Saturday, October 09, 2021


 Today we are prepping the main bathroom for it's new flooring, vanity and toilet.  

Which will involve some sanding, then painting.

I am going to paint the wet room too, as it's looking in need of a lick of paint.

Our ensuite is all ready, thank goodness.

It is all going to look so good once it's all finished!

We are still feeling very happy that only the kitchen and bathrooms are being done this week.

It gives us time to get them all finished before tackling the carpet and all that involves. (moving furniture out, taking doors off hinges etc)

I made another little bear last night, but I'm just not happy with it at all.

It's so hard to stitch up the 'gap' once it's been stuffed.  So I'm going back to the drawing board and making a better pattern, one that has a 'gap' down the back that I can then hand stitch closed.

I will give it another couple of goes, and if I'm still not happy with them, I shall stop even trying.  

Here's a few happy snaps taken over the past week:

ABOVE:  Our darling Miss Muppet spent the past week with us and her MUM.  She spent every single day with her Mum, and they had a fantastic time.  Keera just loves being out on the farm with all the animals, and spending time with her Mum.  So very neat to see them together.

Now, this is called covering my arse, in case anyone tries to blame me.

When I picked Keera up last Friday (1st October), from school, she had clearly had another haircut.  

A haircut that was not sanctioned by her mother, and should have been.  Those bastards chopped all her beautiful hair off!

ABOVE: Not only that, but whoever did it, made a right mess of it.


I looked at that bloody mess for an entire week, then I couldn't stand it any longer, and snipped off the long bits.  I did not make her hair any SHORTER, just took off the bloody horrible longer bits.

If a hairdresser did this, they should be shot.


*HATERS AND TROLLS, don't even bother ... my comment editor will NOT publish your comments, or inform me of them.  Any and all nasty comments get deleted immediately.

The kerosene lamp I bought off Trademe arrived.

It was wrapped so well it took me a good 5 minutes to get it unwrapped!

ABOVE:  When I finally cut through all the sellotape, cardboard and bubble wrap, my sense of smell was assaulted by KEROSENE!

It obviously still had a tiny amount in it, and it has seeped out into the packaging.  Ikkkk.

But, the lamp itself was intact and I love it.  It's now hanging in the sunroom until it stops stinking. 😂😊

Because we don't have Miss Muppet here now, I am going to lie in bed and be a bit lazy.  Might get up soon though... me feet are starting to twitch. 

OMG I'm laughing my head off.   Talk about pathetic!  Trying to hack me?  Join me up to all sorts of random sites?  Bring it you twats.  I just hit DELETE.  

ABOVE:  Steve's in the house!
He's plastering and sanding in the main bathroom.  

Super duper day so far.  We all had hot chip butties for lunch.  
Steve got the main bathroom plastered, sanded and then skimmed, ready for paint work tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Stew un-boxed all the stuff for the bathrooms.  So exciting seeing it all ready to get installed.  So soooooooon.

6.30 pm:  And the Covid spread continues.  I feel like it will never go away, and we will be locked down until a high % of our population is vaccinated.
I can't wait till that day.

This afternoon I had a nana nap, and then prepared dinner.  Which is Pork Schnitzel, lettuce salad and cheese ball croquettes, and Kumara ball croquettes.  I found them at the supermarket and you just throw them in the oven.
Fingers crossed they are good.

9.19 pm:  Well... the cheese croquettes were yuk, and the Kumera ones were surprisingly lovely!  And I hate kumera.  
Been watching TV, blogging and just being a lazy tart, as per usual.  Well... lazy in the evenings.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures of mother and daughter enjoying their time together they look happy and content.
    Who cuts a child’s beautiful longhair? Keera hair was stunning and going against someone else permission to get it cut that’s pretty low.

    Have a great day ahead getting stuff done car wait to see all the work done.

  2. I could. Cut hair better than that hairdresser. Keera and lacy look so happy together

  3. Looks like the two of them had a fantastic week together and great to be out in the fresh air instead of playing on a device 👍 happy weekend 💙💙

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Keera looks so happy with her mum in the photos.nim glad they've had an awesome time together. Kj

  5. The world is too peopley for me, I just hide out at home with my good people.

  6. Keera's hair was so pretty. Shame on whomever cut it like that. I am sure it was done so poorly on purpose. Great pics of Lacy and her daughter. Seems some people need to remember she is Lacys daughter and Lacy needs to make the important decisions in Keeras life. You can clearly see the love the two have for each other.

  7. Keera is still adorable in her bob. But straightening it out is obviously a good plan! In The pic of Lacy in the orange and black sweatshirt with Keera - they look soooo alike it is hilarious! And the black leggings of Keera's - I had those. But I finally wore them out and now I can't find any more. I loved those!

  8. How sweet are those pics of Lacy and Keera. Great to see their matching smiles.

  9. Gosh Keera is gorgeous, even a shitty hair cut spoil her beautiful looks. She would have had a blast spending time with Lacy on a farm, perfect way to enjoy nature.

  10. How lovely to see Keera so happy with her mum. Such a shame her "carers" can't follow rules and use things like hair cuts as a pathetic way to get at Lacy. I wonder if they realise that Keera will grow up one day and remember all the things they did to her?

  11. Are those the new toilets? I was going to suggest tall toilets with smooth contours, and that is what they look like!!!

  12. Keera is such a beautiful girl, gorgeous smile,so nice mother and daughter together xxxx

  13. What lovely pictures on the farm. Such a great experience for kids. Those croquettes sound delicious. Sorry to hear you’re having to deal with numpties so much. Trying to hack you is pretty low. Liz

  14. Lovely photos of Lacy and Keera ... Keera looks so happy. As for the haircut, if a hairdresser did that, I think they should be considering a new career as a butcher - that's shocking.In terms of attempted hacking of your account and signing you up to random sites, I suspect that might be considered illegal activity - identity fraud, malicious behaviour? Their ISP address could probably be traced. They don't sound very smart.

  15. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Keera and Lacy have a special bond you can see that in the photos. It’s sad that Keera’s carers abuse her like that to try and get at you, so very sad. Is there not some way you can get Keera away from them. She is such a beautiful little girl. Can wait to see the house/ bathrooms finished.

  16. I am so sorry about your Covid spread. Totally stinks.


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