Sunday, October 10, 2021


 Does it make me seem weird, if I say I feel the weight of responsibly, every time I look to my left in the family room:

ABOVE:  I can't stop looking at them! They are like my new babies.  I'm worried they will die on me.

Maybe I will start talking to them too.  Shit.

I THINK I'm loving having houseplants again.  It's been 20+ years since I had houseplants.

COVID is slowly but surely spreading here.  So frustrating.  I really can't see us getting out of Level 3 lockdown for months.

We have some really selfish people who are flouting the rules and leaving lockdown areas, and spreading damn Covid now.  Even if they didn't know they had Covid, breaking the law and forcing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people into lockdown is just an arsehole thing to do.

The only way forward now seems to be getting as many of our population vaccinated, then just opening up all areas of our country in a safe way.  

Who else is totally OVER all the restrictions?  

Have YOU been vaccinated?

Moving on... Steve is coming back today to do a final sanding of the walls in the family bathroom, then I will be painting them.

Such fun.  I love, love, love having stuff to do!  

9.45 am:  Two things kept me awake last night.
One is a 'may happen' type situation, so won't go there right now.

The other was doors.
All the doors in the house need to be taken down (later in the month),  so the carpet can be laid in November.
And that would be the ideal time to paint them, cos they look shitty as, now that the walls and door frames are freshly painted.

So, I am trying to decide if I should just paint them white?  Or...

ABOVE:  A very, very pale shade of blue/grey?
Would that colour 'work' with the carpet?  

ABOVE:  The carpet.
Would it work???

Meh.  Doors might be white.
When I suggested a pale blue/grey to Steve he pretended to spew.

I have just finished painting pigmented sealer on the plastered bits in the bathroom, and then painting the edges and skirting boards in the toilet and main bathroom.
Now waiting for the plastered/pigmented sealed parts to dry, then I can paint the rooms.

My FBG walking group is on hold thanks to lockdown.  But we still keep in touch.  One way is having a 'PHOTO A DAY' challenge.
Today's subject was SKY.
Every photo so far was of ... well the sky, sunsets, sunrises, puffy clouds and so on.
I decided to try for a slightly different photo.

ABOVE:  How about the SKY, reflected in me pond?  Looks cool.  

5.50 pm:  Gawd talk about a busy afternoon!
Did the sealing, edges and skirting boards.
Went and picked up the dogs after they had a play date with Steve's kids.  Kinda forgot them... they ended up having a very LONG play date!

Came home and put the first top coat on the toilet and bathroom.

Just had a lovely shower/washed hair and now?
Too tired to dry and straighten it!
Where's Lacy when ya need her eh?

I think Stew's in for a nasty surprise.  "Oi Darling... you can cook dinner tonight."   
There's a lettuce salad all ready to go (I made it last night), he just has to cook the rissoles that are sitting on the bench.

Covid:  friggin SIXTY new cases today!  It's spreading ... scary.  
Oh forgot:  Most of those 60 are in Auckland.  Only 3 new cases in the Waikato.
Hopeful we will not get many more.

Stew did a good job cooking the rissoles and serving them up with my salad.
Was bloody nice too.
Now... watching TV before bed.
Which won't be too far away, I'm kinda tired.


  1. I think the restrictions are a good idea. But, it finally got out of control even in New Zealand. Assholes are the #1 spreader of Covid here in the USA! In September we reached the grim milestone of 1 in 500 people DIED of Covid. More people died in 2021 than in 2020 (anti-vaxers mostly) because half the country refuses to wear a mask or get vaccinated. So sorry you are having to deal with this now. At least - there are vaccines which are working. And YES - I have been vaccinated. However - my son and his girlfriend have not. That worries me. But they are 100% secluded and go NOWHERE. Curbside pick up, n95 masks in stores, self-employed, and go mountain biking in the middle of nowhere for fun. So, at least he's not a Covid spreading asshole! haha.

  2. We are well past vaccinated and on to boosters. Plus fall (respiratory) flu shots done, we staggered them with our boosters by a couple weeks.

    Still living a mostly curbside pick up life. BUT staying current with all our medical appts.

  3. Yes - make the doors gray! That would be lovely.
    I am also a new plant Mama - and my plants are harder to raise than kids or dogs. I seem to be able to keep kids and dogs alive. Plants, not so much!

  4. All my internal doors a black 🤣 fully vaccinated. We have been pretty lucky with lock downs in Qld especially the gold coast. Hope it shows down over there, I should have been in Auckland this weekend to celebrate my baby brothers 40th :( :( :(

    1. Your Covid numbers are really great in Queensland! I hope it stays that way. Black doors would not suit our home because of it's style and age.

    2. Yes, black would suit many houses. All my walls are grey with white tiles so it works really well. One of my sons is a painter so he pretty much picked all the colours and went for it. The other one is a plumber so handy having tradies around :)

  5. Just over 77% of New Zealanders over the age of 12 have had their first dose of the vaccine, and 49% are fully inoculated.

    Is that true? Why do I live with 150 million buffoons? We have had the vaccine for ages and aren't doing that well!

  6. Well done on keeping your plants alive ... definitely not my string point! I think I would stick with white for the doors personally. You can always accessorize around the area with blues (or other colours) 🙂

  7. Vaccinated over here in Melbourne, hanging out for kids to be able to be vaccinated too. I'm sorry NZ has ended up changing course.

  8. I’m thinking white for your doors. Living In Sydney, Australia we are spending our last day in lockdown after 15 long weeks in lockdown topped off by the last two weeks in complete isolation after my husband needed an emergency appendectomy and became a close contact while in hospital 🤦‍♀️ I feel your pain Chris and yes it’s the selfish people who do not adhere to lockdown restrictions that make things worse for everyone. Vaccination is the only way out of the delta variant. Glad you have lots to do to keep you busy in lockdown as unfortunately it could be a long one.

    1. enjoy your freedom tomorrow Rhonda... I'm in inner west xxx

  9. Ontario, Canada is opening up with most of the movie theaters, sports venues etc. up to full capacity, however, everyone must be fully vaccinated and prove it to get in. However, restaurants still have limited numbers of patrons allowed in at a time.
    Yes, we are fully vaccinated, waiting for a flu shots, but boosters for Covid have not assigned to our age group (80) yet, only for nursing homes and people with immune issues.
    It appears, at the present time, we are well on our way to some kind of recovery, but we must keep in mind it could change in a minute.
    Don't give your plants too much water and if they need sunlight they should be closer to a window, works for me.
    Stay well.

  10. I think the grey would look lovely with the carpet but would it make the doors stand out? I guess it's not different from grey walls and white doors which is what I have. I say go for it. Your houses are always beautiful and different.

  11. Talk about A-holes,here in Missouri last week there were anti-maskers lining the streets along the sidewalks screaming and carrying on at masked parents walking their masked children to public school on the sidewalk. The anti-maskers were screaming at the masked parents with some of the masked kids being pretty young, I know the masked parents (mostly Moms and kids) must have felt threatened. The anti-maskers were accusing the masked parents of child abuse and screaming all kinds of ugly stuff. They acted like they were either insane or had rabies. They seemed so ugly putting their faces out toward the people with masks. It was disgusting.

    Seriously, I have never seen so many people acting this crazy, raging way ever before, at complete strangers and children. It made me wonder if there are many, many people in the USA who have been brain damaged in some way and it has not come to light yet that.

    1. Susie, your comment made me sad but then at the end made me laugh. It really is like people are brain damaged and hopefully here in NZ we won't get so bad as to act like that.

    2. Here in Victoria, Australia, it seems a lot of people have had personality changes, maybe they were mean and nasty before Covid but I didn’t see it. So many people hating on each other on social media. We have been in lock down longer than anywhere in the world, but our cases of Covid are soaring daily. I wish I could turn back time to the pre Covid days.

  12. Kiwionholidays2:59 PM

    Time poor today but your pic of the pond n sky is beautiful, blown up would be awesome too,
    🥂 Cheers 🥂

  13. I will spew if you leave it white! White is lovely and all. But a tiny hint of blue/gray on the doors would look great.

    1. We've decided to paint a big piece of paper with the blue/grey paint and pin it to a door. That way we can see how it would look. No rush though for the doors, might even wait until we get the new lounge suite, and see if blue/grey doors would look good with it in the room?

  14. Half vaccinated our next appointment is early November. They told me wait 3 weeks then today when they rang its 6 weeks are we running out of vaccines??? Anyway I like a shade of grey/blue will be fabulous 💙💙

    1. Robyn, there's been so many changes to 'when it's best to have your 2nd vaccination'. It all depends on vaccine stocks. I'd be going wherever you can get your 2nd shot after 3 weeks! Everything I've read indicated 3 weeks is best.

  15. I'm happy to say that in my Australian state of New South Wales, 4 days ago we hit a double dose rate of 70% and yesterday a single dose rate of 90%. I'm vaccinated and my 15 year old son is having his first jab next week. After 3 and a half months of full lockdown, tomorrow is Freedom Day! Shop are reopening etc, and pubs? Maybe restaurants with restricted numbers....? Can't bloody wait.

  16. I have just caught up on the last week! Just keep having so much going on here. So forgive me for backtracking but that haircut was appalling. How could they leave it like that. Thank goodness you were able to fix it a bit. The floors will be so worth the wait when they are finally done, I get your frustration though. Unfortunately some businesses forget customer service sometimes, a phone call to keep you updated would have gone a long way. Sh*t those Covid numbers aren’t good. I’m so over Covid :( Have a great Sunday night and here is to a good week ahead!

  17. I feel that if the carpet has a brown/beige colour, you should go warm colours for walls, doors etc, like ecru, eggshell or off white. Otherwise it would look funny. But that's just my opinion :)

  18. Just remember the vaccines don't keep you from getting Covid. They supposedly just keep you from getting it "as bad". My whole family got it and my son spent 3 days in the hospital (unvaccinated). 8 other unvaccinated people and myself (vaccinated) didn't get sick enough for that. Weird how it hits. I was the only one that didn't get stomach issues.

  19. and I'm saying that because I had the false sense of security that I was vaccinated so I was good lol.

    1. Yeah, we are aware you can still catch Covid while vaccinated, but being vaccinated means you don't necessarily get so sick.

    2. Yeah I was still sick for several days with a fever. Still coughing a bit a month later :(

  20. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Love the sky picture.....very cool idea. Glad to hear so many are being vaccinated - this will be the best way forward to get things opened up again. I don't believe keeping borders closed/imposing constant lockdowns is the best idea going forward, every country's economy is under so much pressure we might have to "live with" some variation of covid for a long time. I'm not sure how it's reported in NZ but here covid numbers are recorded based on "someone who tested positive for covid within 14 days preceding death" so if you died of a heart attack or in an accident you're still a covid statistic even though you didn't actually die of covid. I think it's worth bearing this in mind when politicians/newscasters talk about covid effects/statistics. We are six months post 2nd vac and being tested every month for antibodies and they are still present which is very positive news - I've no idea why anyone would choose not to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated.
    Jane G


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