Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 As we are stuck in Level Three lockdown, Stew is still working from home.

And I'm at home with nowhere to go.

It seems crazy that Auckland is in Level Three like us, but they now have more freedoms than us!  Yet their Covid numbers are 90 to 100 + most days, and ours is less than 9 most days.  What's with that?

The other crazy thing is, all year 11, 12 and 13 college kids can go back to school as from today.  Ummm, hello... LOCKDOWN does not count for them?  WTF?  Or have I got that wrong somehow?  

It is totally Mickey Mouse, and I'm pretty sure hundreds of thousands of people are friggin over it.

I used to think Jacinda was doing an amazing job handling this Pandemic.  Now?  NOT AT ALL.

And now that I've had a little rant... I don't actually feel any better.  

Today I'm gunna empty the bottom of the linen cupboards, and then do another runner.

ABOVE:  A sneak peek at the next runner.  It's a cat.

What is it with me and friggin cats?  I don't even like cats.

ABOVE:  Bloody man, he's far too sensible. 
He's always pulling me into check.
He now says "You do what you want, BUT ...".

The damn annoying thing is, I can see where he's coming from.  So.  Another little rant done and dusted.

I am just feeling... frustrated.  Time to stop whingeing and just get on with me day.  OK.

10.15 am:  And it's very noisy outside my  house.

ABOVE:  There's road workers fixing some big pot holes in our road.  Marley is not impressed.  And Coco?  She just wants to go and play with the  men.

Lacy arrived bright and early, and helped me take down three sets of curtains that need shortening.
I'm NOT a fan of the extra long, pile up on the floor curtaining.
So, making them 'just touching' the floor.
It's a job I've been putting off for ages, no better time than now to do it, with nothing in the rooms to get in me way.

ABOVE: The last one... then I can press them and re-hang them.
Meanwhile, Lacy has moved some stuff into the sunroom, and vacumed.
Thanks Lacy.

5.46 pm:  YES, I know I've been quiet virtually all day.
I've been busy doing stuff around the house, then I did another cat runner.

It is NOT going to appeal to many, Sorry Liz, probably not your cuppa tea either.
I will make you another one, like the first cat one from the other day, OK?

ABOVE:  I LOVE IT!  Totally is my sense of humor.
Remember, when Stew annoys me I say "I'm gunna stab you 16 times in the chest!"  

So, it's down 'tools' time.  Might get takeaways for dinner as we are both knackered.

We had Pizza for dinner.  Filled the gap.

SPARKLING:  OMG you are a dag!  Thank you for taking BOTH my Cat Runners!

I really didn't expect anyone to want the 'WHAT' one... it is a bit 'out there'.  

LIZ:  Don't worry, I am going to be making more.

And now... it's time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hey Girl!
    It's kind of comforting seeing you "rant". We all need to. And it is nice to know others get frustrated too. I think NZ has had to hit the ground running as far as this Covid crap goes. It is hard to know what to do in these situations when you can not go backwards, or do a test run. I personally think Covid has gotten out of control, just like it did in New York and California in the beginning. There are no doubt twice as many (or more) undiagnosed cases. The testing still takes forever. People don't stay in isolation for many reasons. And if you loosen up the regulations people will surly die. And if you don't businesses and schools and universities are hurt. There is no easy answer. And even if you decide to open up with mask use people will cry Nazi and fuss that they won't be controlled by the government. So they will spread a deadly disease around because they can't be bothered to wear a tiny mask for a short time. While the rest of us are unwilling or unable to feel safe anywhere in public. It is a mess. And it will get worse. You've only just begun.....

    As for cats.... They are popular. And you can make all sorts of cute colorful patterned cat goodies. Fat cats, skinny cats, paw prints, whatever. Cats are good designs because they are more ambiguous. For example there isn't ONE dog style that would appeal to all dog lovers because there are so many shapes and sizes of dogs. Cats are more generic and universal! Like gnomes, houses, and trees.

  2. Thanks for the Covid Rant. Makes me feel better knowing someone else is feeling like I do LOL.
    I've been feeling really crabby the last few days - I think it is this dreary weather and the fact that my shopping list is growing longer and longer, and this waiting waiting game of uncertainty gets to be depressing.
    Hugz Mxx

  3. It does seem backwards to send the teenagers out in public/together, to be exposed and then bring it home. That actually seems like the fastest possible way to spread it.

  4. I have been doing a similar rant on my blog. Now that my oldest grandson will be going back to school we will need to stop that 'bubble' with my daughter's family. We are getting the younger two boys today but then won't have them once F is at school. Sad but necessary just for now. Regarding your restrictions, yes it seems odd that it's not been eased up like Auckland but then you did have a few weeks of level 2 whereas we have been locked down since August and to be honest, if they didn't ease up here we would all have started breaking the rules anyway.

    I agree with Dogstars regarding the cats -- people love cat stuff, there are mad crazy cat people out there so it makes sense to make lots of cat stuff.

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    What freedoms does Auckland have under Level 3 that no-one else has? I can understand how everyone feels about lockdowns now but Akld has had it particularly hard and if everyone who is able to get vaccinated would do so it could possibly end. I admire Steve that he was willing to have it even though his health is compromised. If everyone chose someone they trust to talk to about the vax and not listen to all the misinformation and so-called experiences from people who believe God knows what, we could get back to some sort of normality. Dogstars has hit the nail on the head with her message and we should learn from overseas - countries have opened up again but it doesn't seem to be making Covid go away. Audrey

    1. Answering that question as an Aucklander... we can now meet up with another bubble outside for a picnic. We can have a group of 10 people do an exercise class outside (socially distanced). We can go anywhere (outside) we like as long as we don't leave the Auckland boundary. I think that's the only differences.

  6. We here in Sydney are finally free after 3 months. Things are back to normal for the most part. Which means way more traffic and dickheads at the shops!

    Can Marley see the workmen? I thought she was deaf, but perhaps I'm mistaken? Fun either way! :)

    1. Denim was the deaf one.

    2. Aha! Of course! Duh, I'm not really dumb! :)

  7. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Good morning. COVID restrictions are bizarre and never seem to make sense. Here in Australia every state does there own thing, so even if you understand the restrictions in your home state, they will be completely different in another state! As for cat runners, I would love to order one - I am going to wait and see what design the one is you're working on today, and then I will let you know whether I'll order the one you posted yesterday, or the one you are working on today! My only specification is the cat must be black :-) In lieu of markets, at least I can give you some business! Cheers, Liz

  8. That cat runner is brilliant! OMG. The options are endless. WOW. Keep it up. There has to be a series there! LOVE IT!

  9. Love the cat runner hilarious ……

    So glad you’re seeing again long may it last.

  10. OOOH OOOH OOOH. Can I please have this one and Liz can have the original one. This is so, so, so me. Actually they both are. I'll take them AAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!

  11. Love the cat runner, worst thing is, my cat actually has such a bad attitude I actually think if she could pick up a knife & cut me, she probably might. She’s evil


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