Wednesday, November 03, 2021



I wonder how many people will be doing exactly the same thing?

Bearing in mind a lot of people can now go back to work... maybe it won't be bedlam?

But, I'm picking it will be.

I have a small list of things I want to get/do/order.  I'm doing it today because tomorrow I will be at home, gleefully watching the new carpet go down.

I also have a couple of things I want to get done in the house today.

The main one is ripping up the carpet in the lounge, cos I want to keep it.  IF Brylee ends up coming home for a while in between flats, I will put her in the garage ... on carpet from the lounge.

That way I still have two spare bedrooms for visitors over summer.

Stew is going back into the office today.  Matter of having to really, he's not got enough 'qualified' staff in there right now, as some of his staff have to stay home because their kids are still not back at school.

He was supposed to have this afternoon 'off', but that's out the window now too.

Tonight we will be putting all the last things into the sun room and garage. 

Then all we have to do tomorrow morning is put our bed in the sunroom too.

Gosh I simply CANNOT wait for all this to be done and dusted.

I want my house 'BACK'.  

If I had known how disruptive getting new flooring (and painting the entire interior) was going to be, I would have done it BEFORE we moved into this home!  I should have known better.

ABOVE:  Yesterday's effort.  I won't get to make any more now until probably next week.

I'll be busy from tomorrow on, putting everything back into the house.  And fluffing around. 😂😅😆

11.15 am:  And I'm home from the shops.
It was not busy first thing this morning anywhere.
But by the time I left the mall it was picking up.

I picked up Lacy and she came over to help get the lounge carpet up.
ABOVE:  I'm so grateful Lacy could help me do that!  It was an 'easy' job ripping it up, but rolling it up and getting it into the garage?  Not so easy and I could never have done it on my own.

ABOVE:  There's a new gift shop in The Base.  I found a few lovely gifts for Christmas in there.
I'm not putting my shopping off till later on in the month or even next month, JUST IN CASE we get locked down again.

ABOVE:  I even bought some new dishcloths, and gave all my old ones to Lacy. 

1.45 pm:  Lacy left after having some lunch and I took off to Spotlight for  some basic fabrics I'm running out of.

The Spotlight carpark was FULL to the brim, cars were even parked on the grass, so I fully expected the shop to be packed.
Seems all those cars were there to pick up people getting out of Managed Isolation in the Hotel next door.

So, I got in and out of Spotlight real fast.

ABOVE:  I'm happy with todays shopping trip, I literally have everything that was on my list.

Except tiles for behind the vanities in the bathroom, and grout/adhesive.  And that can wait till next week.

BEST NEWS TODAY:  Little Cleo Smith, missing in Australia for 18 days has been found alive and well.  An apparent abduction victim.  So happy for her parents and family.

8 pm:   We just had a scrummy dinner of lamb chops, potato, veges and an onion/mint gravy.
And in an hour or so Stew and I will put the last pieces of furniture, the TV, SKY box, coffee table etc out into the sunroom.
Then we will be almost 100% ready for tomorrow.
I am going to bed early this evening... I'm tired!


  1. Good luck with the shops, I hope it is not too chaotic.

    I know it has been a challenge with all the upheaval for the painting & flooring but how exciting it will be when it is finally done :-)

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    That is gorgeous. If I loved cats...
    I hope all goes well tomorrow Chris.

  3. Another lovely runner!
    I still haven't braved the shops. Maybe later in the week or next week.

  4. It IS a biting fish! How was mask compliance in the shops? Are people wearing them nicely?

    1. I only saw one person not wearing his mask. Probably exempt from having to for some reason.

  5. Buwhahaha I was a long way off cat bum!

    Lacy would make a blimmin good trader she can turn her hand to most things.

    Happy shopping for most yes .

    1. Oh thanks Blondie1 😘 I try and when I can't do something I will still try, doesn't always work lol bit at least I've tried aye 😅 🙂

  6. Here, covid has picked back up again. I see it everywhere. We're opening back up!

  7. Itvwas such lovly news little Chloe was found safe and well...poor wee mite must have been so frightened. Im sure even the staunchest of police would have shed a tear for here safe outcome...i know i did. Good on Lacy jack of all trades

  8. Kiwionholidays12:54 AM

    Didn’t get to catchup today but yes fab news about wee Cleo
    Fab work by police etc and happiness for her family,
    This time tomorrow you will be walking on the new carpet in places. By Friday afternoon moving furniture back bit by bit

    So excited for you all

    Cheers 🥂🌹

  9. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Good luck for the carpet laying will be so worth it when it's all finished and you have "fluffed" everything just how you like it ! Are you and Lacy still hiding the dollar bills from each other ?!! You must be running out of ideas ! Great she is able to pitch in and help you with the heavy stuff. My nephew has just got out of quarantine in Auckland and back to Nelson. He's been in Melbourne for a couple of years, most of it in lockdown, and said it was like living in a police state.....he has asthma so was constantly being sent home from work with no pay - blimmin covid ☹ We are leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks on Gran Canaria, island off Spain, for some sun and r & r, can't wait ! Cleaning fridge, tidying and washing today as like everything done before I go. Having a family dinner for my Dad's 83rd birthday on the day we get home so need to be organised. Three years last Friday since my mummy passed away so been a hard week 💔
    Kind regards
    Jane G

  10. Good luck with the carpet installation. Can't wait to see the finished product. Renos and paint have to be the worse. Take care.

  11. Definitely great news about little Cleo being found ... and alive. Her family must be feeling so relieved. Good luck with the carpet laying ... hopefully this last bit is a lot less stressful than the lead up part has been.


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