Friday, October 01, 2021


 Stew is home today.  Taking a 'rest day' from work.

Rest from work... but not from jobs here.

We are doing a small grocery grab this morning, then I have a list of smallish jobs for Stew to help me with.

It will be nice to have a hand getting those jobs done.

There's a few more things to hang on the walls, but not too many left.

Bearing in mind I'm not putting everything back right now, it probably won't take much time.

Getting curtain rods and curtains back up might take a little while.  

As it's Brylee's birthday tomorrow (21 !), we will probably pop out and find something lovely for her present.  And food for her birthday lunch.

We will be having a lunch here over a dinner, cos I'm just too tired!  A couple of nice platters is what I have in mind.

And of course a cake.  

So, there's plenty on the agenda today.

12.10 pm. And... Stew and I have been shopping all morning ! We got some plants and Christmas presents. Also something for Brylee's birthday. 
And this:

ABOVE: OK... he needs a name.

ok... it's now 3.40 pm and we have just got home from being out and about ALL DAY!

Shopping.  Shopping.  Groceries, and so on.

I don't know if I have the energy for doing much else today, but we will see.

ABOVE:  Stew was some adorable shell cushions at Freedom Furniture.  We got the salmon one.  Of course.

ABOVE:  We now have houseplants!  There's three more in other parts of the house.
We love them.

And we are back to it... busy busy busy... hanging curtains and paintings.  
Slowly getting some semblance of normal back in the house.

10.50 pm: We got more curtains hung this evening.  Just got the lounge ones to do tomorrow sometime.

Dang, more computer issues tonight ... but finally got it working again.
Dinner tonight was baked potatoes, super yum.
So, so tired... off to bed in a minute.


  1. 21! Brylee be spoilt..
    Another busy day ahead enjoy having Stew home and Keera for the week, your house will be full to the brim.

  2. Happy Birthday to Brylee - and Stew , maybe you better make a run for the office! Joking - of course. Have a lovely day!

  3. Oh my gosh 21 that wee girl that was dancing the night away. Have a extra specail weekend Brylee xxx

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee. 21 is Huge! Stew, don't blame you having a day away from it all is a great idea. Look after yourself. As for your friend elephant he looks like a Wally!

  5. Dumbo (elephant name)

  6. Gorgeous little elephant should be called Alfie

    1. How did your comment get in between my comments which were about 30 seconds apart? Haha.
      The No No No was directed at my previous Dumbo suggestion and not Alfie! Alfie is a cute name, I would never dismiss someone else's suggestion as it looks like I did in the comment stream.

    2. Sorry Dogstars... I have a comment 'editor', so when comments get published and in what order is up to her, not me. Sometimes she misses a few and finds them later! lol

  7. No no No. Modoc should be the elephant name. And if you have not read the book Modoc, now is the time!

  8. Wow time flies 21 holy snapping duck shit!!! What about Fucker for the elephant 🤣🤣💙💙

    1. WE have discussed this my friend, and Fucker is not gunna be his name. Nor is Trucker. Ya dick. lol

  9. Kiwionholidays4:46 PM

    The wee plants n stand are awesome
    Love all your new purchases etc and great you and the girls got pictures etc hung makes it feel like you are on the home run
    Have a nice weekend
    Cheers 🥂

  10. Anonymous5:00 PM


  11. BOB lol sort for Bloody old bugger, coz that's what he looked like when I sat next to him, he's all rusty and his metal or whatever is breaking away and is rough looking, I gather that's how he is ment to feel look lol 😆 🤣 but yea I literally patted his head and said gidday ya bloody old bugger lol 😆
    #Lacy 💙

  12. I recently adopted some house plants. I am struggling to keep them alive. They don't look to good.... Sad Face.

  13. Love the plants. Wish I could grow them. Even my artificial plants drop their leaves.

    1. Babe, give me time! I will probably kill them too!!!

  14. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee, can't believe you're 21 already. Have a great day. Sarah in Melb

  15. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Happy Birthday to Brylee!! Oh, to be 21 again...enjoy every second of it!!! KY Girl

  16. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Happy 21st Birthday to Brylee ! 🎂🍾 Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family. Think the elephant looks like she should be called Nell !
    Jane G
    Jane G

  17. Happy Birthday to Brylee. Have a wonderful celebration.

  18. Happy Birthday Brylee from Canada. Your plants are gorgeous. I just repotted all mine. I have a concrete dragon. I named him Axel. How about Edwin.


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