Monday, October 18, 2021


 There were no 'before' and 'after' photos of the girls yesterday.

Kinda thought I'd save them for today. 

Cos, well... there is not much happening today. 😂😆😊

Life is back to 'normal' for now.

Stew is still working from home.

Shops are closed.

We are still in Level 3.  We MIGHT find out this afternoon if our level changes, but somehow I don't think it will.

There were 4 Covid cases in the Waikato yesterday, and 47 in Auckland.  I am really PRAYING that the Waikato numbers do NOT start going up again.

SO SO sick of fucking Covid and all the restrictions that come with it.

So, here's the girls before and after photos, after their groom yesterday:

ABOVE:  They were so overdue for a groom!  Marley could hardly see ... poor girl.
But, it was just so hard to get an appointment at our 'usual' groomer, we had to wait months, and then they had to cancel them all!  
Now I know, after yesterday's ring around, that there ARE other options out there.
Thank goodness.

ABOVE:  You can hardly tell it's the same dog.  I must never forget to pre-book their next groom again.
Worth noting, they ae both slimmer now.  We weighed them and they LOST ALMOST half a kilo after being groomed!  😝😊

What's me plans for today?  I might just fluff around in me sewing room.
There is NO pressure to make anything, all our markets have been cancelled or postponed, thanks Covid.
The next one that MIGHT happen isn't until January.
I'm thinking of making a few Christmas presents for family now.   

SEVENTEEN DAYS until the new carpet goes down.  
This week I have no prep to do towards any renovations.
In a week?  Plenty to do.  Mainly getting everything out of the bedrooms and living rooms.
Wardrobe contents.
TV cabinets and so on.
But this week, nothing to do!  
We have been on the go for so long, it feels weird.

I woke up hungry.

And tired again.   Tossed and turned all night long with hot flushes.  God help me when Summer really hits.

ABOVE:  I had breakfast, which I virtually never do.

Stew asked if I was trying a new diet?  Regime?  Whatever.

I said NO.

I am NEVER going on another diet.  EVER.

I am done with them.

From now on, it will be just what I want, when I want, in the right proportions.

How long can you live your life in a constant state of dieting, watching what you eat, when you eat???   I'm friggin over it.  I've been 'on a diet' since I was 18.

I've been called fat and lazy, a disgusting pig and many more names than I care to remember.

By 'family' and total strangers.

I am how I am.  I will be fat.  I will be slimmer.  I will be unfit.  I will be fitter.

Who the fuck cares?  Not me any more.  I am going to die happy.  And I might be FAT.

3.15 pm:  And I'm just home from the supermarket.

Monday afternoon is clearly a damn good time to go to the supermarket.  It was as 'empty' as I've ever seen it.   So were the shelves in quite a few places, but luckily, not lacking anything I needed.

I also took our new Lamp Print to a Framing shop to get framed.   I emailed them photos of it, and where it was going so they would have some idea of what to suggest to me when I got there.

That sure saved some time.  It will be ready in about a week.  ( I did not enter the shop, but stayed outside, socially distanced, and talked to the shop owner from a good 3 meters away).

Now, I've put all the groceries away and am having a very late lunch.

Our Covid numbers sucked again today, though the Waikato has very low numbers.  It's still going to keep us in lockdown I reckon ... we find out at 4 pm.

4.15 pm:  AND...  we remain in lockdown until Friday, when the levels will be considered again.

ABOVE:  Dinner this evening was a prawn salad.  We enjoyed it.
Now it's time to wind down and just chill out watching TV.


  1. The dogs are looking good! Now I need to get my canine companions tidied up! Enjoy your time off - the next project (carpet) will be a doozy!

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Has Carpet Court said that you have to take everything out of the wardrobes? When Harrisons laid our carpet they just said to hook longer items such as dresses over the rail and they would work below them. We also didn't have to empty our rooms, they had told us that we would have to move the furniture ourselves but on the day the two lovely Canadian guys moved it all as they went - might, of course, have been because we are old!! Audrey

    1. Yep, we have to move everything out of the rooms to be carpeted, and the wardrobes. We could pay $450 for them to do it for us, but YEAH, NAH.

    2. Choices (same as Carpet Court) told us we didn't have to move the beds. They would have had to be taken apart so we were happy. The guys moved them to one side of the rooms, put the carpet down and then moved them to the other side and did the same. Maybe they could do tjat for you.

  3. Power to you Chris! I too am over dieting and just need to accept and love myself for who I am

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    What a difference. The dogs look wonderful. I'm into Chi pudding made with coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla essence for breakfast with berries. KjYummy.

  5. Looks like you might have found your new groomer The girls look great.
    I hear you with dieting. Life is too bloody short. I know weight causes health issues but the stress of trying to lose it, feeling like a failure and living in constant misery causes as much if not more.
    Go you xxxx

  6. Haters are always gunna hate its called jealousy. The girls look beautiful 💙💙

  7. What kind of a "family" member would have the balls to call you fat and lazy?? Jesus Christ!! You are one of the busiest people I've ever seen. You are ALWAYS doing something. Reading your blog always gives me the inspiration to get up and do something!! I just cant wrap my head around someone in your family treating you that way when you are always doing nice things for your family. Sheesh!!!!!!

    1. That person is LONG gone (20+ years). There have been others, but they didn't hurt as much as that particular person. It started when I was only about 14 in fact. It certainly mucks up your life. That's why it's so important NOT to call children FAT, or SKINNY. Both are harmful.

  8. The dogs look great, looks like the new groomer is a keeper :-).

    Hopefully you will be out of level 3 after the week, we have another 2 weeks at least. Even me who does not really go anywhere is getting over it now :-).

  9. I am loving your new "diet" plan.
    My son went to the Emergency room tonight. He has been vomiting for 2 days, can't keep anything down , and had a fever of 102 (38.8889 C). They sent him home without seeing him because they are overwhelmed. They told him to come back later if he wanted to. So, now, it has really hit home. Apparently all the other hospitals in the area are too full - so they are sending patients to this hospital, which is now full, and sent my son home without even seeing him. So.... Covid sucks.

    1. Oh heck that sounds dire. Do hope things improve for your son.

  10. OMG - I am so done with diets, as well. My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer and it really made me think "wtf am I getting so hung up about?!" You live once, for god's sake. Dogs look so cute, by the way.

  11. Dogs look great almost unrecognisable lol.

    I know your headspace will thank you now you do you and to hell with them!
    How is Steve feeling today? Better I hope

  12. LOL on the dogs losing weight after the groom!
    UGH yeah I am going to try to eat healthier again mostly so I don't keel over from a heart attack. Sucks.


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