Sunday, October 17, 2021


 My mission today?

Sew some things for me.

Windowsill runners and a 'coaster' for the bathrooms.

ABOVE:  These are the two fabrics I shall be using... aren't they stunning?  I've used the bottom fabric for Bowl Cosy's before, but the top fabric is a new one.

But... first up for today?

The girls get groomed!  I'm so damn relieved I could find someone who could do it at such short notice.

She works from home, and is very competitively priced, so I hope she does a good job.

The girls have to be at her home by 9.30, so no sleep in.  I will need to get the girls out and about so they have done their 'business' before they leave.  Marley has been known to poop on the cutting table before today!

Nerves I'm sure, but not nice for the groomer.

So, I am going to be busy doing stuff today.  Awesome.

8.50 am: And I feel like shit.  I woke up every half hour last night with a hot flush.  So I feel like I've had no sleep, and my lower back is killing me.
Hopefully I start feeling a bit better soon, might take some Panadol cos I'm already over today.

The dogs are at the groomers.  She seemed very nice.  I can't wait to see what sort of job she does, and Marley's eyes again!

ABOVE:  One down, a few to go.  Those pink blinds?  Will be GONE by the end of the day.

ABOVE:  Coco and Marley are finished their groom, and Denim is half finished.
Yeah, thought you might be.

We ran into Denim at the groomers.  She lives with our friends Nic and Sam down the road from us.  She's doing so well!  So happy for her.  And Coco.  Denim did NOT get on with Coco at all.  It got dangerous for Coco to have Denim living with us.  

ABOVE:  Stew is outside doing some yard work.  He just moved this big blue pot to the front... it looks fab there.

How sad is it that I get a little thrill every time I go to the bathroom?  Turn on the light?  Wash my hands?  See the mirror?  Yeah.  I just LOVE our new bathrooms.

We have had a really relaxing evening.  I think we both fell asleep in our chairs at one point or other!
Oh Dear, I think we are getting old.
I cooked chicken over rice for dinner, it was OK.  A bit spicy.
I'm looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow morning.  I don't have to get up early for anyone or anything.  Yaaaa.


  1. Maybe you need some pot plants to help you sleep! Take that ANY way you want... hee hee

    My dogs have been groomed out of a gals basement. She was nice and did a great job. Goodness - they already need another grooming. Both of them look like homeless porcupines.

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    That's an awesome idea Chris. Love it. Rest today. You're always on the go! Kj

  3. Have you tried panadol osteo for pain relief, it’s a bit stronger than normal panadol. It’s now kept behind the counter in Australia so you may have to ask for it

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Same here. I used it for radiation burns. Was amazing. The chemist had it behind the counter. Kj

  4. What a difference a windowsill runner makes...those colours are stunning 😍

  5. Love seeing all the changes you and Stew are making in your home. You’ll need to do a new walk through when the carpet is installed. I know you’re excited.
    Great pic of you both with the dogs. ❤️

  6. Love those blue materials for your bathroom just gorgeous.
    How funny running into Denim. They all look good.

  7. loving your gorgeous new floor and all the new bathroom stuff..... I was told to "remember the big picture" when we went through a massive reno 4 years ago. It can be SUPER frustrating at times, I can't imagine doing it all through lockdown waaahhhhhh

  8. Great idea on the windowsill! Fun to run into Denim :)

  9. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Not sad at all!! Exciting!! Ky Girl

  10. The dogs look good. Funny running into Denim!

  11. You worked hard on getting that bathroom just right so I am glad you love it & it makes you happy when you go in there 😍

    1. LOL, I 'go there' just to look at everything. No other reason most of the time.

  12. Gosh the girls look gorgeous 😍 everything is coming together for you two 💙💙 had to go to the emergency doctor this morning fell down some steps and sprained my ankle bloody awesome when I have a manual car!!!🤣

    1. ell bugger, I hope your ankle feels better soon. Until then, maybe hubby has to drive you to work! Or stay home. On the couch, feet up, watching Netflix! lol

    2. He's starting work at midnight so not an option unfortunately I'll give it a go so watch out Napier 🤣🤣

  13. The girls look great. I love the coaster and the colors. Is the material machine washable? In my home it would get full of drips and spots.


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