Friday, November 19, 2021



According to everything I've been told or read, hair loss can be down to many factors.

Stress - BIG TICK

Medications for :

Diabetes - TICK

Blood pressure - TICK

Cholesterol - TICK

Poor Diet - TICK


Over dyeing - TICK

Pony Tail/Bun - TICK

It would appear I have almost ALL the factors that can contribute to hair loss!

So.  First and foremost I will be CHILLING THE HECK OUT as much as I can.  NO one is allowed to die or get VERY SICK again OK?

I will stop dyeing my hair for 6-12 months.

I will talk to my Doctor about the medications I am on, and if any of them could be contributing to my hair loss?

I will start taking dietary supplements that support healthy hair growth.  ( anyone know what?)

And that's about it.   I have already stopped wearing my hair in a pony tail (in the same spot on my head), and certainly not as tight.

Now, moving on.

ABOVE:  This is one of the fabrics I bought last night. The other two were just whites for runners.

ABOVE:   Yeah.

I suppose I should do the laundry.

It will free up me weekend for other things.

Sometime this morning Bex is coming around to help me get the cover off the pool.  Then I can bomb it with chlorine and scoop any leaves etc out of it.

It should be ready for swimming by Saturday.  Fingers crossed it's a nice fine, warm weekend.  It would be nice to get back into the pool.

I have yet to even sit in the driver's seat of our new car!

Because Stew uses a company car for the first half of the week, I am going to start using his car Mon/Tues/Wed.  That will be fun.  It's a lovely vehicle.   I might even give it a run tomorrow.  

Right, enough waffling, I might just lie here and read the news before starting my day.

Bex arrived bright and early this morning to help me get the pool cover off.
Which we did with no problems at all.
And the pool?
Look wonderful.
There's a bit of debris in it, but that will get removed in the next day or two.
I've dumped chlorine in, and the pump will be on all day.
I reckon it will be fit for swimming in tomorrow.

I've not mentioned this lately, but I'm having the WORST time with my lower back at the moment.
Back to really bad pain trying to get outta bed in the mornings.
This morning was THE WORST it's been in a couple of years.   I didn't think I'd ever get out of bed this morning, it was that bad.  But eventually I did, and immediately took a Tramadol.
Thank god for Tramadol.  I can now move without pain again.
I wish I knew why this happens, it's like so random.  Not all the time, just every now and then.  
Something else to ask the Doctor, when I eventually go see him. 😂😊

Just in via email:

ABOVE: Carpet Court Customer Survey!
I was like... oh hell no.  So I just referred whoever reads these things to 'E H', the Retail Operations Manager.
I'm hopefully never having to deal with CC again.

Now... I might just go and sort out my lunch.  It's kinda early, but I'm hungry.

5.50 pm:  Oh wow, I've not been on here for hours.  LOL
I was being utterly lazy, and just sitting on me arse most of the day.

Mid afternoon I headed into my sewing room and started making another Cat Runner.
And then...Griffin arrived to pick up his birthday present.

And... the poor boy had a really bad headache from working in the heat all day.

I gave him a couple of panadol and...

ABOVE: He fell asleep!  So I left him to it and only woke him up when Stew got home from work.
We are now going to have some dinner and then he's going home to bed.

9.54 pm:  Well dinner was a resounding ikkk.  Cold KFC.  I swear KFC Rototuna is the worst one I've ever been to.
Griffin didn't seem to mind, like most boys he'll eat just about anything.

It was lovely to spend time with him. 
Once he left we just chilled out and watched TV.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Wow that fabric is so you. Gorgeous! Enjoy your day. Heading up to Dannevirke today, PN Sunday and Monday. My mum is 90 this weekend. I treasure every minute with her. ❤ kj

  2. Hi when my daughter-in-law was pregnant she was losing her hair so she went on a collagen supplement, I’ve got really thin hair so I tried it, and it does work. Only thing for you is that it’s a creamer that you put in your milk in your coffee. I don’t that you would be able to put it in your diet Coke. I’m sure you’ll find something even in tablet form that you can take. Cheers

  3. The new throw looks really nice on your bed. A dermatologist could be of great help for your hair lost. They take everything into consideration and will help you.

  4. I use collagen as well (a sugar free chocolate powder) and I mix it with a protein shake; I take biotin as well. Biotin is also sometimes called Hair and Nails vitamin.

  5. When my lower back is sore it is usually when I have not been exercising. One of the best things I do for mine is the yoga "cat cow" stretches.

    1. Good tip Tracy, I will try this as I sometimes get a sore back now.

      Chris, you have had more stress this last year so hopefully now (if you don't let things stress you) your hair loss will improve.

  6. Chris I have lower back issues, spent a fortune a few years back on physics then went to doctor who advised a CT scan. I have degenerative disc disease. The way I manage it is walking, if you don’t use it you lose it. At the moment I have a foot issue so haven’t been able to walk, guess what.....back issues again. Walking works for me, and my mind, it’s also beautiful out there.

  7. Anonymous12:26 PM

    My hair fell out each time after I get pregnant, so probably hormone related, which I know isn’t likely to be your reason (hormone fluctuation not pregnancy 😅) But I thought I was going to end up bald, I was losing huge handfuls of hair - on my pillow, brushing my hair, washing it…just everywhere. And my hairdresser recommended Nioxin and it was amazing - it really really helped. Now if I ever go through a period where I think I’m losing too much I just use it for a couple of weeks and it just seems to stop it. I would recommend trying it if you are worrying.

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Have you tried Panadol Osteo Chris. I have 2 every morning to help with pain in my knees which wasn't bad before I started taking cancer drug. It causes osteo and joint stiffness. Anyway the drugs last for 8 hours and are brilliant. Thoroughly recommend it and no side effects. Have to ask chemist for it. Kj

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I lost a lot of hair after a major operation about 6 years has come back, but I have fine hair anyway...your hair is amazing...having a healthy diet and not putting in a tight ponytail will help...
    I would not be taking any supplements unless you discuss with your dr. they could interact with your medications and taking unnecessary vitamins is actually bad for health unless they are truely needed.(my son who has a medical science degree said in some of his studies they talked about unnecessary vitamins shortening our lives).Just have a wine!! ha lower back is really bad after all the years of being a nurse..I have osteoarthritis in my lower back..its terrible..after standing for a short while I just have to sit down..


  10. OOh I would have filled in the Carpet Court survey - and had soooo much fun doing it :-)

    1. I filled in two questions at the start, which asked for a rating of 0 - 10 for customer service and job satisfaction. I gave them both a 0. Then a box opened up asking me WHY I had scored a O? That's when I referred 'them' to the Retail Manager. I'm over it! Yes the carpet looks lovely, but the entire process to get to 'lovely carpet' was not fun at all.

  11. Your lower back - didn’t you move a whole house full of furniture by yourself, rearranging, earlier in the week?

    1. Well Yesssss.... but moving furniture is kinda my thing right? But yes, you are probably correct and I over did it.

    2. Glad we have that in writing now Chris.

  12. my friends hair went very thin. She went to the doctors had a lot of blood tests. She has a thyroid problem. It was also the answer as to why she couldnt lose weight. She is all good now with the medication

  13. Read about the supplement Saw Palmetto. I use it for my hair and I highly recommend.

  14. I wonder if there is something "gentler" on the hair like those old fashioned leather barrettes with a stick - or something like that. Or those pony tail things that "flatten" instead of twisting up rubber band type things.


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