Tuesday, November 23, 2021



ABOVE: A sneak peek at today's cat.  She's going to be rather cute.  But there's lots of stitching in this one.

And I have yet to decide on any words to accompany her.  Maybe once I've finished her, you can give me ideas?

Yeah, that's a good idea.

I'm feeling really flat after finding out that yet again we have been let down by tradies.  The lady who I spoke to yesterday said I 'only' had to wait an extra week for my driveway to be done.

Ummmm, excuse me but 22nd November to 5th December is...  12 days.  That's almost two weeks. 

Maybe they will 'only' have to wait a bit longer for their account to be paid.

I'm going to take photos of our driveway today.  That way we can compare before and after photos.

Stew came home yesterday and declared he had a present for me!

I'm not used to getting presents from him, so I was very perplexed as to what was hiding behind his back:

ABOVE:  It's a BIG thermos/vacuum flask for my Diet Coke!

I wanted to change my drink bottle to something that would hold more, keep my drink cool, and not spill if I dropped it.

I'd been using Stew's smaller vacuum flask for a week or so, but it was just a bit small.   

I love my new one!  Thanks Darling. You nailed the colour too.  

3 pm:  Hmmm, interesting.
No one is around today?
That's OK, it kinda makes me feel like not posting much today has served a purpose.

It's coming up to that time of year when everyone is busy doing their own thing, preparing for holidays and Christmas.
Not reading my rubbish.

Even family has not checked in today, which is fine.
We are all busy doing our own thing. 

Maybe if I actually didn't blog I would HEAR from people?  I know most of them check what I'm up to on here, instead on in person.

Fine for them.  But me?

I'm here on my own... with a bloody computer for company.

Sorry... just ignore me.  I'm in a shit mood.
Woke up on the wrong side.
Did NOTHING till lunchtime, when I decided I really should get dressed and face the day.

I've been sewing since then.

ABOVE: This is a right bitch to sew.... my top thread keeps breaking.  I'm getting crabbier by the hour.
Luckily I can see that it's going to be gorgeous, so I keep going.

ABOVE:  My company today.   Thank god they still like being around me, cos I don't even like me right now.

ABOVE:  Right, there's the cat.
Now... I need some words.
Stew and Steve (I think?) suggested I should put 'I'm a Pussy' on some.
I'm not so sure.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Gimme some ideas so I can finish it tomorrow.

OH and do we like the green background for a change?  I might keep doing a few with coloured backgrounds.

I need to stop now and prepare dinner for Stew, and a platter for Card Night.

Stew is having homemade Pork Pies.  I think he will LOVE that.  He's in Rotorua today, so won't be home till after 7 pm.

ABOVE:  The platter is done, ready in the fridge.
Stew is on his way home, so should be earlier than 'usual' tonight.
Pork pies are about to go in the oven.
Might freshen up before girls arrive.

Eight of us for Cards this evening, and we had a very enjoyable time.
So nice to get back to 'normal' after so long in lockdowns and social distancing.

ABOVE: I won this evening!  Didn't expect to at all as I didn't have amazing hands, but just played well I suppose.

Time to sign off and relax for the remainder of the evening.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. oh love the blue flask also cuts down on the need to go into a shop when out and about. less risk of coming into contact with covid
    fab gift

  2. Wow that cat will be spectacular with all the work going into it 😳
    I love the ‘gate’ across the door, the dogs can go outside with being outside

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Try and cheer up before tonight otherwise you won't enjoy your card night and as it is at your house, you can't not go, lol. Audrey

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Flask looks good, I have cans of my coke no sugar....you must have PLOM today (Poor little old me) ha ha..when I went to weight watchers years ago one of the lecturers came up with that...so funny..we can all relate to that,



    1. PLOM... love it! Exactly how I feel... which is a bit selfish, but it's still valid feeling shitty.

  5. Hi Chris, Why didn’t the pirate go to the movies? Because it was rated ARRRRRRRRR (you have to say that with a pirate voice). Anyway have a good day, we are reading and enjoy your content.

  6. I check in on you several times a day. From now on I will comment even I have nothing to say! Can't have you feeling lonely and unloved.

  7. I'm guessing there were people all over the world wondering where you were today. I was. :)

  8. Oh Chris, can so relate to your mood :) been there, doing that, have the medal to prove it. Thankfully it passes. Love the cat runners. Are you in the Manawatu over Christmas? Would love to see you and catch up.

  9. Stew did well! I love the colour too. Hope you feeling ok xxx

  10. It must be the heat I was tossing n turning last night feel right wiped out but have 4 more hours of work 🤦‍♀️.

    Can’t wait to see end picture of the cat runner.

  11. It’s been a hell of a week but I made it . How about you 😂🤣

    1. LOL ya dick... it's ONLY TUESDAY! Yeah.... let's hope the remainder is a bit happier eh? Love you heaps.

  12. I think it looks great with the green background. Maybe you could put 2021 on it as I feel like that’s how I look limping towards the end of this crazy year and that most people feel the same way 🤪

    1. I thought about something to do with Covid... but I don't want to 'date' it.

  13. Love the cat, it looks like it has been shocked :-).

  14. Ive been at work... not excited about Christmas just yet but hopefully can go see mum... no desire for shops. Really weird. Looking forward to getting out of Auckland though 🙄

  15. Sorry you are having one of those days. Love the new cat. How about scaredy-cat?

  16. whatever
    Cat Shit Crazy
    Fluff You
    Cool Cat
    Cat's Cradle
    A cat in a room full of rocking chairs
    Grin like a Cheshire Cat
    Try me
    I hate my life
    Let the Cat out of the bag
    Herding Cats
    Looks like the cat swallowed the canary
    The Cat's Pajamas
    A cat in gloves catches no mice
    Cat on a hot tin roof
    Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs
    Cool Cat
    Fat Cat
    I need wine, right meow.
    F-Bomb (cartoon style bomb with letter F on it)
    Cat Hair, Don't care
    Ok - enough googling. A few idea for now and later.

    1. I heartily laughed at
      I need wine right meow

    2. I loved those ideas!!! "Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs"...haha

  17. After making that silly list of cat wordage. I was warching Seinfeld and Kramer said "You Have No Idea! And your cat popped into my head! You have no idea!

  18. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Bad hair day


  19. Congratulations on the win. Scaredy cat looks awesome!

  20. I'm no cat person, but I Love that cat!
    How about "Resting cat face" or "Don't stress meowt”
    Congrats on winning cards! X

  21. Congratulations on your win...I visited several times today but no update..bed time now nite.

  22. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Looks like a cat on guy fawķes night. Maybe Scaredy cat! Love the green. Kj

  23. I love the cat !!!

  24. Congratulations on the win! Hopefully all works out in the end with the driveway. Cute kitty.


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