Monday, November 22, 2021


 Sometime this week our driveway is getting re-sealed with asphalt.

Very exciting... and fingers crossed NOTHING goes wrong and it's a perfect job.

I don't think I could bear it if anything else gets mucked up.

ABOVE: This cute little Begonia popped up out of nowhere in my rockery.  Rather cute.  I hope it survives the driveway reseal.

This morning I'm going to make a start on taking pots etc off the driveway.  Stew took the big 'bin gate' off yesterday.  So, once the asphalt company arrives, there will be less prep work for them to do.

And that's me for now... I hope to get back to my sewing room later on today.

HEADS UP:  There will be a long awaited PEPSI update on WEDNESDAY.

9.20 am:  And like, I'm outside contemplating moving pots and bins and so on... and it's like already hot and uncomfortable.
And my lower back is killing me again and I decide, NOPE.
Not going to do it.
The driveway guys said they would move everything, so I'm gunna let them!
I've not heard from them about their ETA this week, so I'm going to give them a couple more hours and ring them.
'Sometime' this week.. well I need that confirmed.
Cos if it's not this week I won't need to hang around home all the time will I?

I need to do a grocery shop today or tomorrow.
We are almost out of meat and a few staples.
I'm hosting Card Night tomorrow evening.  I will be doing a little platter.
We've not had a card night in MONTHS.  It will be wonderful to catch up with the girls again.

Right now... I think I might just hose the driveway down, get all the leaves and loose stones off it.  That won't hurt me back.

SLIGHTLY PISSED OFF.  I rang the Asphalt company.  Seems I didn't get the email telling me our job was pushed out two weeks due to the last lockdown.
Like... I was told months ago a lockdown would not affect their time line, because they work outside.  Grrrr.

So the upshot is, our driveway reseal is not happening until the 3rd of December.  (MAYBE).
She will let me know on Friday.  (like do I believe her?)  Nope.
Dammit, why can't tradespeople just do what they say they are gunna do????

So I'm really relieved I had not gone out and hosed down the driveway yet.  It can wait until Thursday NEXT week now.

And I can go grocery shopping now.

1 pm:  And the groceries are done.  I took extra care in Pak n Save today... kept using my hand sanitiser and of course, mask on.
It's been a 'location of infection' several times now.  
Brylee came around and helped me put it all away, I did A BIG SHOP!

Now... we are having lunch.

So, it's now 5.40 pm and I've been working in me sewing room for the past couple of hours.

ABOVE:  All I can say about this cat is ... I don't think I'll be doing it again!  Too much detail.
Time consuming and not worth it once you consider how much I will sell it for!
Though in saying that, no one ever gets a cent for their labor when it comes to crafts!

I am going to stop now and get our dinner sorted.  

Dinner tonight was Teriyaki Chicken over rice.  Super YUM!
Been watching TV and playing Solitaire on me computer... I do that most evenings when it's just Stew and I at home.
I am nearing my 3,000th game!  
Might stay up till I hit that number in fact.  


  1. Those plants are pretty hardy, it should be ok. It is very pretty.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I love the fish in your garden. Beautiful. So sorry you've been mucked around again with trades people. Kj

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    OMG how disappointing for you. For once I wish things would go to plan for you. We have to wait longer to see what the package will make, lol. Love the little Begonia. Could you pot it just in case the reseal damages it. I use to be able to see Pepsi but I cannot anymore :(
    Have a great week
    Kym / Australia

    1. Send me your email address. to:

    2. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Thanks Chris

  4. We have just had our driveway asphalted and it looks amaaaaazing. The guy that did it is a local and normally does bigger jobs so fitted us around those which was fine with us. Communication is the key and it seems to be lacking over there!

  5. Gosh you've had a bad run with tradies lately! So frustrating and send like they use lockdown/covid as an excuse sometimes.
    I can't see Pepsi anymore but used to be able to. Love to follow your journey there too.

    1. No name? Sorry, I cut my readership down on Pepsi to just a few people now.

    2. Sorry Chris, that anonymous message was from me, Jo Brown, from Creating Wellness blog from years and years ago. Didn't realise it would come up anonymous. Totally understand your need to keep the Pepsi blog private tho.

    3. Wow you are a blast from the past Jo. You moved to Oz from Auckland didn't you? How ya doing?

    4. Yes I moved to Oz and am doing well living in Brisbane. I'm actually currently stuck here in NZ in the lockdown as came over for a wedding 5 months ago and am still here! Crazy challenging times but am 'stuck' on Waiheke Island so it's not all bad :-)
      Missing my 3 doggos insanely tho!

  6. Your fish is a very cute. Great looking rockery. Begonia looks great here.


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