Tuesday, November 09, 2021


 Stew has today off work.  

Not sure what our plans are, except for a bit of shopping.

I didn't get the pool chlorine yesterday, so that's on the list, as is tile adhesive and grout.

Perhaps I'll give the bathroom tiling a go today?

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Maybe we will get the call from Carpet Court this morning, with good news?

Miracles do happen. I can't imagine why the carpet wouldn't be here by now?  And 'J' the install lady did say they would make our job a 'Top Priority'.  *sigh*

10 am:  and I cave in and ring Carpet Court for an update.
I didn't ring Bryan.  I rang the Install lady.
And she said our carpet would be here tomorrow, and installed on Thursday afternoon.
I asked her why I hadn't been rung with this information?
OH... I only just got it myself, said she.
Fine, I'll believe you (maybe).  

Then I asked her for the name of the person I needed to make an official complaint to?
So she's emailing me the Head of Retail Operations name and email.  
She asked me who I was going to be complaining about?  Would I disclose that to her?  lol
I told her it would be in my email to the Head of Retail Operations. 

So.  It will have been a full week waiting for the carpet install to be completed on Thursday afternoon.

By SATURDAY everything should be back in the house.  Like WOOOO HOOOOO!

Stew is attaching Hold Backs for the lounge and family room curtains.  I can hear him bitching because he's getting hot and bothered.  😂😅😆

1.25 pm:  We went out and about.
Got the few things on our list, then grabbed some KFC for lunch.

ABOVE:  We tried that. It was AVERAGE.  I'd say really good for kids.
They stuffed up our order (as per usual really), and so I have a free meal to pick up when ever I want it.
First time I've complained, so I'm happy with the result.


ABOVE:  We ended up ordering these cuties.
They come in sheets, and were very cost effective.  They are on order, don't know when we will get them.  Never mind, we are happy to wait.

Getting used to waiting.  Seems you have to wait for literally everything now days.

Now... our lunch is done, and we are going to potter around the house doing odd jobs for a while.

ABOVE: What fun!  A parcel arrived.  I'll show you what it is.... tomorrow.

In fact, it was the second parcel today.  The first one was Christmas presents.   I'm almost sorted now, not much left to get.  Awesome.

9.38 pm:  Been lazy this evening.  Did a super easy dinner, and now we are just watching the tv.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I just hope the new carpet is from the same dye lot. Or it goes in different rooms. But if there is a seam and the colors are off - that will be a helluva fight with Carpet Court!

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I'd definitely complain and include all the dates. If this is the best they can do they need a real shake up.

  3. One of the advantages of your blog is that you can go back through & get an accurate timeline of the dates you mentioned that you were waiting for Carpet Court to call.

    I hope they do turn up tomorrow as they are supposed to.

    1. The carpet arrives in Hamilton tomorrow, it is getting laid on Thursday afternoon.

  4. Tiles r very you Chris i wouldnt want to be any near if carpet isnt done Thursday been a very long process 😪

  5. Love the tiles. How big are they ?

    1. They are quite small, and come in a 'sheet' of about 25 tiles. Each little tile is 50mm square.

  6. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Blue goose in the box!

  7. Love the tiles just perfect, I had kfc last night tower burger combo it was super fresh BLARDY delicious.

    1. I asked for a Tower burger, but got a Colonel Burger instead. I don't like Colonel burgers!

  8. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Gorgeous tiles Chris. I love watching you house come together.

  9. Nice tiles. Fingers crossed all goes well with the carpet installation. Good luck.

  10. Yeah I'd for sure be sending in a complaint about the carpet. Maybe you should do some funny pictures to go with it like having Tea in the garage since you aren't supposed to be in the living room.


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