Monday, October 11, 2021


 I've got quite a bit to get through today, to get the bathrooms and kitchen ready for tomorrow.

Because we are in Level 3 Lockdown, there's a few more things we have to do to make sure everyone stays safe.

But first, I have to finish painting the family toilet and bathroom.  DONE

And take the doors off in the bathrooms and the pantry. DONE by Stew

And empty the floor level of the pantry. DONE  

Move the fridge out of the kitchen. DONE

Empty the dishwasher so it can be disconnected and moved. DONE

And clean every surface that the flooring installer MIGHT touch before he gets here with an anti-bacterial spray.  I will do that last thing tonight.  ABOUT TO DO...

So... I have plenty to keep me busy today.

Stew is 'at work' today.  In our lounge.

At 1 pm today (or 4 pm),  there will be yet another daily Covid Press Release.  It will be a miracle if we go back to Level 2, but as the numbers in the Waikato have been low (and all linked), it could happen?  

It would be amazing if that happened, but I'm not holding my breath.

At least I feel fairly confident we won't go back to Level 4.  I really don't think our Government will do that ever again. They seem to have changed tack, and are pushing for the majority of our population to be vaccinated, and have all of us learn to live with friggin Covid.

Right, probably enough waffling... I really need to get on with that painting.  It's gotta be finished by this afternoon so it has time to dry.

Have I told you how much I LOATHE painting?


10.50 am, three hours after I started,  the 2nd coat of paint in the bathroom and toilet IS DONE.
And I really hope it does not require a 3rd coat, cos I am NOT DOING ANY MORE.

Now... I'm going to relax for a little while before starting on the pantry contents.  That actually won't take much time to get out.

ABOVE:  I went to our local bakery for club sandwiches for lunch.  All health and safety aspects COVERED.

And dang, no club sandwiches.  I said "Never mind, I'll go to Pizza Hutt then",  (it's like 5 shops down), and the lady said "NO NO!  We make you club sandwiches!"

ABOVE:  They are worth the wait.  

2.21 pm:  Stew's had to go into the office again, more IT problems.  He's pissed as it should have been fixed last week.
The Carpet Court installer is dropping off our vinyl planks in about an hour so they can acclimatise to our house temperature, before installation tomorrow.

ABOVE:  I put me face on, and did me hair... cos there is nothing like having ya face 'n' hair done as a pick me up.  And there's a bloke comin'!  (*Snort*, As if that matters.)

I've been feeling particularly BLAH lately... hair and face just blah.  Black eye.  A gazillion hair fly-aways... IKKKkkkk.

Right moan over... might go and empty that friggin pantry floor.

ABOVE:  And... the vinyl is in the house.  

ABOVE:  I had to open one of the boxes, to make sure it was the correct colour.  Can't have them open a box up tomorrow, and find it's the wrong colour can we?
Gosh it's going to look so different!

COVID UPDATE:  35 new cases, all in Auckland.  None in our region.  We probably have three more days in lockdown, as long as we don't get a spike in numbers.

Dinner this evening was baked potatoes with left over spaghetti bolognaise mince, red onion, grated cheese and sour cream.

We have a few more jobs to get done this evening in readiness for tomorrow.  Once it's all ready, we can relax for the rest of the night.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Wow, you've a busy day ahead of you. Don't worry about cleaning surfaces that the flooring installer might touch before he gets there. If it were me, I'd clean them after he left!

    A Fan In Canada

    1. I think she is disinfecting for safety of workmen.

    2. The cleaning is required as part of Covid requirements - not to impress the installers :-)

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I believe the Cabinet release about levels and any further restrictions will be at 4pm as usual - don't want you waiting until 1pm for nothing!! To the Fan in Canada, the reason why you spray before the installer gets there is so you don't pass Covid on to them if you don't have any symptoms so would probably do it before and after. Audrey from Rotorua

  3. Clean the surfaces BEFORE AND AFTER!
    Can't wait to see the flooring. What fun! Living with Covid in the community is definitely not the same as pre-covid. Not only do you have to deal with an illness that ranges from zero symptoms to death - You also have to deal with the Ash-holes who don't have any consideration for anyone else on the planet. That's the worst part. I basically don't go anywhere anymore. Mask up in public. Avoid crowds. Only hang with the people in my bubble. (there are no unvaccinated people in my bubble) . The good thing is that treatments and vaccines are in place today - unlike 1.5 years ago when it threw the world into chaos. Personally, I would choose level 4. But if it is already out of control (it probably is) then you must learn to live with it like everyone else!

    Any progress getting Stew to agree to the slightly colored doors? If they are atrocious you could always paint them white afterwards.

    Treat yourself to takeaways tonight as I am sure the kitchen will be in shambles!

  4. Busy wee bee you will love it all that business is in line to your ultimate goal. Hope all those ducks go in there rows with no hitches. X

  5. Jeez you are a hard worker, it will all be worth it when the floors are done though.

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    That looks wonderful. Where is the Like button!! I also detest painting. Sounds like you're banging it out though. Keep up the good work! KyGirl

  7. Ooooh the flooring looks so cool 😎

  8. thanks for reaching out!!!.... I am desperately overdue on my blog. xxxxx

  9. Sandwich looks yummy...not a lettuce fan but rest looks yum

  10. Most of the time I don't wear make up anymore since if I go out I've got a mask covering most of my face anyways.

  11. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Thanks everyone for setting me straight on the requirement to clean before and after having trades in your home. We haven't had any orders like that here in my province in Canada, as far as I know. I would assume both you, Chris and the tradespeople will be wearing masks, and keeping the two metre distance from one another. Windows open, too?

    The new flooring is fab!

    A Fan In Canada

  12. The floors will look amazing! And your face looks just lovely 🥰

  13. So later today (for me) ..... We will see the floors? That is exciting!


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