Thursday, November 18, 2021


 Today our Dude turns TWENTY!!!

ABOVE:  A photo taken last summer, I'm sure Griffin will like this photo.

Maybe not this one:

ABOVE: There's some good ones in there!  😂😅😆

Because of Covid and 'protecting our bubbles', we had not planned anything for his birthday. We would usually have a birthday dinner for him, but because Steve's health has been very iffy of late, I decided not to have a get together for anyone yet.

So Griffin is going out to dinner with his mates and will call in here later on.

After Steve's had his 2nd Covid Vaccination (this Friday) we can consider having family gatherings again.  

As long as Steve remains well after that vaccination.

He had a bad reaction to his first one (Reactive Arthritis), due to his underlying medical condition.  

Right enough about that... how about we have an awesome day?

I'm going to sew after I've done the housework.

10.45 :  So far this morning I've been to The Base and bought half a dozen donuts.  Which I then took to Bunnings and gave to Vicki who works in Special Orders.
She went out of her way last Friday to get our Special Order down here from Auckland, and got it delivered FOR FREE, when she could have charged us several hundred dollars for the hi-ab truck hire!
So ... she got donuts.  It's kinda becoming my 'thing' to thank people who are kind with donuts. 😂😅😆

After that, I came home and started cleaning my poor little car.
She has been sadly neglected of late.  So I'm in the middle of vacuming her, then I'll do an internal polish before thinking about the exterior.
I might take her to a car wash garage and save my back.

ABOVE:  I forgot to show you the detail on the 'throw' I bought for our bed yesterday.  It's gorgeous.

I just threw out two unopened pots of Hummus.  I used to LOVE IT, and had it every day when I was in Australia last year.
Now?  I feel sick just thinking about eating it.  I think it's probably because it REMINDS me of that time in Australia.  I keep remembering things that happened and well... I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER some things.
I even have an aversion to seeing any photos from that time right now.
I hope I get over it because it just makes me cry, or get angry.

I've had massive hair loss this past year too.  My hair has gone from being thick and healthy to thin and not such good condition.  I am still losing literally handfuls of hair each week!

There was even heaps in my car!  All over the damn place.  Hair everywhere.

I am thinking of mentioning it to my Doctor because it's worrying me, and that's probably contributing to the loss as well now.

Right, back to the car.  Time to polish shit inside.

ABOVE:  This evening I'm going to this at Spotlight. I've not been to a 'VIP EVENING' before.  As I have a $40 coupon, it's worth going.
Bex is coming with me.  She's not been to Spotlight in weeks!  She's literally hanging out to go.
I wonder if it will be worth it?  Suppose we will find out tonight. 😊

GOSH, there's a car SCREAMING up and down Resolution Drive this afternoon! I hope the cops catch them.  So dangerous.

7.33 pm:  And the Spotlight SALE?  FAR too many people, the concept of 'social distancing' was ludicrous.  There were far too many people in the shop, shoulder to shoulder in places.  

We did a grab and run ... I got three pieces of fabric, Bex grabbed a few yarns she needed.  That was it.
Also, their fabric stocks were incredibly low, so not much to choose from either.  
I certainly won't attend a VIP evening ever again.  The discounts were just the same as normal sales.

I'm going now... it's time to relax and watch some mindless TV till bedtime.


  1. Happy Birthday Griffin! I want to see the selfie you took with that deer! What in the world?
    Deer in my area are getting Covid now. How does that happen? Selfies? Joking!

  2. Happy 20th to Griffin 🥳

  3. Happy Birthday to Griffin. Hope you have an awesome day.

  4. Happy Birthday to Griffin!

  5. Happy Birthday Griffin, have a great night with your mates. 🍺

  6. Happy birthday Griffin goash some of those younger photos i rember its like seeing family photos. Who'd have thought that cheeky wee dude would grow up so fast up and older.

  7. Happy birthday Griffin. Can't believe I've been watching these kids become young adults. Hope he has an awesome day.

  8. Happy birthday, Griffin. You have grown into a lovely young man.
    I am catching up with friends shortly and there is a donut shop in the centre. You have given me the taste for donuts!
    Hair loss is definitely related to stress. Maybe take a multi-vitamin and see if that helps. B group vitamins are great for stress.

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Annette was losing her hair and had to take a break for 6 months from coloring it. The hairdresser told her that was the reason.
    Happy Birthday Griffin. I remember seeing you as a young kid in those photos.
    I hope Steve finds something to help him keep this illness at bay. He is an awesome wonderful guy. Kj

    1. Hmmm worth noting. Maybe I shall stop colouring my hair then!

    2. Chris you hate not having your hair coloured. If it is breaking then I would put it down to colour. If it is coming out at the roots I would say stress. See what your hairdresser and doctor say.

  10. Happy birthday Griffin have an awesome day done great photos there. You are bound to find some stuff ale stuff even at spotlight lol.
    That throw is utterly gorgeous.

  11. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Chris, it's worth it. I'll verify with Annette that what I'm saying is totally correct. But the dye does go to the skin so roots can be affected by it.

  12. Happy Birthday Griffin
    Spotlight have the same VIP night and coupon in Australia as well

  13. Happy Birthday Griffin 🥰 am sure that stress is a huge factor it's been a terrible 12 months for you guys get a Bacardi and Diet Coke and relax 💙💙

  14. Happy birthday Griffin!

  15. Happy Birthday Griffin 🎂

  16. If you look up hairloss another cause is tight pony tails and buns. I found this online:

    Hairstyle pulls on your scalp
    If you often wear your hair tightly pulled back, the continual pulling can lead to permanent hair loss. The medical name for this condition is traction alopecia.

    Is regrowth possible?
    No. You can prevent hair loss by making some changes.

  17. Happy Birthday Griffin!!

  18. Happy Birthday Griffin. Gosh where did those years go?

  19. Happy Birthday Griffin.


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