Monday, November 29, 2021


 Ahhhh.. Monday.

I really love Mondays.

I can get on with my projects without feeling guilty.

When I left the sewing room last night, this is what I had done:

ABOVE:  Eight runners ready for the start of stitching, before the titivating starts.  

And borders to make them slightly bigger.  The stitching is gunna take me a week at least, so I won't be bored any time soon right? *smiles*

ABOVE:  And... I left the sewing room tidy.  Cos there is nothing worse than going in there to start the day and it's a bloody mess.

I don't actually 'DO MESS'.  Ask any of my family πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š.

*Posted with permission* ...

ABOVE:  Brylee and her boyfriend 'D'.  They went to Mount Maunganui yesterday and had a lovely day together.

Bry is still flat hunting... looking more and more likely she's going to be coming home on the weekend for a little while.

I must get the duct tape ready.

And on that note... I'm off to start me day.

I hope everyone has an awesome day, sorry if ya have to go to work.

12.30 pm:  And I've been a busy bee.  Done three loads of washing.
Tidied the house.
Sewn for the past 3 hours.
Ate lollies for lunch.

Answered Brylee's SIX questions of the day.

SIX QUESTIONS.  No more.  Done getting at least a dozen questions a day, having to stop to answer them.
DUCT TAPE Dogstars?  To put on her bloody mouth!  She never stops asking questions, and while some are OK and worth answering, some are simply just STUPID.

I don't DO stupid.

And I get sick to death of having to stop what I'm doing to pick up the phone or go on the computer to answer her.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.

I just told her to move on to the next person (sorry Bex or Stew!).

ABOVE: Bex has made a start on Christmas.

Not to be outdone, even though I'm NOT doing the tree until next week...

ABOVE: Reid and Rowan are minding a present in the corner.  River is over by the TV.  That's it for now.

Now... back to me sewing.

5.20 pm:  And I've had to stop for the day.  My feet and lower legs have swollen up something shocking from sitting all day.

ABOVE:  Not a good look at all.  My left foot looks like a brick!  Ikkkk.

So, I've now got me feet up and trying to reduce the swelling.

I won't be able to sew all day tomorrow that's for sure.

Bex and the boys came over for a swim after school, which they loved.

I should have joined them in hindsight.

There is a beef stew on for our dinner... I am trying the 'cook it in wine' thingee.

Possibly not a good idea, but let's wait and see shall we?

SPARKLING:  My beef stew?  Well I decided to try making a stew with wine.

Red wine.

So I grabbed the first bottle in our cupboard that I could see was open already, and was RED.

And I poured the 3/4's of a bottle into a pot, added chopped up beef and left it for a couple of hours to just sit.

Then I added chopped up onions, beef stock, a tin of chopped up tomatoes and a good dollop of butter.  Sprinkle of salt.

Then I simmered it for a couple of hours.  Then thickened it with cornflour.

BOOM.  Done.

And according to Stew... DELICIOUS!

The 'wine' I grabbed out of the cupboard?


It was PORT... very strong shit.  Lucky the alcohol content gets cooked out, otherwise we'd be well drunk by now!  Port is 20% + alcohol content!!!

It was so YUM!  And I'm NO fan of beef.

Might do that again, with a 'normal' red wine next time.  πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š

Right, time to wrap up the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Yay, Brylee has a boyfriend... he looks nice. Having her home again could be a win/win situation for you. Someone to look after the house and dogs so you and Stew can take off every now and then.

  2. Duct tape? I am perplexed.

  3. happy sewing. Just look at that smile on Brylee's face- she is glowing.

  4. A lovely looking couple.

  5. Brylee and her man look happy. Hope she finds something soon. Shame she has had to move so often. It will be nice when she can settle in for a little whole and not have to worry. x

  6. What a pair of cuties 😍 happy Monday not!! Why can't I win Lotto πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’™πŸ’™

  7. Hamilton is a bitch of a place for flat hunting at this time of year... and i remember that from 30 years ago 🀣. Hopefully she can nab something soon. Boyfriend looks nice too. I haven't thought about Christmas yet... just getting to see family will be present enough πŸ’™

  8. What is the cook it in wine thingy? Something particular or just bunging a good slug of red in the pot with everything else?

  9. Maybe just keep using Port with the beef if it was so yum Chris😍

  10. Wow. I must try that!!

  11. Brylee and her boyfriend looks so sweet together, so happy for her xx

  12. My legs do that in the summer when I sew too. It's so frustrating!


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