Monday, October 25, 2021


 Today we should be getting up bright and early and heading off to the Cambridge Labour Day Market.

Thanks to Covid restrictions... we get to stay home.

How bloody wonderful.

I've got all this stock ... and no way to sell it.

Most frustrating.

Sometimes I'm tempted to pack up the sewing room, move it into a small bedroom, and rent out the studio.  Sure would bring in more money than my sewing does.  But then we would lose the privacy we have come to enjoy.  Still it's tempting sometimes.

It might be an option further down the track, who knows?

ABOVE:  This kid!  Her Mum said "Smile".  And that's what she got.  

ABOVE: Cooking her own dinner, scrambled eggs with cheese.  She really enjoyed herself.

ABOVE:  THIS.  This is so me.  You too?

Right... today I am going to continue moving smaller things off the floors, putting them in the garage and sunroom.

I want to move as much as possible this week, so that there is virtually just the big stuff to move on Saturday and Sunday. 

The only thing we won't move till the night before the carpet comes will be our bed and a couple of lounge chairs.  

Gosh, we even have to take all the doors off their hinges... and they might not fit back on as the carpet and new underlay will be higher than what's on the floor now.

Which means Steve will have to cut a small slice off the bottom of some doors, if not all of them.

Things you simply don't think of eh?

Lastly for now, I'll just leave you with this:

11.30 am:  and Stew and I are making excellent progress on getting the smaller stuff moved out of the bedrooms etc.
We have done way more than I imagined we would today.  And I'm knackered already.

At least there will be bugger all to do next week.
And we can take our time putting it all back.

YEAH RIGHT.  You know me.  It will be done in a matter of days for sure.

A bit later on today, I am going to finish a Medium Runner that I made last night.  It's not a tree!
It was rather fun.  I'll show you once it's finished.
I stole the idea off a t-shirt I saw online.  In fact, I've got a few ideas off t-shirts. 😉😊😅

9 year olds who lie to please others... Grrrrrr.
Exactly what we expected.  Coached to give the 'right' answers to please the questioners.
Accused of conversations that NEVER happened.
One day this shit will ALL STOP.

AUDREY:  WE do not hold adult conversations in front of any child.  If a child relays information that is deemed 'adult', it is being FABRICATED, or having words put in it's mouth by 'others'.

And that is it for this subject.  It won't happen again.

ABOVE: The garage is starting to really fill up!

ABOVE: on the right is the front bedroom's floor.   The carpet is in a disgusting state.  Looks like originally it had two single beds in it, cos the flooring in the middle of the room is filthy.  
So glad we are ripping it all up and putting down new carpet.
Nice to know we are not living with someone else's dirt.

5.07 pm:  And it's been a fairly nice afternoon.
Bex and Steve came over with lunch for us, which was a nice surprise.
They stayed a couple of hours.
Then Stew and I both just chilled out in our lounge chairs and listened to music etc for a couple of hours.

Now, I've done a few little jobs around the house.

ABOVE:  With all this talk of flooring, I remembered the left over tiles we had from our Auckland home, so Stew brought them up from the shed.
They should look good here in the laundry area of the garage.
We just have to get the fixative.  I am sure we can do it ourselves.
It will probably be done in the next few days.

Stew and I are having Lemon and Garlic chicken with rice and veges for dinner.  But for now... I'm in me sewing room finishing off the runner I started last night.

ABOVE: This one was fun to make.  

SPARKLING:  Of course you can.
LIZ:  I can always make another one, if you want one.


  1. Lovely photo of Kiera on the chair. She needs an apron for putting on when cooking Chris- something different to sew 😘. Lockdown is certainly curbing our activities and it is not going to end any time soon for us in Akld. Need those vaccination rates up!!

    1. ***Keera*** 🙂
      #Lacy 💙

    2. Sorry Lacy. Poor spelling on my part 🤦‍♂️

  2. Many a true work spoken it makes me mad they wont listen to advise and cream we have rights but so does everyone else have the right to stay save..that babble didnt say it right but ya know what i mean. Enjoy your holiday Monday

  3. Awwwwhow pretty Keera looks in pink. That’s awesome she taking an interest in cooking it’s a nice life skill to adopt, pancakes pikelets scones all in one bowl chocolate cake!
    No markets that’s got to suck!

  4. Who cares if your studio isn't making money. It is YOUR SPACE - and you enjoy it. That is all that matters. Do what you want in there. Sew, puzzle, make soap, whatever the heck you want!

  5. It is so unfortunate that Covid got out of control there. You are now where we were so long ago. But on the upside - there are vaccines and better treatments now. I completely agree with your post!

  6. Interesting... when we got our new carpet we didn't have to move a thing or take the doors off. It was all included in our quote and didn't show anything added on. They just moved the stuff from room to room as they went. Such a big upheaval but it will be brilliant when it's done!

  7. We were just talking about the Labour Day Market last week. It is a shame it is not on - bloody covid!!

  8. Keera is a real sweetie. She always looks so happy when she stays with you.
    I agree with Dogstars. It's YOUR space. And make soap.

  9. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I feel for the 9 year old who is involved with all this adult stuff. I hope that you aren't making it worse for her because it is so easy to get over-involved and speak without thinking. I know because I have been there with two of my grandkids and they are 18 now and still haven't really gotten over all the drama with their parents. I read somewhere that every time you speak ill of someone or get too involved in front of children you are throwing them over the cliff with you. Audrey

  10. Anonymous12:28 PM

    It's getting very exciting now. I'm so wrapped for you both. Kj

  11. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I didn't suggest you held conversations in front of the child but children have very selective hearing - they don't always hear you when you speak directly to them but hear things at other times when it is hard to understand how that was possible. I am sure the other parties are coaching her (because that happens all the time in this type of situation) but surely you must feel sorry for her. Audrey

  12. Has Keera had her hair cut?? Looks shorter 🤷‍♀️ well done for making her own breakfast gotta teach them young to be independent. It's sooooo warm here still nursing my sprained ankle but happy to be alive 💙💙

  13. Wow the cat looks fantastic. Definitely not your usual thing but it should sell well

  14. Can I buy that runner? It has my name all over it.

    1. Yes you can. I've left a message on your blog.

  15. Anonymous7:36 PM

    OMG! That cat runner is brilliant! Love it. As an owner of two black cats, I'm trying to think where I could put one...!! Liz

  16. You made a cat! A black cat! A cat in distress! What does this mean????


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