Saturday, October 23, 2021


After finishing the 5 blue, smaller table runners yesterday, I made one more.

ABOVE:  A Christmas gnome runner. I've done large runners with 6 gnomes on them before... but this one?  Sooooo cute!

And I added the little lantern as an after thought.  Do you like it?  

I am going to make some more runners today.

Maybe I'll mix it up and add different things to them?  Ideas peeps?

Lacy will be here all day with Miss Muppet.  I am hoping the little boys come over to play as well... those kids love being together.

STEVE:  If he's to be believed, he's feeling a bit better.  But he's good a fibbing too.  He knows I worry about him, he's been known to cover up how he's really feeling.  Time will tell I suppose.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.

11 am:   I've started working on my next set of runners.
And they are not going to be Xmas Gnomes. 
No markets.  No chance of selling them till next Christmas.

ABOVE:  Might be using these fabrics instead.
IF I get one done by the end of the day, I will show ya.
And dang!  I just realised they may be considered Christmas runners as well.  
Oh well... I wanna do it anyway.

I have two twits in my sewing room with me.  It's noisy.  I've just told them to shut up or they will be getting kicked out.

ABOVE:  I'm making a mess.  And I love it.
Very damn fiddly what I'm doing now.
But... I'm using up heaps of me little scraps of fabric.  SCORE.

Stewie is making me lunch.  YES!
Actually, he's making dinner too.  Home made burgers.

So.  Working in the sewing room all day, having visitors come in and sit on the couch, at the computer desk etc, showed me the configuration of desks, tables, ironing board etc just was not working.
So I spent a good bit of time once everyone had left, re-arranging that bloody room AGAIN.
I swear to God, how many times have I done that?
I do me own head in I tell ya.

I think I've got it right now, so I can access everything, work at all work stations, and still see the computer screen.
Yes, I like to watch Netflix while I'm sewing... it's awesome!
I took some photos, which I'll show you tomorrow... cos come on, I need blog fodder for tomorrow!

For now... here's what I got sewn today:

ABOVE:  I had a lot of fun making these Wonky Trees.  The top one is a small runner, and the bottom one is a large coaster.
I have listed them for sale on my Facebook page.

Because there's no markets till next year, I might as well try selling a few things on Facebook.  If it doesn't happen, well I tried.

Apart from my sewing today, did I tell you that Lacy and I took all the furniture out of my dressing room and Stew's big set of drawers this morning?  Well we did, just getting a few more things out of the rooms ready for the carpet arriving in..... ELEVEN DAYS!

And.... it's like 8.41 pm and I'm done for the day.
I'm actually going to bed!
Don't know if I've gone to bed this early in years, but I'm just exhausted.  So much to do, not enough hours in the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The gnome with the lantern is really cute. I like the colors. I made some crocheted Christmas gnomes last year.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Love the lantern! Best wishes to Steve. Ky Girl

  3. Steve Harvey don't bullshit to your Mother she's clever and will figure out whether you are telling the truth or not 😎 table runners are super cute 🥰 Lacy be quiet lol 💙💙

    1. Me be quiet 🤫 lol 😆 never 😂
      Oh and it wasn't just me lol Miss Muppet was with us, playing (on me like a jungel gym 😅)

      Was a really lovely day ☺
      #Lacy 💙

    2. Oh kewl so having Me and Keera in ya space really did put your mind in over drive lol 😆
      But really let's be real, we all know you just can't help yourself from moving things and fluffing about lol 😁 xx
      #Lacy 💙

    3. Yup yup and yup 🤣🤣

  4. I love the lantern, a mushroom could be endless color options.

  5. Hope you and your family are safe
    Have a nice lunch and hope the boys come to spend time with there cuz and the dogs lol

  6. Anonymous2:47 PM

    You could still make Xmas runners and sell them online?

  7. Have you considered an etsy shop?
    I love the gnome and the lantern. You could do so many things like a flower, a mouse, a wabbit, mushroom/toadstool as Dogstars suggested. I'd suggest a cat but we know where that will end up!

  8. Those gnomes, lanterns, birds, trees etc... .could make really cute Christmas Tree ornaments. Either with or without the rectangle back. Just put a loop dee loop on the top !


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