Saturday, November 20, 2021


First thing this morning I will be checking the pool's chemical balances.  If it needs adjusting, all good, I will get that done first thing, so we can use the pool today.

Lacy and Keera, Steve, Bex and the boys are all coming over to christen it for the new summer season.  

That moment when you drive your Chevy to the levy and the levy ain't dry. This is what happens when you drink whiskey and rye.

I don't laugh too often at Facebook 'funnies', but that one?  Yeah, we both laughed.

ABOVE: I have started my next Cat Runner, so I will be getting back to that today.

The only other thing on my agenda today is to finally drive our new car!  We've had it a full two weeks and I've not even driven it. 

10.22 am: And I can finally say I've driven the RAV.  And while it was a dream to drive, I think I will be sticking with my little car.
She is way more economical to drive, and easier to park in small spaces. 

We went out and got more pool testing strips.  Our pool is bang on with it's chemical levels, so all that needs to be done before swimming this afternoon is to give it a vacumn and a back wash.

I am now in my sewing room... continuing on with the latest cat runner.

It's a hive of industry here.  Steve's building a shelf/bracket to hold the new TV we got a couple of months ago.

And I have finished my cat runner:

ABOVE:  'Room to swing a cat' is done.  And now... Stew has given me the next Cat Runner idea.

Lacy and Keera are here, and soon I envisage everyone will be jumping in the pool.

ABOVE:  And there they went... first swim of the season.  Lacy, Bex and I didn't get in.  We thought it was still a bit cool.

ABOVE: The hole in the lounge wall where we had a smaller TV.

ABOVE:  We have this 'Smart' TV.  We can watch TV via SKY, and Netflix, You Tube, connect to the internet and a whole host of other things, on the TV. 

ABOVE:  This is what it looks like from the back.
Smooth. No wires.
We can now also play something on our phones, and then make it play through the tv too.
Maybe a bit too smart for me!

So we have been playing around with all the settings on the TV this afternoon.  Connecting to ALEXA, Amazon, and checking out Ambient settings for when the TV is off.   There's a shit load of options, a lot we just won't bother using.

Stew cooked a pile of sausages and chips for dinner this evening.  Enough to feed everyone.
Now everyone has gone home and Stew and I are just relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Though, I am thinking of sussing out what cat to use for my next runner!  I really am enjoying doing these cat runners.

Right, time to sign off for the day.  It's been a really lovely day, almost like we are back to normal!
Summer is here and we can just soak it up now.


  1. I agree re cars... I love my little Swift and wouldn't trade it for a bigger car for around town. It will be wonderful having the pool up and running again!

  2. Happy Weekend Team Harvey πŸ’™πŸ’™ bloody scorching here must keep my fluids up 🍺🍺

  3. Gee its still too cold down here to be even thinking swimming enjoy

  4. Are you "swinging" that cat? haha. These attack cat runners are fun!

    1. You gave me the idea after I said I could now 'swing a cat' in my garage! So, you inspired "Room To..." !

  5. cat butts are trendy. With a little x where its butthole goes. sorry, trying to keep it rated PG.

    1. Yes... but I don't think I shall do any like that!

  6. I REALLY dislike cats but your runner is awesome!!! the proportions and angle of the hand is excellent!!!

  7. Love the cat runner... we just got put of the pool too... so refreshing 😌

  8. For $99 we got a SmartVu attachment for our TV which made it even smarter than our Smart TV :) We watch most of our TV via phones or my computer (same thing, Chromecasts to TV). How were you watching YouTube and Netflix before?

  9. YouTube on my computer and Netflix on computer and on TV via some plug in thing.

  10. Steve is so like his dad. I had to look twice. I shall not comment on the cat runner!!!

    1. Blame Dogstars, she put the idea into my head!

  11. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Hello - Just wanted to comment re hair loss as this started happening to me around 5 years ago. I always had really thick,long hair and now it's about half the volume it was. When I first noticed it thinning my Doctor did a load of bloods and my Ferratin level was super low, so she was sure this was the issue and said after my levels were back to normal the hair should start coming back. Sadly for me, after a year or so of taking iron tablets religiously it was still coming out at an worrying rate, so another round of bloods and the conclusion it must be menopause related as I'm now 50. But maybe it's worth getting your Ferratin level checked as this could be a cause in your case? I have also taken various supplements that supposedly would help, but again did nothing. I then researched more and have recently started taking Saw Palmetto, collagen & Silica. I've also started using Minoxidil (Dr advised this) which is branded as Regain here in the UK, or you can get a cheaper generic version. This apparently takes 6 -12 months to work (if you are one of those it does work on) and you have to carry on with it forever or the regrown hair will all fall out again. It's a bit of a pain and a commitment, but I'm terrified of losing any more hair!! I have my fingers crossed...
    Many thanks for your blog - have been reading for donkey's years and love getting an understanding of NZ life and all the photos you post :)
    Tracy (Cornwall, UK)

  12. Love the runner.
    Oh the pool yay now you can all relax enjoy summer no jobs just bliss fun family time excellent.

  13. So, how does the TV plug into electric? Very well hidden.


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