Monday, November 08, 2021


 Let's keep our fingers crossed that this week is a POSITIVE one shall we?

Let's hope we get the carpet finished.  Then we can finally get everything back in it's place and Stew and I can RELAX and just enjoy the coming summer.

Talking of summer, it is definitely warming up!

ABOVE: Even the birds are starting to feel the heat.  This blackbird certainly enjoyed cooling off in our pond yesterday.

So, this week we will be taking the cover off our swimming pool, and getting it ready for SWIMMING.
I will be going out sometime today to buy some chlorine and anything else I might need to get the water ready.  It shouldn't require much as it's been covered all winter and looks quite clear already.
It's a bit exciting, cos I love, love, love swimming.  
And having the 'deep middle' means I can do aqua jogging and get some exercise while keeping cool.

ABOVE:  Keera in Raglan.

I went online yesterday, looking for some sort of shelving for by our front door, for shoes.
We have tried various things we have in the house already, but none really worked.
So.  I found something I am pretty sure is perfect for the spot and purpose.

ABOVE: It is from The Interiors Barn in Tirau.  We have a few things from there in this line, so it will fit in perfectly.

ABOVE:  Tirau.  JUST outside our boundary.

So, we can't travel to Tirau as it is outside our 'Covid' boundary (for now), so the shop owner is going to deliver it to us.
He can come into Hamilton on business, but we can't go to his shop.  Weird.
It should arrive sometime this week.

Like the carpet.  😜😅😉

I'm feeling really happy today.  I just feel like everything will come together this week.  

My brain started whirring around and around, thinking about the new shoe rack, and how it will fit in the front door area.
And ... I decided that the credenza could move into the dining room, and the plant trolley could go where it was, at the front door:

ABOVE:  It is going to 'tie' in with the wood/metal shoe shelf now, which will go to the left in that corner.

TRACY:  I'm still in the 'renovation/move shit around' phase!  Don't you DARE say a thing.
Come February it will all be done and I am going to do my best to not move much ever again.
(said while holding my breath, and crossing everything I possibly can).

I went out just before lunch.  To several tile shops.  Looking for tiles to put behind the vanities.
Some tiles I saw were gorgeous, but shit!  Very expensive.
I bought home a couple of samples.  But MEH, I have a box of plain white tiles and might just use them instead.  I really don't want to get anything that costs as much as the vanities did!  AND yep, you can spend that much and more on just a few tiles.

I'd planned on going to a few other places for 'stuff' I needed, but it got too hot and I was over dressed.  So I came home and had lunch.

Then worked on a long overdue post for PEPSI.  It's still a work in progress though.
Plus, it still doesn't feel 'right' to hit PUBLISH.  One day soon, it will.

Now though, it's 2.15 and I feel the need to potter around some more.  I've cleared what's left in the garage to the outer edges, so I think I can actually get my car back inside!

Me batteries ran down.  So I sat a did some YouTube watching.
Then I prepared dinner.
This evening we had roast chicken, Baked Carrot dish and various other veges.  Smothered with a Rich Brown onion gravy and juices from the chicken.  OMG so yum.

Now in a food coma.  Watching telly.  Looking forward to bedtime.

CARPET?  Well after being assured he would contact us today... of course he didn't.  So, just another black mark on his score card.
I am wondering if they even HAVE another piece of the same dye lot of our carpet?  Time will tell.
I'm not stressing over it, no point really.
It will all get sorted out eventually.


  1. Yes, let's hope it's a good good week!
    Alternatively, I guess you could have met the furniture dealer at the border to exchange the goods.

  2. Love the shoe rack. It will look brilliant there with the plant trolley. Fingers crossed for everything to be done by the end of the week.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Your plants look so good, makes everything come alive. Here’s to a wonderful week, Jo

  4. Not saying a word - will try to contain myself until February :-)

    Love the new shoe rack by the way.

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Ooohh I'd put plants on that shoe rack lol

    1. I do believe there will be a plant on the top eventually. lol

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Your new shoe shelf is cool! Goes with your funky sense of style. I can imagine you adding a basket(s) or other container(s) on an upper shelf for things like gloves/hats/scarves in winter, sunscreen/sunhat/sunglasses in summer, and keys/mail/whatever all year round.

    Looks like things are all coming together nicely. Fingers crossed that the carpet install is completed this week.

    A Fan in Canada

    1. My thoughts exactly! I mentioned some baskets or boxes to Stew and the bugger screwed his face up! Pfffft. MEN.

    2. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Great minds think alike! ;)

      A Fan in Canada

  7. Paint your own splash back your talented enough… 😁
    Love the shoe rack.

  8. You can rearrange as much as you want. It's fun. Why not? You NEVER have to stop.
    I might have to make a shelf like that myself. We made a paper towel holder out of those pipes. So, it would tie in my house too! And winter is coming. Snow this week. Maybe a lot of snow. Like 2 feet! So boots, hats, mittens need to make an appearance soon!

  9. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Can you do that alcohol painting(think that's what it was called) on the tiles you have for the splashback?

  10. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Any chance you could buy just a few new tiles and mix them with the white ones you already have to keep cost down ? You could create some pretty patterns I'm sure - would be like making a runner, just with tiles !
    Jane G

  11. Sheesh not a fan of the carpet guy! I wish I could get everyone to take their shoes off in my house but someone refuses.


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