Tuesday, November 16, 2021


 The bins.

Yeah... they didn't fit on the vinyl because the carpet layer took the carpet too far into the kitchen space.

So, the other day I took a really good look at the bins.

ABOVE:  The handle on each bin was up against the wall.  So, the bins sat partly on the vinyl.

ABOVE: Looking... looking... and I had a literal FACE PLANT moment!!!


ABOVE: The bins rotated so the handles are on the side, not the back.

ABOVE: And BOOM! With a little nudge and kick, they bloody well fit.  JUST.

How did Stew, Steve, Bex, Lacy and I not work that out sooner???

I feel such a twat.

But happy it works, and we don't need to get the carpet cut back.

ABOVE: A 'parcel' arrived yesterday afternoon.

I might hold off showing you what it is, until it's put together.

It's been put on the driveway, but this morning Bex is coming around to help me move it into the garage.  It has to be un-boxed to move it.

We can't leave it on the driveway because sometime next week the driveway is being re-sealed.

Once we have moved that into the garage, I'm going to head into my sewing room and do some sewing.

12.20 pm:  Well it was up and at it this morning. Bex and the boys arrived at 9.
Bex and I proceeded in ripping into the big box parked on the driveway.  All it's contents are now safely in the garage.
Once the driveway is re-sealed the men can assemble it.
You are gunna have to wait to see what it is!

ABOVE: Sneak Peak.  Any guesses?
I'm sure most of you will get it right.

ABOVE: We are so lucky to still have Marley.  If we turned our backs, Archer would smuggle her off to his home, permanently.
It is such a shame they cannot have a dog at their rental.  He is such a dog lover.

I'm not sure what to do now.  Sew?  Or go out and look at Christmas stuff in the shops?
Such decisions.  

Shopping won out.
I went to The Base, then Chartwell Square.

ABOVE:  I got two new family members.  Names still to be decided.

ABOVE: Here's the weirdest thing.  It's only the middle of November, yet they are already on Sale for half price?
What's with that.  The only thing I can think of is that advertise them as "half price" so you think you are getting a bargain?  And in actual fact they paid a quarter of the ORIGINAL price for them. Still making 100% profit. 

ABOVE: Chartwell at 2 pm today.  A ghost town.

9.15 pm:  And I've had a lovely quiet afternoon and evening.
We had roast chicken and veges for dinner tonight, it was lovely.
Now as per usual, we are watching TV before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.
OH... the parcel was....   wait for it!


  1. That doesn't look like a typical "parcel" to me!

  2. Oh good! I wondered how you were going to live with the cans on the carpet. It would have driven me insane every time I looked at them. What in the world is on that truck? Hmmmm.....

  3. woohoo on the bins. Can't wait to see what the parcel is!

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Lol lol I love it. That's the sort of thing I'd do - the bins. So pleased it's worked out. That parcel is interesting! Can't wait till tomorrow. Kj

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Congrats on the bins, I would have been freaking out. ;-) I thought maybe you had a hot tub delivered, but don't see one on the truck. Plus, could you and Bex move a hot tub? I bet you could!! Ky Girl

  6. Great u sorted bins i know it would have annoyed you until u nutted it out. Guessing this PARCEL is from bunnings

  7. I'm going to guess maybe a pergola?

  8. My guess. A playground for the Grandies!

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM


  10. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Pergola? Ky Girl

  11. Oh a big parcel ... very exciting! Is it a new outdoor table and chairs set? Great that you found such a simple solution to the bin dilemma. I vote for shopping ... lol.

  12. Car port? Someone in this house cannot get shit in the bins so I would end up with carpet stains regardless. Your solution is clever.

  13. Pergola or a carport???

  14. Porch type swing and A frame to hold it?

  15. Anonymous3:27 PM

    some kind of barrier/gate/raised garden/dog run for in front of your sewing room door so the dogs cant escape?

  16. Looks like a pergola ? Anyway it looks like a job for Steve 😎

  17. Oops blonde moment there with the bins 🤣🤣 the parcel is obviously kit-set hmmm BBQ table setting methinks 💙💙

  18. Chartwell my kinda mall... dislike noisy cluttered shoppinb centres... my vote for your psrcel is a pergola

  19. Ohh a big parcel.
    Could it be a patio or pergola.

  20. Looking forward to finding out the answer to your parcel project. Can't remember the last I went to the mall. Good on you for getting the Christmas shopping done early.


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