Saturday, November 06, 2021


 IF the weather isn't going to be too horrible today, Stew and I will take a break from the house, and go on a little road trip.

So, we might be going to Raglan, which is within our Greater Waikato COVID boundary.

I can see fish 'n' chips on the beach... IF it's not raining.  

The weather is pretty iffy right now, that's for sure.

Lacy text me yesterday, asking:  "How are the new wheels?"

ABOVE:  I showed her them... they be fine.  😂😅

And soooooo clean!!!

ABOVE:  All my sewing batting is now stored under the guest bed.  So handy having it all in one place.

ABOVE: The guest bedroom is totally put back together.  We decided to change where the bed was, and it looks neat in it's new position.

ABOVE:  LOOK AT THAT!  We can swing a bloody cat in there again.

All going well, we might have everything out of here by Friday?  Gosh that would be awesome.

I'm so ready for all this to be over.  I'm so, so tired.

My online order from The Warehouse is finally ready to collect.  Only took a week, so not too bad.  I will pick it up this morning.

I'm still waiting for 3 more online purchases, I hope they all arrive eventually.

10.30... and we are finally off to Raglan. I picked up my online Warehouse purchases, which was issue free. And the weather right now is amazingly gorgeous. 
I hope it lasts.

ABOVE: Stunning day! We are so lucky.
I've got a bit of a headache kicking in though... no doubt from being over tired.
I hope this 'day off' from the house and all that...  will help.
I really need a few days of doing NOTHING 🥱😊.

3.41 pm:  And we are home from our little jaunt.
It was wonderful.  The weather was perfect.
The scenery?  Utterly gorgeous.   It almost makes me like the West Coast!


ABOVE:  I love this hill!

ABOVE:  When we were ready to leave, the weather was starting to look iffy again.  We are supposed to be getting thunderstorms this afternoon.
So far, none.

ABOVE:  The water looked amazing, so pretty!  

ABOVE:  Found this 'junk' shop, and inside we discovered a little treasure.  I will show it to you... tomorrow.

ABOVE:  And in an Art Gallery we found these cute little hearts.   The blue glass candle is handmade and smell so nice.

So a lovely drive, beautiful scenery, little bit of shopping then home.  Now?  I need to take some panadol and have a nap, to try and get rid of me headache.  

No nap.  Steve and his lot popped in to see the car.  And cuddle the dogs.
They didn't stay long.
Then I sewed a little bit.
Stew made our dinner.
We had home made beef rissoles, lettuce salad and mashed potato.  Lovely.

We gave Coco her sedatives again this evening, and when the fireworks started going off next door, NOT A PEEP out of her!
EXCELLENT, the sedatives worked.

Now ... it's time for bed. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Swing a cat.... hahahahaha. Can you make that image in fabric?

  2. Morning I forget to ask how’s the 20/50 dollar hiding going Lacy I bet has had plenty opportunity to stash whilst moving furniture lol
    Nice wheels

  3. Have a great day

  4. Hope the two of you have managed to get over to Raglan, and got to enjoy a bit of sunshine and fish'n'chips on the beach :)

  5. Online shopping is great. Now I can't drive it's a Godsend. Hope you're having a lovely day together.

  6. new car! New carpet!.... very exciting xxxxx

  7. I can smell that glorious new car smell. Enjoy the drive and the fish and chips. You both deserve a weekend off.

  8. The day looks superb 👌 its been pissing down here bugger it. We got our 2nd vaccination today can't believe the number of cases each day!! Were the fish and chips good? 💙💙

    1. Yes they were... though I got so hot, wasn't dressed for a hot day, so I started feeling really sick. Headache from hell at the end of the day.

  9. What great photos of that glorious countryside/seaside. The new car ain't too bad either.
    Love the colours in your spare bedroom.
    Hope the head is better

  10. What is the new car availability situation in NZ? Our lots are nearly empty. A neighbor just bought a new RAV 4 and she had her choice of exactly one. And was very glad to get it.

    1. We ordered our new car 3 months ago, and we could choose what we wanted. It came from overseas. If we ordered it NOW, it would not arrive until SEPTEMBER next year, so we were very lucky to order it when we did. Our car yards seem to be well stocked right now. Probably won't be in a few months by the sound of it.

  11. Looks like a nice day!


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