Thursday, September 30, 2021


Everyone says it... but Far OUT.  It will be October tomorrow. Time is just flying by.  In 13 days it will be the ONE YEAR Anniversary of my Mum's passing away.  How has that been for me?

To be honest, I've been so preoccupied with other things (A nasty Court Case, other family dying, redecorating etc), it has just been a blur.  I've literally not been able to just sit and grieve.  Maybe that has been a good thing?

I miss Mum every day, I miss not being able to just ring and tell her what's going on, who's doing what and just YAK.  It really is a huge adjustment to make, one that I wasn't ready for.

But then, when are you ever ready to lose a loved one?  NEVER.  

So... while it's still fairly busy here with painting, carpeting, bathrooms etc... I will just tuck Mum back into my heart, and think about her when she prods me. 😊💙💜💚

Lacy and Bex and coming over this morning to give me a hand with putting some stuff back where it belongs.

I've decided to put most of the paintings back  up.  And some of the ornaments.

I need to get the spare single bedroom ready too... we have Miss Muppet from this Friday until the following Friday.  

I hope we can do some dusting/polishing and cleaning today.  While I've done my best to keep on top of all the dust, there's places I simply have not got to.

There might be a chance to get out and find a couple of things that we need later on today as well.

New curtain tracks for the lounge for one.  A couple of hanging plants for the kitchen and bathroom... surely I can keep a couple of plants alive???

ABOVE:  Lacy got her eyebrows tattooed yesterday.  They look great!
It's something I have thought of having done on/off for a few years.

YES?  NO?  

ABOVE:  Boys and bubbles.  Nice combo.

ABOVE:  This could be MY LIST... cos I do every single one of them!   Especially #1... I forget my OWN KIDS names often enough too.  It's much easier to just call everyone Darling... my Maternal Grandmother did that.

She had 10 kids, around 32 Grandchildren, and heaps and heaps of Great Grandkids and Great Great Grandkids!  Everyone was DARLING!  I now know why. 😊😍😌
Ok, weird start to the day, lots of waffling. 
I better get a move on I suppose.  I've been 'sleeping in'.  
'P' the painter is due here after 8 to fix the last patch in the lounge.
It will be awesome to feel comfortable in me own home again, with no strange blokes in the house.

Pottering around?  OMG, it's been GO GO GO here.

The painter bloke arrived, did his thing then left.

The girls arrived, and helped move major furniture and so on.

ABOVE:  They moved ALL the brown lounge furniture into the sunroom, once we'd taken everything out of it.

ABOVE:  It now looks really neat in there!  Three pieces of brown lounge furniture, all in the same place.

ABOVE:  I spent a lot of time this morning positioning painting.  I left this one for the girls, as it's a right shit to hang!
They had quite a job getting it up there.  
But, it's there now and it should tone in with the new lounge suite, when it arrives early next year.

ABOVE:  We then took off for Spotlight (curtain rods etc), and Bunnings (the cute plant).
Then we picked up Steve and dropped him home to collect his work ute.

SO MUCH FUN having him and Lacy be complete and utter BACK SEAT DRIVERS, and make me all flustered. The arseholes.  Said ever so lovingly OF COURSE.

Remind me to take a big stick next time, so I can hit them over the friggin head.

ABOVE:  Although it will have to come out sometime in the next week or two, I got the girls to put the bathroom cabinet in our ensuite.
Cos it was cluttering up the sunroom, which looks so good!

I woke up with the right side of me face all swollen and a bit sore.  I have no idea what caused it to swell.   It was a bit sore yesterday, but I took no notice of it.
Maybe some spider bit me overnight?  
If it's no better by tomorrow I will go to the Doctors.  
I don't want to end up there on the weekend.

Most of the paintings are back on the walls.  Some curtains are back up.
Some curtains still need to go back up.
I'm absolutely knackered.

My face lost some of it's puffiness during the day, but it's still puffy.
As I said before, if it's the same in the morning, I will go to the Dr.

Stew and I had Chicken pieces and rice for dinner.

I'm going to try and do NOTHING else tonight.
Feet up, blankie on.  Relaxing.


  1. Leeann10:05 AM

    Lacys eyebrows look great.

  2. I would love to have the courage to get tatooed eyebrows. My daughter has them and they look great. They fade a little from when first done to look more natural. How exciting getting your walls finished, it will all look wonderful when completely finished.

  3. I Immediately noticed that lacy was "done up". Hair and make-up. But, maybe not make up? Just fancy new eyebrows? If they fade a tiny bit - they will be perfect. Right now they look too "perfect".

    1. 'Done Up' lol your cute #Dogstars 🙂
      Nah hair is just washed and flattened and a bit of mascaras and eyeliner, but yea had my eyebrows Cosmetically tattooed on yesterday, am so glad iv done it 🙂
      #Lacy 💙

    2. I have just been to the blog for an update.... and I am already getting used to the new eyebrows!

  4. I have seen some terrible tattooed brows but Lacy's are awesome. Go and get yours done by the same person. And I think we need a photo of the puffy face ;)

  5. Lacy your eyebrows look amazing so do you:-). Had mine done a couple of years ago and no regrets

  6. Could be a dental abscess. Best get it checked out x


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