Sunday, October 31, 2021


 Might have to sew.

It's going to be a lazy Sunday.

I had suggested to Stew that we go for a drive to Raglan, which is in within our boundary but... we decided it was just not worth going, just for a drive.

We are both tired.  So another quiet day at home is probably a good idea.

There will be plenty to do once the new carpet is down, getting all our furniture and odds 'n' bobs back in their rightful places.

So, we shall relax while we can.

AllyS:  Thanks for that tip on the Online Fabric Shop!
I spent a couple of hours this morning looking at all their stuff.
NOW I have to make an order!  edit:  or not.  Looks like that site does not ship to New Zealand.  BUGGER.

I've embraced online shopping finally!
Been ordering up a storm in fact.
I'm now waiting for 3 parcels, and I have a 'Click and Collect' order too.
Such fun.

It's now 12.18 pm and we are back in Hamilton after taking a drive to Cambridge.  Stew hadn't seen all the developments there.

Now we are going to have lunch and then spend the afternoon quietly at home.

There really is bugger all you can do when 70% of your household effects are stacked up in the garage!

I will get back to me sewing for sure... cos at least that hasn't been packed up.

ABOVE:  I bought some new flowers from this guy in Cambridge.  He's parked here every day and I felt sorry for him.  It's a really dismal day, wet and windy.
OH and it's been nice having flowers in the house, I should do it more often.

ABOVE: We picked up the boys so they could have a play date with the dogs.
When ya have no furniture... you improvise.
Well done boys.

The boys didn't stay very long, no toys to play with, not allowed in the garage to play hide 'n' seek, so home they went.

I did some 'gardening' with some of the succulents I bought the other day from my friend.

I'll show you what I put some of them into tomorrow.

Right now I'm trying to get out of cooking dinner.

Well that was easy!  Stew had a chicken salad sandwich for dinner and I'm about to have the same.  Waste not, want not.

I better cook tomorrow night though, doubt I will get away with that two nights in a row.  😂😅😊

Off to make me sandwich, then watch something on YouTube.  


  1. Do have confirmation that there WILL be carpet?

    1. Well yes, but I just don't trust them to turn up when they say they will. Their communication is abysmal.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Just in case you are not aware - online shopping is taking so much longer than usual because of courier companies being overwhelmed. I ordered something from Mighty Ape (which is a really good company) on the 10th October for my greatgrandaughter's birthday on the 6th November and it hasn't been despatched yet. So probably you will need to be very patient waiting for deliveries. Audrey

    1. Yes Audrey I am well aware of the delays.

  3. If the online fabric shop is in Australia, send your order to me and I will mail it on, You can PayPal me for the postage.

    1. Thanks so much Cranky, but the shop is in America. Though orders over $100 incur no shipping cost to Australia, so I might think about your kind offer.

    2. Cranky, I was about to offer the same thing!

    3. Thanks both of you!

  4. Kiwionholidays6:05 PM

    What a fab idea Getting the flowers off the guy works two ways, helps a small business and you get the pretty effects,
    Kinda thing I would do ✔️
    Love the improvised ideas of yours n the boys too,
    We are fully using a small ensuite toilet shower n vanity shared atm as main bathroom stripped bare so we are doing what we did way back when lee were first married ❤️

    Take care
    Cheers 🥂

  5. I can see me being a major procrastinator when it comes to re-carpeting our house. It sounds like a huge effort! I hope you have managed to escape cooking tonight 🙂


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