Sunday, November 07, 2021


Stew came up with a name for his car.



Well, because it's colour is 'Crystal Pearl' White.

The paint is quite deceptive.  From a distance it look just ... well, white.

But, get up close and look at it with the sun shining on it...

ABOVE:  It sparkles with 'mother of pearl', multi colours!  It's beautiful.
So her name is PEARL.

Now.  I mentioned yesterday that we bought one other thing in Raglan.  

ABOVE:  When we saw it tucked into a corner of the shop, we thought it was just a tacky imitation kerosine lamp.  Stew picked it up to look closer, and noticed it had a power cord, and it was plugged into the power.
So, he turned it on.
We bought it immediately.

Here's why:

How funky is that!  We love it.

Now... back to the day.  We will be fluffing around here, putting a few more things away.
Catch ya later.

11.50 am:  And we have been pottering around, putting stuff away for a few hours.  
Now, Steve, Bex and boys have arrived and are cooking lunch for all of us.
Then, they have a new card game they want to try with us.

So, a good reason to stop for a good, long break I reckon.  
Besides, there's not much more we can do today.
After the carpet is down in the living rooms we can move the rest of our stuff and put it away.

3.20 pm:

ABOVE: After months... the kitchen is as it should be again.
QUESTION:  Should I paint the bins?  Or at least the RED one?  

ABOVE: This is the little shelf above the fridge.  It's rather pretty.  Most of this stuff was on the white cabinet that is now in our bathroom.
Good I found a place for it all.

There has been SO MUCH juggling around to put things back this time.  I really don't want to be moving a damn thing again after this!  SERIOUSLY.
I'm done moving shit.

And NO ONE say 'famous last words' or I'll throttle you.

10 pm:  And it's the end of an excellent day.
Got heaps done again.
Stew got out in the yard and mowed our miniscule lawn and grass verges. 
We had left overs for dinner.
Now.. it's wind down time.

Coco is in the land of nod, while the fireworks carry on all around us.  SO DAMN HAPPY I took her to the vets!  I wish I'd thought of it years ago.


  1. Our car is a pearl as well, although as we purchased second hand we didn’t get a choice. Plus we didn’t realise until after we purchased that it was actually pearl paintwork
    Hope your headache is gone
    Have a great day

  2. Mine is a similar colour

  3. Have a great afternoon with ya family x

  4. Love the lamp. And a bargain always makes things sweeter. Enjoy the afternoon. Cards and family cooking lunch. Perfect.

  5. Love the lamp, what a bargain.

  6. Kiwionholidays3:11 PM

    Love the idea of Pearl , what a fab present and lots of love n memories ahead with Pearl πŸŽΈπŸ’
    Be fab this time next week all carpet down n furniture back where it started

    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  7. You might be amused by this, my car is Maud! The first number plate I got offered began with MUT and I got told I could drive around with that as my number plate. They changed it to MWD snd we got Maud out of that.

    1. Yeah that's pretty amusing! Stew chuckled when I told him.

  8. Should read I couldn’t drive with a MUT plate but I guess you knew what I meant

  9. You won’t be able to help yourself, you will move stuff around again, several times πŸ˜‚

  10. Love the lamp so neat.
    Glad you got to get away for a day trip kitchen looking fab,
    Slowly but surely the house will be done roll on next week.

  11. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Sorry, but why are there so many fireworks going off? I’m accustomed to such things occurring at special events. Seems odd to have them seemingly frequently in a suburban area?
    Not your doing, so by no means is this meant in a disrespectful way towards you.

    1. We follow British traditions. Look up 'Guy Fawkes'.

  12. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Love the blue pottery in the alcove. Stew was indeed lucky to get the new car he wanted before shortages kick in. My sister was waiting for a new Volvo for ages and meanwhile the dealer was calling her every day because he had about six customers desperate for the ute she was trading in. My sister-in-law also got a new Mazda convertible as she was able to sell her older one for heaps more than she paid for it. I believe there is a shortage because although new cars are built there's not enough electronic doodahs (very technical!) available to make them go ! The new car looks amazing - a well-deserved treat for Stew.

  13. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Previous comment was Jane G btw....sun is addling my brain !

  14. Leave the red bin. Just gives a different pop. Do live all those blues. Marvellous kitchen !

  15. Kitchen looks great. Paint bins? a part of me says "yes", but again that pop of colour looks great.

  16. You're the queen of moving things around haha. I think painting the bin wouldn't be a bad idea.


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