Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Today I'm focusing on pretty much ... more of the same stuff as yesterday.

Housework, particularly cleaning windows, frames etc.  They look SO MUCH BETTER once cleaned, they were doing my head in!

Then I'm going to sew a couple more armchair covers, so I can clean the dirty one (s), and have spares to put on.

ABOVE:  These are what I ended up using as covers for the arms of the chairs.  I originally made them for the bench in our Cambridge house.  They stay on really well.

As I walk around our house now, I have started to see a 'theme'.

It wasn't intentional either.  It just happened!  
Most rooms have blue accessories.  Cushions.  Ornaments. Curtains. Runners, etc.

So weird how that happened without me even realising it.   There IS some pink/salmon scattered here and there too, so I don't feel too guilty.

Like, the kitchen is a salmon-ish colour right?  And lots of our wall paintings etc have different colours.  

I went to bed last night feeling really flat.  And crabby.  Trying to get my head around a problem that has continually cropped up.  Working on it.

Steve:  had a phone appointment with his doctor yesterday.  According to the Doctor, his symptoms are similar to quite a few other people's, and he is to 'ride it out'!  NOT what I expected to hear.
I hope the doctor is correct, and it's not something to worry about.
With Steve's medical condition, they can't afford to stuff it up.
He was off work again yesterday.  I don't know if he's at home or work yet today.
I hope he is feeling much better though.

I'm procrastinating.
Putting off cleaning windows really. 😊😂
We decided a while ago to use our big glass fish bowl as a terrarium.

So this morning I worked on that.

ABOVE:  Hopefully the plants grow in there.  It looks rather cute.

And now *sigh*.... I better do the friggin windows.

11.20 am:  And the next set of windows are done.  I'm doing them room by room, so it's not a huge job on one day.
I'm over doing huge jobs!

In fact, I'm not doing any more windows now until the carpet is down.  All the rooms I've done can have their doors closed so they don't get dusty while the carpet is being laid.
F*#k doing them all again!

Nearly lunchtime, might go buy a club sandwich or two.  We love them.  YES, I could make me own, but that takes more time and effort and EXPENSE.  So... buying them.

KFC are giving away free Popcorn Lunch boxes to people who are vaccinated.  So Brylee went down to get herself some.  They gave her 4!
So she dropped some off here.  Very nice that was.

I have run outta oomph.  Been dicking around on social media, updating Instagram and Facebook.
Don't really know why I bother, but it's another way to share shit I suppose. 
Makes your 'world' seem bigger than your own backyard I think.
Certainly helps when you are stuck at home in bloody lockdown.

Today's Covid numbers are not good.  94 new cases, 7 here in the Waikato.
The only way we are getting out of lockdown now is if our vaccinated numbers go UP.
So PLEASE, PLEASE if you have not been vaccinated... please reconsider for everyone's sake.

STEVE:  Is still home sick.  Everything hurts.  NOT happy, and slightly scared about what sort of reaction he will have after his second covid jab.  He's determined to get it though.
And I just read that anyone over 12 who is immuno-suppressed should get a third primary jab ... so that's Steve too.

Leeanne:  Steve does not have Covid.  He is having a reaction to the vaccination.  You cannot get Covid from the vaccination.  He was more susceptible to having a reaction due to his medical condition.

Dinner tonight was Mutton chops, roast potatoes, and mixed veges, slathered in a brown onion gravy.  SO YUM.

Now... relaxing for the evening.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I do hope Steve is feeling much better today. Please take care Steve.

    Regarding colours in houses, my place has morphed into neutrals -- black, white, grey, cream etc but I love that and it seems to suit as the walls are a very pale lilac/grey colour. We all have to enjoy the space we live in and you love blue so go for it.

  2. I hope Steve starts feeling better soon, I am puzzled as to what he has to ride out, is he having a reacti9n to the Covid vaccination?

  3. Steve is still sick from the vaccine? Was it his 1st or 2nd dose? I hope this clears up shortly.

  4. Poor Steve as if he hasn't had enough problems 🥺 the terrarium looks cute 💙💙

  5. Love the terrarium. They were big in the 70s I remember. I'm sure your readers could have told you your house was blue!!

  6. Poor Steve, I hope he is feeling much better soon, he really has had a rough time with his health.

    I really like that wee terrarium, good job :-)

  7. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Hi my eldest son had reactions to both covid vaccinations, he described his arm like it had been hit by a bullet ha ha plus aches etc...my younger son had milder reactions and only the second one gave him more reactions, but still mild really.....my daughter in law is also immune compromised and hardly had a reaction at all to both... take care Steve


  8. I feel for Steve, as I am immunocompromised and have CRPS. About to have my sixth surgery soon! I was ok after 1st jab, 2nd one - felt like I have been 10 rounds with Joseph Parker. Lasted 3 days but bounced back. No regrets having Vax . Hope Steve bounces back soon .

  9. Leeann4:16 PM

    Maybe Steve should get a covid test just to be sure.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      This is a good idea. Knowing covid is in the waikato he could have been infected around the same time of being vaccinated - would be unlucky but still possible?
      Hope he is on the mend soon - thank you to everyone getting vaccinated!

    2. Leeann7:23 PM

      Yep that's what I meant Anon

  10. I haven’t seen mutton chops or mutton anything for years, yum

  11. I live in Auckland, so lockdown, lockdown, lockdown.... My home did have a theme, but I seem to have gotten a tad messy being locked up. Am so glad to have found your blog, had lots of chuckles reading it.Glad Steve is ok

  12. Sorry Steve is feeling so ill after the vaccine. Anecdotal stories here but I had lots of friends who had a really bad reaction to the first jab but when they went back for the second jab it wasn't nearly as bad at all. So everything crossed that happens for Steve too - and well done to him being willing to go back and get that second jab despite it all.

  13. Feeling ill is no joke. I had Astra Zeneca for my Covid jabs. The first one made me sleep for around 26 hours. I could not stay awake. I had the injection at 11am by 8pm I had the chills and a bit of a headache I went to bed and lost a whole day. My arm ached for about 3 weeks and had a lump, this is the same for any time I have an injection. My flu jab does the same to me every year. For my second covid injection, I had a bit of a headache, it could have been the weather changing that have me a headache? Had the same ache in my arm. Both my sister and brother had very similar responses to me of chills, headache and arm ache. My sister said it was like a hangover. They both had no reaction to the second injection. I have immune issues hence I had mine so early here in the UK, we are still semi shielding here, even though they have opened the gates of do what the heck you want. and you can see by our daily figures over 49k people with covid in 24 hours and 45 people died within 1 month of contracting covid. The worrying thing is no one seems alarmed. they are all crowding in the supermarkets and brush by you to get to the shelves. Because of this, we just dont do anything but walk the dogs on the beach and work from home. p.s. loving the bathrooms and blue is a fantastic colour

  14. Love your fish terrarium, I have exactly the same fish, however, mine is smaller and not suitable for a terrarium. Great job.

  15. Hope Steve feels better soon.


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