Friday, November 12, 2021


 We had to wait a week for the carpet lay to be completed.  

Because, as 'M' the carpet layer showed Stew, the piece of carpet supplied for the dining room was too short, and there was a triangular section not covered.  He wasn't prepared to 'patch' it and have a join there.

ABOVE:  That is why we had to wait for a longer piece of carpet to arrive.

We were told the new piece had arrived on Wednesday, therefore they could finish our job yesterday.

So, WHY do we now have this???

ABOVE:  WTF???   Now it's OK to do a patch, and have a join there?????

To us, it would appear they have either used the same piece of carpet they had LAST WEEK, or the second piece of carpet was too short as well.

Which means we spent a week waiting for our carpet to be finished for nothing, and we still have a PATCH and join in a dumb place.

Second issue, which I picked up on the minute I checked the carpet, once the men had left. (ignore the numbers, that was for my email to the 'boss man').

I drew lines on the underlay to show where I wanted the vinyl in the kitchen to STOP, and where the carpet should START.

ABOVE:  I talked to Jameison (the vinyl layer) about it, I talked to Bryan from Carpet Court about it, and I showed 'M' the carpet layer my lines several times.

This was IMPORTANT to me.  I wanted this because:

ABOVE:  I wanted our bins to be on the vinyl, not the carpet.

Now?  They are partly on the damn carpet!  I'm actually really angry about this.  It was the ONE thing I was so specific about.  

This can be fixed.  But, it's not going to be done by 'M'.  

Now, enough bitching!  I will let you know if/when I hear back from the Head of Retail Operations.  He will have received my email last night, and might read it today sometime.

I'm going to have so much fun today!

All my china can go back in the cabinets.  And I can fluff around getting EVERYTHING back in it's rightful place.

OMG I can't wait to sit back and know there's nothing left to do.

Ummmm... sadly our dining table spat the dummy last night, when we were getting it ready to move from the garage to the dining room, which involved taking the table top off.  A piece fell off the bottom!

ABOVE: I'm not even surprised.  We have had that table for about 25 years, and it's been lugged around the country with us, through our last 5 homes!  

So, it's a super glue job for the weekend.  In the meantime, we don't have a table in the dining room.  Too bad. We don't sit at the table that often anyway.  

Right, I'm off to make a start on getting the china back in the cabinets.

8.45 am:  I stayed up until after 1 am last night.  Looking for ONE PHOTO.  It wasn't one I'd put on the blog, but I knew I'd taken it.

I had to scroll through hundreds of photos until I found it.  But find it I was determined to do.

ABOVE:  I took this photo the day before the new vinyl was laid.  And it clearly shows my 'line' on the old vinyl.  That line was then transferred to the concrete (for Jameison to see), and then to the underlay for the carpet layer to see.
So no one can say it wasn't there.

And now... back to titivating!

Or not.  VICIKI:  if we were to put the vinyl planks under the bar counter, the join would still not be fully covered.  And all along I did not want vinyl there again.  
I may end up not using the bar stools at all, to stop the carpet join from wearing too fast.

Around 9.30 am I took off to town to get a couple more of these:

ABOVE:  They are perfect for putting my little Britto figurines on.  They now have ones that extend (like the one above) which is awesome.
I got three of them, that should be enough.

ABOVE:  I'm about half way through unpacking all the china.

It's now 1.15 and I'm stopping for some lunch.

3.05 pm:  I'm so tired.  
Had some upsetting news... but won't go into details right now as it MIGHT still come right.

I've been putting stuff in the china cabinets.
I am NOT taking them out again!

Stew and I have talked and we will not be having the house re-carpeted again, even if they offer to do it.  We just don't want the upheaval again!
We are both just DRAINED... and totally over it.

So, they can compensate us for the muck ups and extremely poor customer service, and we will call it a day.  (have not heard from them yet)

If we have issues with the join, we will deal with it if and when that happens.
We can live with the bins like that  for now.

It's such a shame there is nowhere else to put the bins.  They are too tall for the pantry, as they would block access to two shelves.

I'm probably half way through the china.  But have had to stop, my head is pounding and I feel a bit sick.
Just overtired I'd say.

STEW... takeaways tonight!

So.  Steve had a terrible night with stomach pains.  He had blood tests this morning, as all his pain was exactly the same as when he got Pancreatitis last year.  
The tests have come back negative, so goodness knows what's causing his gut issues right now?
But, if his pain continues or gets worse he will have to go to the hospital.  He's not looking forward to that, so fingers crossed it settles down again.

I'm expecting a delivery this afternoon.
Most unexpected.  We ordered something last Saturday from Bunnings, fully expecting it to take MONTHS to arrive from Australia.

NOPE.  Today!!!!  

On Saturday the other lady we dealt with said it would cost us a few hundred dollars for delivery.

Today's lady said, NO WAY, I'm getting it delivered to your house, FOR FREE!!!

It's been a very up and down day ... for sure. 😊😏😪

5.45 pm:  And maybe it's NOT turning up today.  The lady did say if it didn't get delivered today (depending on time), it would be Tuesday.
So, Tuesday it is then.  😊

Stew just got home.  Time to 'knock off' for the day.
I just finished doing the china cabinets too.  'Phew', that was a mission.

The day is done.  We had takeaways for dinner, Amanda joined us for dinner as well.

Now.  I can't hardly keep my eyes open, so I'm going to bed really early.


  1. Jesus what an utter cock up feel so sorry for you 😞 I wouldn't be paying a cent until it's fixed to your standards. Try not to let it get you down 💙💙

  2. Should you be putting anything back? Aren’t they going to have to put in a whole new long/big piece to fix the triangle? I absolutely would not leave that triangle, it looks like a high traffic area.

    1. There is NO MORE CARPET available in our dye lot! So if they were to replace that section (again), it would not match the rest of the carpet!

    2. Then I think they should replace ALL of it in new dye lot.

    3. That would be my worst nightmare!

    4. Then do you have a stash of the vinyl put away so if that triangle area gets very bad, you can put vinyl out in front of your counter/bar area to tide you over?

    5. And I bet you are exactly right, they brought back the same carpeting as last week, no more was available from your lot.

    6. That is a possibility.

    7. Your kitchen flooring is really beautiful.

      Consider having more of it added in front of the bar area (just like it was originally). I think triangle and indentations from the bar stools and high traffic are going to be a problem.

  3. That triangle IS in a high traffic area. And if you put stools there that would be even worse with more traffic. Did they use a new piece of carpet? It certainly doesn't seem so. Oh boy. Good luck.

  4. Fuck them Jesus I’m wild on your behalf make them shift you out in a motel shift all the furniture and RECARPET ENTIRE HOUSE not good enough and the triangle area is going to utterly bug you nope stuff them.

  5. Oh Heck NO! You are not going to give up valuable counter space to save the stupid carpet join. Get it done right and use the counter with stools. That is a popular place to sit while visiting and so on. No way do they get to mess up the best seat in the house. NO NO NO. And if they need to replace all the carpet in the room to match the dye lot - it is on them. Not your problem.

  6. Oh my. Such a fuck up. I'd be pretty pissed off too!

  7. What a shit show!! And the attitude of the carpet layers yesterday is the icing on the bloody cake, if you have not paid the final bill, withhold payment until the issues are satisfactorily rectified. Regardless of the delays, crappy communication and sulky attitudes, at the end of the day, the work has not been done to a professional standard i.e join/patch where there should not be one & not following clear instructions as to where the carpet should end in the kitchen area. The bins are now partially on carpet & quite frankly, where they finished to by the breakfast bar looks silly. On a positive note - the carpet is a lovely colour :-)

  8. I was going to swear but it seems others beat me too it! Oh heck, why not... I WOULD BE SO FUCKING MAD!!!!! They have clearly used the carpet from last week and dicked you around. A join is not necessarily going to give less wear, I had one right through a high traffic area with my old carpet but if the entire point of NOT laying it last week was because of that join then that's ridiculous. Then there is the line they did wrong. Again, not right and needs to be fixed but you know that they will then have to replace some of the vinyl because that bar goes into the vinyl so there will be holes in it when it's moved back. Utterly bad from start to finish.

  9. there is nothing more disappionting than when you have been looking forward to something for so long. It's such a shame and I CAN NOT believe how rubbish Carpet Court have been. All this drama when you should be enjoying your renovations, not on!!!!!!!

  10. I'm so sorry that you have had such totally incompetent people to deal with during what should have been a relatively uncomplicated and smooth process. I would definitely be demanding they fix up their stuff ups and provide a good discount for the inconvenience and stress.

  11. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I'm gobsmacked by this incompetent company, unbelievable

  12. Speechless!!!wtf
    Hope u get a satisfactory resolution even if it means as someone above-mentioned re housing you and THEY SHIFT EVERYTHING and do the house again. So disappointed for you both!

  13. Takeaways and your tipple I reckon! Hope you get everything sorted soon.

  14. Sounds like you are overtire & stressed, have a quiet night and finish the china tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be bollocks over the weekend anyway so it will be a nice rainy day task.

  15. Your treatment by carpet Court is disgraceful. I know you are drained at the moment but don't make a decision yet. I know it will annoy you later. It should be perfect! I would try to get new carpet and next time they move the furniture for you. Dont move a thing out if furniture until they guarantee they have all the carpet in stock. And they should compensate you fir the inconvenience. Dont give up without a fight. Just need a good break in between. In

    1. I've half the china back in the cabinets!!! OMG I couldn't do it all again. And the thought of someone else doing it would bother me. My stuff is precious to me.

  16. All the best to Steve.

  17. Take care Steve. Rest up and tackle the carpet decision when your mind is fresh. Have a good weekend.

  18. That carpet company is rediculous! Hope Steve starts improving soon!


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