Friday, October 22, 2021


There was an announcement made last night.

The Waikato is staying in Level 3 until Wednesday next week.

Not what we wanted to hear, but it's expected because there were more cases in the Waikato announced yesterday.

AND a case in Napier, their first Delta case.

So... it's spreading.  Goodness knows what will happen next.

There's a damn good chance people are going to go 'fuck it all', and just do what they want.  I think plenty of people are already doing it.

I so, so wish life could just go back to 'normal', and let damn Covid do it's thing.  Vaccinate as many as possible, and let those who refuse to get vaccinated face the consequences.

It has to happen eventually.  We simply cannot keep going on as we are.  Locked down, then have some restrictions eased, then  lockdown again and again.

People are simply not going to keep putting up with it.

I've started looking online for Christmas presents.  I think that's being sensible, as clearly shopping in person might not happen for a long time.

I will devote a couple of hours to doing that this morning, then I'm going to continue my sewing.

Bex made some good suggestions for smaller runners yesterday.  Instead of large runners with say, 6 gnomes on it, do small ones with only one gnome.

Good idea!  Same with cats, wonky houses etc.  I'm a little bit excited about adding a smaller range to my runners.

We had a lovely evening last night.  I  hadn't laughed so much in months! FILTHY AND INNAPPROPRIATE JOKES abounded.  Steve was reading them from his phone to us, and he had us in hysterics.  Much as I'd like to share some of them, 99% of them were downright disgusting!  Totally inappropriate and not suitable to general consumption!

I don't know how people come up with them, sick puppies. 😂😅😆

Right, time to go and start the day.

We shall be picking Miss Muppet up this afternoon, another lovely weekend ahead.

1.47 pm:  Well I've had quite a busy morning.
Got washing out.  Fluffed around moving some things in the house.
And been sewing:

ABOVE:  I have almost finished five smaller runners!
I can't wait to move on to the next batch.

Before you ask, NO, we did not feel the 5.9 magnitude earthquake... it was way down the line, centered near Tauramanui, it was very deep (210 km).   

MIKE!  Did you feel it?  Any damage? SANDRA?  CHRIS D?  ANNE? LOIS?  JANENE? ALL you girls down there!

I have had an excellent and fun afternoon.
I made the first of my next batch of smaller table runners.  It's rather cute.
I'll show you tomorrow, once it's totally finished.

I'm now out of the sewing room, and have  supervised Miss Muppet cooking her own dinner, and now?
Might think about what Stew and I will be having.

Well dinner was just average.  We had mini spring rolls, crumbed prawns and hash browns.  Wasn't very nice at all for some reason.

All is quiet now, and I'm probably going to bed early tonight.  I've been a busy bee all day.


  1. Of course I want in on the naughty jokes.
    Netflix has been getting some gruff for the New Dave Chappel Comedy show. So - I had to watch it just in case they decide to take it down. It is comedy folks! Lots of comedy is offensive! I thought it was pretty good.

  2. I absolutely have that same thought, let the unvaccinated just get sick.

    Problems (three at least) -

    The medical system can’t handle handle all the unvaccinated getting sick. And at least here, they still have to treat them/hospitalize them even if they are not vaccinated.

    Kids will get sick. Some of the kids will get very sick and have lasting issues.

    The immunity from being sick does not last. My brother and his wife had it twice each and were sick both times, but not hospitalized, before they were vaccinated.

  3. I don’t want the
    Levels to change if our hospitals are swamped what about the genuinely sick that need space and ventilators babies, asthmatics (my son) and your son what if he were to be sick again and just sent home it’s a new kind of worry now quite stressful.
    Xmas yes that’s a stress all by itself I know people buying non perishable food for the day now

  4. Melbourne has just had restrictions lifted after 262 days in lock down. Mind you we can’t go to Melbourne to pick up a new boat trailer that was ordered in February as it’s not essential. Hopefully that will change in a few weeks

  5. Just heard about the earthquake in NZ. Did the earth move for you ?

  6. Sadly you are right. People will do what they want to do and it will spread. Just look at Melbourne. Lockdowns don't work any more.
    I am so glad you had a great birthday. Like Dogstars - I want in!!

  7. Thankfully we don’t have any cases here in Napier or Hawkes Bay YET! It was a Waikato person who visited here and then tested positive when they when back to Waikato. Sadly it’s just a matter of time. And idiot anti-vaxxers who will hold us back!
    Had enough of people who don’t care what their actions will do to others! Being stuck in lockdown must suck.

  8. Felt the quake here it was a good one!

  9. I didn't feel the earthquake here Guy did I was walking to the dunny I heard a big bang though 😅 beautiful day here in Napier day off for us Hawke's Bay Anniversary. Been to Mitre 10 to get tonnes of vegetable plants faark every man and his dog was there!!! 💙💙

  10. We didn’t feel it. We were towing a scissor lift at the time. No damage at home 😊

  11. Hi Chris, Yes I felt it down here, was quite a jolt.Went on for a while, Hope you are hanging in there with your level 3 restrictions, seems like things will ease for all or us once people are fully vaccinated.Hopefully that is just around the corner.

  12. I find that those dinners work well if it's not too many of those items. If that makes sense. Spring rolls and prawns but not the hash browns.

  13. My work colleagues felt the earthquake at our new office here in Christchurch surprisingly. I was very happy to not have been in the office at the time. There was a wee earthquake here one night a few weeks back when I was there on my own and I wasn't a fan! Our new building sways!! Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  14. Have a wonderful weekend. Keep safe.

  15. I think that is why they just gave up on ours too, too many businesses went out and everyone became hostile.


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