Thursday, October 14, 2021


Last night I made Stew lay some vinyl planks on the kitchen floor.

I wanted to be 100% sure I was going to have them laid the 'right' way.

Bearing in mind they are going North/South in the bathrooms... I wasn't sure if that was right for the kitchen.

So, laying them on the floor and taking photos would give us a damn good idea which way to have them laid.

ABOVE:  It wasn't so clear from this angle...

ABOVE: But WOW!!!   So obvious which way is best from this angle.  NORTH/SOUTH wins.

So the flooring guy comes back sometime today to lay the vinyl in the kitchen, then tonight Stew and Steve can put the fridge and dishwasher back, and the pantry doors.

Then phase ONE of the flooring renovation will be done.

Carpet?  November the 3rd.

Also today, I should hear from the electrician on when he can come.  He said 'this week' so maybe today or tomorrow?

He is going to install the LED mirror, light strip in the family bathroom, add some power points, and blank off the power points from the old heated towel rails.

Do you ever wonder why I tell you all these trivial details?

WELL... it's so I REMEMBER what's happening!  lol  

Yeah, seriously.  The blog is like a diary, a 'to do list', and to share shit with me friends and family.

Works for me.

ABOVE:  Top of the vanities.  I love the smooth, all in one sink top, they are going to be so easy to clean.

Along the side and back of the vanity, I will be putting some cute little tiles:

ABOVE: This photo is off the website, I have not seen them in person yet.  Thanks to lockdown.

But anyway, that's the look I'm going for, very subtle.   I don't want the tiles to stand out and scream 'look at me'.  😆😅😂

10.57 am:  And today is going like clockwork.

The Electrician is here making the changes and installing stuff.
The flooring guy?  He'll turn up eventually. 😊

I've been fluffing around the house, and putting my FBG Challenge of the Day photos up.
Today's prompt was OLD... and it wasn't allowed to be a selfie.

ABOVE:  My maternal Grandmother's recipe folder.  

ABOVE:  Some really OLD ones in here.  And some I might even try!

ABOVE: And I could not forget my paternal Grandmother's necklace, given to her as payment for working in a shop in Mangakino in  1930, or earlier.

5.12 pm:  And the vinyl is all laid! And it looks beautiful.
I did not go near the kitchen at all while J was laying it, I wanted to see it when it was finished.

Now, once the pantry doors are back on, and the fridge and dishwasher are back in place, I will take  photos.  So ya might have to wait till tomorrow for those.

Sorry/not sorry. 😆😅😋

Bit of a story with the Electrician.  He found some 'issues' with our Power Board, which is in the garage.
Seems 'someone' had done some work on it and it was not done right.
In fact, according to today's electrician, it wasn't LEGAL or SAFE.
So, he took the time to make it safe (as he felt he legally and morally HAD TO make it safe for us).
Seems if something had gone wrong, it would have caused a fire!  And he said that was on the high end of MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN at some point. 
I was like FUCK!!!

We discussed what had been done last year by another electrician, and today's electrician said... well that's where the problem was.
Hmmmm... that's a bit sad cos we really like that electrician.
Anyway, long story short, we are safe again.

I have chicken drumsticks out for dinner,and we are going to have a rice dish with veges on the side.

Dinner was really lovely.  Stew and Steve got the kitchen back in order.  Coronation Street is on... so that's me for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Everything is going to look amazing when finished!

  2. I hate to disagree, however, I prefer the East/West.
    Love the wood grain, vanity and also the tiles. Going to look great.

  3. Kiwionholidays9:14 AM

    Love the smooth flow vanities, so easy to clean ,
    Hey I am enjoying the step by step, so neat to see, n gives me more enthusiasm for when ours starts ✅
    Enjoy your day
    Cheers 🥂

  4. I love the pgoto of your grand mothers recipe book...ive got my grandmas too its lovly looking thru and seeing her hand r
    Writing etc...its a keeper no matter how small i need to down size too.

  5. I am east/west too.

  6. North south for sure I’m loving the wood look very nice.
    That recipe folder screams ancient but well loved
    The necklace just adorable.

  7. I can see where your love of scones comes from! Or is it an NZ thing?

  8. Ugh. I never know what to think in those situations. Glad you are safe and nothing went up in smoke.
    If you are considering East/West at all - the boards should be staggered. The ends of the boards should not be side by side, but staggered by 1/3 or 1/2. That way you don't get a solid line or seam in any one area. Either way looks good to me. I am kind of thinking there must be an industry standard for this type of decision.

  9. Our house is full of these situations. When we had a new airconditioner installed we had to get the powerboard upgraded. The electrician said the wiring looked like spaghetti. When he turned everything back on the oven kept tripping the fuses. Dodgy oven. The earth which is supposed to stick out of the ground was buried under the concrete driveway (another dodgy that will be replace at great expense next month) and was illegal and dangerous. How in the name of all things holy do these cowboys get away with things?

  10. Glad the electric are sorted.

  11. Anonymous1:03 AM

    See how blessed you are, to escape what could have been a truly terrible situation. I really believe you guys are now living your best lives, well done you’ve worked so hard for it. Jo

  12. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Can't wait to see the pictures. So, fess up, how many times have you looked at your new floors? Teeheehee

    In July I painted and carpeted my entire home, so I know what you went through. It was hell. ;-)

    Best wishes for a good day!! Ky Girl

  13. Well that is scary with the electricity! I'm glad he got it fixed up for you.


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