Tuesday, November 02, 2021


 Late yesterday our government announced the Waikato (where we live) is moving to Level 3, Step 2.

Which means on Wednesday our shops all re-open, masks must be worn and social distancing applies.

Our boundary is still closed, so there's only so far we can travel.  But hey, we can go SHOPPING!

We can have gatherings of up to 25 people OUTSIDE.  We can buy food from a food court, but cannot eat it inside the mall.  (Masks must stay on inside malls)  Fair enough.

I'm just so happy!  Though I am now left waiting to 'Click and Collect' stuff that I can probably just buy tomorrow.  Of well... I really didn't expect Jacinda to let us go shopping again so soon.

Our Covid numbers are still actually climbing! So it's a bit confusing as to why our restrictions have eased?  Maybe the government  realised that the general population was DONE with the restrictions and were on the verge of rioting or  breaking the rules anyway?

Either way, I'm sure there's thousands of people who are damn happy.

Auckland gets to Level 3, Step 2 next week.  Poor buggers, they've been in Lockdown for almost 3 months.  

Today I will be sewing again.

Here is a sneak peek at todays project:

ABOVE:  Can ya tell what that small thing is in the middle?  😊

1.30 pm:  Bit late in the day for me first update, but oh well.
Been busy.

Lacy called in to pick up a couple of things and ... her car wouldn't start when she wanted to leave.
So, I rang the AA and lovely Carl came around super fast and deemed it an electronics problem.

ABOVE:  Carl arranged a tow truck, which arrived in about an hour, and off the car went.  Lucky we live on a bit of a hill cos Lacy could just let it run down the drive and literally onto the truck.

ABOVE:  The garage our family uses will be able to fix it tomorrow, all going well.

Lacy was a bit gutted to see her precious car on a tow truck.

I have managed to get some more sewing done this morning.  The latest runner will be finished in an hour or two.
But right now, I'm having some lunch.

3.45 pm:  And I didn't get back to me sewing after all.  Instead I watched some Coronation Street, then went into town and picked up this:

ABOVE:  Our gorgeous Lantern Print.  I'm very happy with how it has turned out.  I think the simple wooden frame really sets it off, and it's got 'Art Glass', the new name for non-reflective glass.  It's friggin EXPENSIVE af.
But, happy I got it as opposed to normal glass.

And that's it.  I am so tired today!  No idea why.  I slept WELL last night, not like my usual, wake up every hour with a hot flush night.

Left overs for dinner, always nicer the next night.

Stew said he couldn't even see the how nice the Lantern Print was in my photo, so I will take a better photo tomorrow and put it on the blog.  *sigh*

Better go, got a bit on tomorrow so best try and get some decent sleep.


  1. Morning I reckon it's bird shit 🤣🤣💙💙

  2. Yay!! I'll be going shopping too :)
    I think the government is finally starting to realize that covid is here to stay and we have to learn to live with it (look at what is happening overseas) - and if they don't acknowledge that, then, yes, they will have riots on their hands.
    Have a great day :) xx

  3. Our state has opened up and we currently have two unrelated cases in town. Probably more will happen now as it was a long weekend and full of tourists 🙄

  4. yeah pretty much people just do what they want anyways

  5. I think shopping will be a bloody nightmare here in Auckland. I suspect people will head out en masse just to get out of the house. Apparantly KMart in Melbourne was totally trashed with people just throwing things around, stripping shelves etc. I am intending to not go anywhere near any shops for quite a while yet I think.

  6. Kiwionholidays4:56 PM

    The framed lantern is awesome,
    Love the new name for NRG
    Have photos here framed with that in the 70 s n still looking great,

    Enjoy your resty dinner and evening ,as we will here as well Reno’s are so wearying,,,
    Cheers 🥂

  7. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Love the picture. Your curtains are a beautiful colour. Hope Lacy's car doesn't cost too much. Enjoy your shopping. Kj

  8. Not long now until carpet gets here…
    Loving the cat runners I want to guess S cats bottom? But thought surely not hahahaha….

  9. Your framed picture looks great! I hope Lacy's car is an easy and inexpensive fix.


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