Monday, November 15, 2021


 First up for today I must get my car a new WOF, it expires tomorrow.

Fingers crossed nothing expensive needs fixing.

It's like going to the dentist, all ya worry about it 'how much is it going to cost?".

After doing that, I am coming home to do the cleaning.

All the window sills.


Furniture polished.

Skirting boards (they got dusty with the carpet install).


And so on.

So, don't ask what I am doing today.

After I've done all that, I'll probably take a break, have some lunch and then get into the sewing room.

That Cat Runner I drew up yesterday is waiting for me.

ABOVE:  Stew got our cars new First Aid Kits.  I hope everyone has one in their car?

You just never know when you might need one.

We have always had one in our cars, but you do need to get new ones as time goes on.

ABOVE:  Our cabinets last night.  I've put fairy lights across the top and down the side of one of them.  So pretty.  I'd have them everywhere if I could. 😊

Yesterday afternoon Stew and I nutted out where to put various pieces of lounge furniture, so we didn't end up having to get rid of anything right?
And once we had done that, Stew said "Right, now we can just leave that until next year, when the new lounge suite arrives. It doesn't have to be moved right now".

WHAT I HEARD WAS:   "I don't feel like doing that now and it's not necessary to do it right now".  Which was just fine.  For him.

NOT FOR ME.  What went through my mind like, IMMEDIATELY, was "I will do it tomorrow, even if it kills me".

Because that is how I operate.  If I can do it NOW, I will.

So for the past two and a half hours, I've pushed and shoved and sworn my head off, but I did it.

ABOVE: The two seater, cream couch is back in the lounge, where it fits perfectly.

ABOVE: The other end of the lounge.  We love the two china cabinets there.  And there's nowhere else to put one of them anyway Lynda.

We had thought all four cream recliners would fit in the lounge, but they simply don't.  So... the other two cream recliners will go in the sunroom next year.  For now we are using them in the family room.

ABOVE:  this is where the two cream recliners will go next year.  The brown sectional that WAS here in now in my sewing room.

OMG getting it there!!!!  I took the worst route.  Through the house.  If only I'd thought of going out the double sunroom doors and using the handtruck to wheel it over to my sunroom door.  

But no.  I did it the hard way.  But I got it there eventually.  

I took the internal garage door off it's hinges, thinking it would fit.  NOPE.  Ended up dragging it through the front door.

Now I can't get the door back on it's hinges.  
Oh well... it will be a simple job for Stew when he gets home.  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  The brown sectional in my sewing room.  I never want to move that bitch again!

Now I need to have a quick freshen up and get my car to it's WOF appointment.

Home again.  NO WOF, the garage was overrun with jobs, so I said I would come back tomorrow or Wednesday.
Not a problem.

Now... I had not received the invoice for the electrical work done here back on the 14th of October.  So I rang them today to remind them to send it to me, so I could pay it.

I wanted to pay it on the day, but the electrician said NO, we will send you an invoice.

Anyway, upshot is, they sent me the invoice today, after I rang them.
And OMG... a RED OVERDUE note was on the invoice.  I was like... how rude!  NOT overdue if you haven't even sent it out to me.  Right?
So rude. 

I still have not heard back from Carpet Court.

And we have been in Level 3, or Level 3 : Step 1 or 2, for 43 days now.  This afternoon we MIGHT hear if our level or step is changing.  I'd love to think we can travel a bit further soon.  Particularly with Christmas coming up soon.

First good news.  Waikato is going to move to Alert Level 2 from tomorrow night.  Which means if we want to go to the beach (Tauranga etc) or to Tirau to the shops there, we can!  We can go down to Palmy to see Mike and Joyce if we want to as well.
Kids can go back to school.  Bex is thrilled to bits!
I think we will take a 'slowly, slowly' approach to all the 'freedoms', just to make sure we keep Steve safe.
He's in our bubble, and is highly susceptible to infections of any type.

Next good news:  I got a phone call from 'E', the Head of Retail Operations, Carpet Court this afternoon.
He apologised for taking a few days to get back to me. 
He explained he had to conduct an internal investigation, and speak to all involved to clarify what happened here.

He was very appreciative of all the photos I had provided, and explanations for each one.

He was HORRIFIED at how we had been treated, how our home was left for an entire week while the 'new' piece of carpet was brought down from Auckland ... which wasn't big enough either.
He did not up and say it was the same piece from the week before, but let's just say he didn't say it wasn't when I asked.

So, after 'humbly apologising'  for our horrible experience, he offered us compensation. He is taking a big chunk off the balance, left to pay by us, for the carpet install. 

I did not  ask for anything at all by the way.  All I expected was a damn apology, and the hope that no one else was treated this way.

OH!  Our bins.  He offered to get a new carpet layer in to fix that situation.  I told him no, we have sorted it out ourselves.  I'll show you how we did that, tomorrow.

He also assured me that the join in the dining room under the bar stools 'should be fine'.
But if we have any problems AT ALL, I am to ring HIM.  He gave me his number.

So, in all a decent result.  The house is DONE.  We are happy with it, now that all the annoyance and frustrations are over.
Time to sit back and enjoy it.

Bex arrived for a quick visit this afternoon.  She stepped into the lounge and was like "This room is gorgeous!  It's given me the shivers!"

I feel the same way.  It is a calm, relaxing, beautiful room now.

9.52 pm:  It's  been a lovely, relaxing evening with Stew.  I sit here and just soak in the knowledge that it's DONE.  All me bits 'n' bobs are back in place, I'm happy with where everything is, and apart from a couple of things to do outside, we are finally settled and can just enjoy our home.

I just hope my brain does not start whirring and thinking up more to do!  Stew would throttle me!

Right, time to sign off ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Carpet looks good, you guys have been very busy. Can your Britto cabinets sit side by side? or not enough room? I have to laugh you want things done straight away, (me too) lol.

    Cheers Peta

    1. The cabinets could have gone side by side, but then it would have been impossible to open the doors of the one in the corner (the doors are on the side of each cabinet). Stew came up with this configuration, meaning you could still open both cabinets. Brilliant man.

  2. I love the china cabinets where they are, they go together. You are so funny Chris, you remind me of Phill, he has to do things right NOW whereas I can put things off indefinitely (and I do). We love our fairy lights too.

  3. I wish I had your energy. The lounge room looks really good. When we get new furniture I usually give the old stuff away to someone who needs it.

    1. We usually do that too Chick, but seriously! We have given away at least 5 or 6 lounge suites already!!! Not to mention beds, drawers, tvs, cabinets, linen, kitchenware, fridges, washing machines... the list goes on and on! I just didn't want to give away any more.

  4. OMG. I should keep my mouth shut. Or, whatever the internet version of a "mouth" is.
    I live in a tiny town in a remote area.
    Nowhere near a big city, or a place where huge events (like sports or concerts) happen.
    My best buddy works in the area hospital.
    No beds. No emergency room beds. Hospital is FULL of Covid patients. Patients too sick, they would normally send them to "better" hospitals. The better hospitals are full. Everything is full. When she asked the nursing staff if there is ANYTHING she can do... They said "Don't get sick, don't get injured, don't have a stroke, don't get kidney stones... because there will be NO ONE to take care of you. ".
    I am just saying, we are about 1.5 years ahead of New Zealand in this shit show - and, you don't want anything to do with it. If you can't travel, don't travel. It is not worth it. Unfortunately, it seems to be spreading in New Zealand - but I would try like crazy to stop it!

    1. By 'travel' I meant just to the beach or to visit Mike and Joyce. Still would be taking every precaution to stay safe I assure you. Yes, I agree. We are 18 months behind the rest of the world in infection rates. We will catch up I believe.

    2. The beach! F it all and go to the beach!!!!!
      Just kidding. I don't have the answers. I know what the USA did is not the answer.
      Maybe there is no answer.
      But, ya. The beach! Stay away from other groups. That definitely seems doable.
      But, of course, there are bad apples out there that believe no one can tell them what to do. They might want to tell others what to do , but no one can tell THEM what to do. It is the same everywhere in the world, I suspect.

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I really like the lights for the cabinet, I have some cabinets with internal lights that my husband put in.. Stew sounds like a great mine... (both long suffering)... ha ha


  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Covid has struck Woodville so all the rest homes are in lock down in Dannevirke. We are still hoping we can take mum out for her 90th birthday on Saturday but won't know till end of week. Kk

  7. We have been locked down since the 17th of August and I could just cry about now.

    1. Gosh Lynda, it certainly is dragging on for you Aucklanders! But when you look at the number of Covid cases appearing every day in Auckland, it is kinda to be expected. I hope for everyone's sake the numbers start to drop significantly soon, and your restrictions are eased in time for Christmas.

  8. A great win from the carpet mob. A similar thing happened to us years ago. All I wanted was am apology for digging up my back yard for pipe work and an acknowledgement they were wrong (the easement they claimed was there wasn't on my title). I got a new driveway and carport and a truck load of top soil for the backyard. Don't mess with us!!!!

  9. Hi Chris, The dog problem. You can buy a short lease that clips onto the dogs collar and the other end clots into the back seat seatbelt buckle. I used it all the time for my dog.

  10. What's the vaccine rate in NZ? Here in Victoria we were locked down with about 6 cases diagnosed, and once we hit 80% double vaxed, opened up with 1000+ cases diagnosed per day. Hope it eases up for you all soon!

  11. haha that was me moving all the bookcases around last week. I thought someone else was going to help but no..

    Glad the carpet guy was helpful!


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