Monday, October 04, 2021



When is this going to end?  The sooner most of the population gets vaccinated the better.  Then we can all go back to 'normal' in our daily lives.

Level 3 means we might not get our vinyl laid at the end of the week, and our new vanities and toilets stay in the garage for now.

Frustration abounds.  But, nothing can be done about it, so we might as well just chill out at home again.

I've got 4 curtains to shorten:

ABOVE:  Steve got the curtain rails up and then we did a trial hang of one curtain.  I only need to take about 3 inches off the bottom of each curtain.  Easy peasy.

I've actually got several jobs to do in the sewing room, so I shall be gainfully occupied the next few days.

Moving paintings around has been... interesting.

By yesterday afternoon it looked like I had nowhere to put my big floral painting.

Then ...

ABOVE:  boom!  Just like that, the right place for it occurred to me.  It matches the bedding in this room perfectly.
It's up higher than is ideal, to protect if from being knocked by kids too often.

Some happy snaps from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Gorgeous cows 'n' calves.

ABOVE:  Kids doing what kids do.  Yes, there's about three of them in that tree.  Somewhere.  I love the tree, it looks very old and loved.

8.58 am:  YES, I am well aware that we have not had to endure many or long lockdowns compared to other places in the world.
We have been incredibly lucky in that respect.
I'm not meaning to sound ungrateful, or moaning poor me.

ABOVE:  And they are done and hung up.
Very happy with them.
Now?  Lunch.  Toasted sandwiches today.  Yummo.

JUST.... LETTING... OFF... STEAM.  Sometimes it just happens.
And moving on... I'm about to do some exercises.  I need to strengthen my legs, they fail me sometimes when I'm on the floor!  No strength in them.  Squats and lunges are on the cards.
Stew is at work, there's a problem with their IT system.  I hope he's home soon, I already miss having him around.
And talk of the devil... he just arrived home.  With lunch.  Whoops!  I've already had mine.

ABOVE:  Stew finished work... in time to do a little job for me.
We took the hanging rack down in my sewing room.

ABOVE:  And we moved it to down the side of the house.  Perfect place for drying towels, among other things.
I wanted it moved cos of what I want to do in the sewing room.  Tomorrow.

I'm freakin' done for the day.  Been on the go all day, fluffing around with curtains, furniture, stuff in the garage (OMG that's still in utter chaos), and so on.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. How would you cope without lock down of almost 18 months in VictoriaAustralia

  2. Hey Chris, try living in Melbourne, we have been locked down for more days than any other place IN THE WORLD!!!! This time around, a short sharp lockdown for one week......still in lockdown nine weeks later, no shops open at all. My heart breaks for business, hospitality it’s apalling.

  3. You may still be able to get the vinyl laid in level 3 as long as they are satisfied you can all keep a 2 or 3 m distance from the layers. I had my painter finish in level 3, he wore a mask & I stayed in my corner in the dining room working & Sio was at work & Sue away. I know we are lucky that our lockdowns have not been as long as others, it still sucks, poor Samyson is back from Canada where he spent most of his 18 months in lockdown. They were just starting to come out of it and he gets to come home to probably still level 3 when he is out of MIQ on Thursday :-(. At least I have him home :-)

  4. Chris, regarding that floral picture. If you secure the bottom with 3M picture velcro then it won't move if bumped. I do that with my larger pictures so you are not constantly straightening them.

    Seven weeks and counting for us in Auckland... not shops open. At least for the last two weeks we have had click and collect. I worry so much for all the businesses though that can't survive this.

  5. It could be fun to hang the painting on the ceiling, like at the dentist! Then no kids would bump it. HAHA.

    I hope you get your flooring and house projects done quickly. Because the future is uncertain with lockdowns and such.

    I am so sorry to hear that Your Lockdowns got stricter instead of better. It really stinks. On a positive note - vaccines are available. Hope people get them. I don't know why they aren't. My son included! When a polio vaccine became available moms were lined up around the block ready to vaccinate! Now - hospitals are filling up so you can't even get a bed if you have a heart attack because beds are full of anti-vaxers. Hopefully that doesn't become too widespread. The vaccine is safe. Studied more than any other vaccine on the planet. And highly effective. Good Luck New Zealand. I applaud the way you are handling this.

  6. Anonymous10:46 AM

    You do not sound ungrateful or that you are whining. We are all so tired of it all. XO, Ky Girl

  7. I just read about alert level three. I wonder if the workers can do their tasks while masked? Or if you leave the house AND they wear masks. I hope you can finish your project - you have been excited / waiting for soooo long now! Plus if the workers are vaccinated... Here vaccinated folk are able to be with other unvaccinated folk.

  8. Great pics of the family 💙💙 expecting bucket loads of rain here this week 🤢 I got my first vaccination last week shit it hurt for days!! Nevermind it's a small price to pay for hopefully getting closer to a normal life.

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Sorru tp hear Robyn that your vax hurt so much - my two were a breeze apart for a sore arm with a couple of days. Agree that it is a small price to pay to get back to a normal life - apart from people with medical issues that can't have it, I wish everyone would get vaccinated. They say they are fed up with lockdowns (who isn't!!) but they don't want to be vaccinated - what else is there? Audrey from Rotorua

  9. Love the kids in the tree. Lockdowns suck for everyone - regardless of where or how long. In many ways living in Melbourne it's become the norm so I can understand how frustrating it is for you with the on again off again situation.

  10. Your curtains look really nice. Sorry about the lock down. People here in the United States just don't want to get vaccinated so I don't know how long this is going to go on.

  11. I got vaccinated and still got Covid so that didn't quite work like I thought it would. No I didn't die but it still sucked. I've been working from home for 1 1/2 years and they are talking about us all being back to work in March 2022 which will be 2 years. I'm like why even bother with that now lol.


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