Thursday, November 25, 2021


 My friend's fence panel is bugging me.  I really want to do an acrylic pour 'wave' on it, but because the panel is not flat... I know it won't work.

So I've decided to go out and buy a FLAT piece of thin wood to do the wave on, then I shall nail it to the original panel.  Took me ages to come up with that solution!

ABOVE:  The second thing I want to do while I'm out is to get me nails 'done'.   For some reason I've had nails just split right down the middle, to the nail bed.  SO SORE!  And they catch on everything and hurt like buggery!  That one (above) split in two damn places.  

So, if I get fake nails on top, that will solve that problem eh?  Oh, and I'll have pretty nails for the first time in years!

Once I get home from that, I will make a start on another Cat Runner.  Probably the same one as 'Need Wine...', but slightly different of course.

I think I'll try a blue background.

And well... that's me for now.  

Catch ya later.

11 am: And I've been out and about.
Got me piece of FLAT wood.
Went into The Base, checked out two nail places.
The first one said "Sure, sure, come on in, we do your nails now".
I said I wanted to check out the other place before making up my mind, so I then went to the other place.
And the guy behind the counter looked at my nails, pressed them, bent them and said "No way.  You need to strengthen them first."
And sold me some nail strengthening stuff.

I was impressed.  He could have just ushered me in for the full false nail treatment, but No.  He actually cared enough to recommend what I needed, not what I wanted.

ABOVE: This is the place to go for good nail care.

ABOVE: This is the stuff he sold me.  I'm kinda amazed!  You can actually buy nail stuff WITH FORMALDEHYDE in it???  Who knew.  Not me.
Glad I'm not going to be putting formaldehyde on me nails.

ABOVE: The Christmas tree is up at The Base, and it's very pretty.

Now... I'm going to have brunch, then perhaps make a start on the fence panel.

ABOVE:  It took a while to get my painting area all set up again, and to find everything I needed.
But eventually... I was ready to go.
But changed my mind about the wave pretty quickly.
I decided to go with a simple 'swipe', and possibly embellish it with some shells later on.

ABOVE: So ... there's the swipe done.  I now have to wait a few days before adding anything else. 

As I sit here in my sewing room, Coco is right at my feet.
And OMG her tummy is going to town!  So many noises coming from her tummy.  Almost like she's got aliens in there!
I wonder what she's been eating?
It's only the second time I've ever heard her tummy grumble like this.

2.28 pm: Have you ever thought:  Oh, I think I'll make us a lovely potato and bacon salad for dinner.  Then you cook the potato and put it aside to cool.
Hours later... you come back and the potato is so soft it turns to mush when you try to cut it into cubes?


So, now we are having a potato and bacon pie, with a side salad.  NOT exactly what I'd planned, but it's edible I suppose.  

Shit it's been one of those days.  I keep dropping things. Spilling things. Just enough to make me wanna scream.  I'm now totally out of sorts.

Instance:  This morning, me mascara is not liquid, so I drop the entire thing in a hot cup of water.  Forget about it for a while.  Then I unscrew it to use it, and bugger me, the stuff ERUPTS out of the container... all over me and my clothes, down me leg and NARROWLY missed landing on me new carpet!!!
I'm like.  FUCK, that was close.

And I proceed to clean up the mess, making an even bigger mess in the bathroom.
Mascara everywhere is not fun to clean up.  I dirtied a flannel, a dishcloth AND towel.

I grab a bag of tomatoes out of the fridge. The bag breaks.  Tomatoes everywhere.  I pick them up and put them on a shelf in the fridge.  Close the door.  One of the tomatoes falls from the shelf as I'm closing the door.  Result?  Tomato gets squished ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Damn tomato everywhere.

I am boiling a couple of eggs for dinner.  I go to check on them. One of them has disintegrated in the water.  I'm going to kill the other one now.  Cos I can.


Dinner was OK, not fantastic.  the 'pie' could have done with more flavour.  The lettuce salad was nice though.
But I'm already over lettuce salads, and summer is not really even here yet.

Must look up more salad ideas me thinks.

I'm now watching Coronation Street, and playing Solitaire on the computer.  Once I'm tired enough I will go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    You need something to strengthen your nails first Chris. I got gel nails one time but when they came off my nails were stuffed. Kj

  2. I think it is possible that your hair and nail issues are related and are actually both medical. Like you might be low in a vitamin, or the list of things you found related to hair might also impact nails. My guess would be fake nails/glue would make it worse. But moisturizer and nail care might help.

  3. Im with the girls above your nails and hair loss is more than likely linked and as pretty as they r fake nails will do more damage

  4. I am so glad you didn't get your nails done. They would have hurt like hell and ended up worse. Strengthen them. Then consider a product called sistaco. It's made in Australia but they ship world wide. It is a DIY but quick and easy and doesn't damage them.

  5. I tend to agree with the other comments about your nails and hair loss being related and possibly a medical issue? It may be related to your diabetes ๐Ÿคท‍♀️ Probably wouldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor

  6. My nails are soft and bendy. Never have been able to grow them out. I might look into some of the suggestions posted by other readers.

  7. Hubby has a nail with a split down the centre like yours. He has had for about 30 years and I think it was caused by a spike from a fish fin when it slide under the nail

    1. Yep... I also have a split that I've had my entire adult life. No idea how it started. It's a constant pain. Right hand, 3rd finger, not in the middle, but on the side. Really, really hurts sometimes.

  8. OMG! So sorry about your DROPPSY type day. I was in a MOOD last night. Wow! Took my own cat runner advice and needed a bit of wine to settle down or I would have throttled a customer!

  9. I use Vaseline Intensive Care Hand and Nail cream it's really good for nail strength and growth. I know Coco isn't having anymore babies but if she was I would grab one ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

  10. Kiwionholidays5:16 PM

    The Beatles nailed it
    Day Tripper ๐ŸŽธChris
    sometimes have days like that too,
    Lovely to catchup with you all there

    Take care
    Cheers ๐Ÿฅ‚

  11. Ugh, hate those “everything sucks” days ๐Ÿ˜.

  12. You really have had a BUGGER typpe of day but thank goodness you didnt spill mascara on your new carpet. I nice quiet evening homevwith your man sounds like a good idea or a wee walk ๐Ÿšถ‍♂️

  13. I have that same issue with one of my fingernails, it splits up the middle, such a pain! I got SNS nails put on today, first time in months, looks so much better! What’s in your lettuce salad? Just the basics- tomato cucumber etc? I have an awesome broccoli and bacon salad recipe if you want it! X

  14. I use this Chris, it’s excellent What is the best nail strengthener in Australia?

    Revitanail Nail Strengthener
    Revitanail Nail Strengthener

    Taking out our top pick for the best nail hardener, Revitanail has been a cult favourite for years. It's fortified with calcium gel (read: the good stuff for strengthening weakened nails) and works to not just restore the condition of your nails, but also protect them against future damage.13 May 2021

  15. I've got the splitting nail thing going on as well. Some days are just messed up from the start, hopefully tomorrow things will be smooth sailing. Have a good weekend.

  16. Anonymous7:02 AM

    รŒ wish I had dropsy days meaning me dropping something Chris. I hadn't had a fall for awhile but fell down a step on Monday hurting my knee again!, bent my toes back, and have concussion. I was carrying linen and cushions for a friend and forgot the step. I'm over ME!! Kj

  17. I make a nice side from diced mango, halved cherry tomatoes (I use the tomato medley our local Aldi does), spring onion or finely chopped white onion, with a dash of lemon juice. You can add fresh herbs like basil, coriander or parsley too if you have them. It's lovely.


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