Thursday, October 07, 2021


 I started a table runner yesterday afternoon.

It was a cat panel, which I suppose could have been 'built' on to make it into a small quilt.  But I liked the idea of it being a runner.

ABOVE:  It was a nice little project.

I'm going to check out my panel pile and see what else I can whip up fairly quickly. 

I have two markets lined up, one this month and one next month (provided we are not in Lockdown).  I want to have a few more runners ready to go for them.

Talking of lockdown, it's not looking too good here in the Waikato.  We have never had active cases in our community before, now we do.

The numbers in Auckland are still 'high' too, and there's been a new death, with another in critical condition.  So sad, a husband and wife who've been battling Covid in hospital for weeks.  He died yesterday, and his wife is not doing well at all.

I am praying that we don't have another bad Covid report today.

Feeling selfish, knowing that our vinyl and carpet can be laid even if we are in Level 2 or 3.  Selfish because I am happy it can still be done.

It just means we may have to vacate our house while it's being done.  That's not a biggie though.  We can camp out all day in the sewing room!

But, back to today.  I'm gunna sew in me happy place, watch some Netflix and just enjoy myself.

9.50 am:  And I've spent most of my time, so far today, doing freakin' housework.
Washing... 2nd load is on.  First load is on racks as it's miserable outside.
I'm attempting to tidy up the garage just a bit, in case we need to put everything from the house into it for carpet laying on Wednesday.

We should know about that some time tomorrow.

I am LITERALLY DREAMING of moving furniture, where to put it and so on!  CRAZY.

ABOVE:  Well... I just found a place for that little unit, when not in use for a market.
A door guard, to stop the girls getting out my sewing room door.
Now I need the girls to stay fat little fuckers so they can't squeeze through it!
Their weight is about the same, still no idea why Coco has gained so much weight.

But... I am now wondering if it's just age?  She's shed a bit of hair lately too, which is not normal for  her breed.

I am still fluffing around in me sewing room and the garage, sorting stuff out.

I bought two packets of Patchwork Safety Pins a little while ago.
And guess what?

ABOVE:  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS BLUNT.  I threw them in the bin, I couldn't find the freakin' receipt.

It's nearly lunchtime, so I'm going to take a break and sort out some lunch.

1. 15 pm: Most of the Waikato is now in Level 3 Lockdown.  *sigh*  There's a slow spread through the Waikato... dammit.

The situation will be reassessed on Monday.
Luckily, it won't mean our flooring install is postponed.

It just means we have to be careful and observe all safety precautions. Not a problem.

ABOVE:  So, we are in Level 3, which isn't much better than Level 4.  And Auckland is now on a staged move out of Level 3, so right now... 2.9.
LOL, not much has changed for them either.

ABOVE:  I now have a little black eye.  I don't think I've ever had one as an adult.  Better embrace it, and I am still very thankful the bowls didn't smash on my face, and cause more damage.

Stew has had to go into work to trouble shoot again. 

It's been an excellent day.  I got  heaps done, freed up heaps of room in the garage, did some sewing and just enjoyed the day.

I made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, it went down a treat.

Now?  Gunna relax, watch some telly then off to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Ooooh I LOVE that cat runner! That's definitely something I'd put on my table. Why can't you live in Oz!!

  2. We have the gangs to thank for this latest outbreak and the transmission to Waikato. So basically we are all at the mercy of a bunch of arseholes who give no fucks about the laws, rules or anyone else to do the right thing & get vaccinated & stay the fuck home. In addition, those that are positive and are in Jet Park, have trashed completely at least 5 rooms, done damage to others & are intimidating the staff & no doubt the other poor souls stuck there and refusing to follow any rules.
    But it's okay, Aunty Cindy is letting the gang bosses to come over the borders to get them to help persuade them to vaccinate - it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. Rant over :-)

    It will be exciting to get your vinyl laid & carpets down, like a whole new house.

  3. I have a small scrap of a piece that goes with that panel. The colors are great!

  4. I’ve been hearing a long about blunt pins lately, evidently Birch are really bad and Clover is getting good reviews

    1. Yep they were Birch, I should have known better.

  5. Did you buy the pins at Spotlight and scan your card? They have records of all scans so you could return them.

  6. Love the cat runner. You are turning to the dark side!
    Maybe get the dogs a blood test. Losing hair and weight changes can be signs of too little or too much of some hormones which can be treated.

  7. Your cartoons are gorgeous. Gave me a smile this morning. Thanks.
    Not good news about the Lockdown . I really hope you can stop it spreading.
    We are living with it. We've been vaccinated twice and now getting ready for the third. Meanwhile we are getting our annual flu jab.
    Anti vaxx? Not here lol
    Your runner is gorgeous too. You've got great taste

  8. Just love the cat runner, the colours are gorgeous 😍

  9. Glad you had an excellent day.😀

  10. I bought some straight pins off Amazon and they are horrible too, probably tossed about 1/2 of them.

  11. The cat runner looks awesome! 🙂


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