out well and that you are back to "normal" shortly.

    A Fan in Canada

  11. That's a very well known scam -- do not fall for it!!!!

    1. Tricky though, I just had this happen in Australia (parcel from US) and it was legit. No tracking details, just said it was coming from FedEx.

  12. How unprofessional! Add that to your complaint

  13. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Do you think they were mad because you asked for a name to complain to? Maybe they are afraid you are complaining against them? Just a thought. Ky Girl

  14. They have probably been made aware that you intend to be making complaints to the Head of the organisation. Hopefully just warnings will be made to the offending employees and no one loses their job. Especially in these awful times with covid causing so many to be in the unemployment queue! I’m glad you are happy with the carpet.

  15. Glad it's done. If a job is not done correctly they should not be employed to do that these awful times with covid causing so many to be in the unemployment queue....plenty wait to fill the shoes of this not capable.

  16. Wow - so happy the carpet and floors look good and you are happy with it all. That is the most important take away of all this.

  17. No excuse for that attitude from the carpet guys, it is rude & unprofessional especially the passive aggressive digs at “the owners”. If you were not going to complain that would be enough to push you to.

  18. Sorry to hear the carpet installation was less than perfect. Good luck getting it all sorted out. What ever happened to customer service?

  19. Uh oh! What is wrong with the installation? I agree, about bad mouthing home owners in their own home! WTH?? That is beyond rude. Will the carpet installation be "repairable" without any major household disruption?


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