Thursday, October 28, 2021


Large-ish girl gets outta car in front of me.

 Black hair, with white accent stripes.


Black push up bra.   Size 16 G minimum, boobs spilling out the top of the bra.

Pure white, exposed belly, jiggling.

Black, see through nylon stockings.

Full brief, black undies.

Black boots.

And I just go... WHAT THE FUCK? Where's ya shirt and skirt?

You are going into a supermarket like THAT?

Yeah, I get that she was dressing 'GOTH LIKE', and everyone has the right to dress however they like, but her outfit was borderline indecent FOR THE SETTING.  


'Lady' in the carpark at Pak n Save.  

Wearing baggy long pyjama pants that were not even half on... you could see her entire naked bum.

And a bra 2 times too small.  Bare feet. That's it.   Vaping.  Looked drunk.

I thought I'd seen everything by now.

Apparently not.

That was yesterday.

I think I'll stay home today.

Talking of today, there will be sewing involved.

As long as I don't get distracted by something else.

Steve saw his Doctor yesterday.  Then he talked to his Gastro Doctors at the hospital.

There is some speculation about his ongoing muscular pains and stiffness.  It could be a reaction to the Covid vaccination, (Reactive Arthritis), or it might be something entirely separate from that.  Either way, it's extremely rare.

So, he's had a blood test and they will go from there, depending on the results.  In the meantime, he's back on Steroids to try and settle the pain and stiffness down.

His immune system is shot to pieces right now.  

He is not going to have his second Covid jab until this latest issue has settled down.

He's a constant worry for this Mum.

Right, best get moving... I've got stuff to do.

11.15 am:  and no distractions.
I'm in me sewing room, have been since 8.30 am.

ABOVE:  And I'm finally ready to start sewing the next Cat Runner!
I made another one, different from the first two.
So I had to make the pattern.  That took a while.
But... let's get back to it. 

What are you doing?  

2 pm:  Stew and I both stopped working for lunch, and to listen to the daily Covid Report.
No good news there really.
Moving on.

Steve:  Heard from his hospital team.  His bloods show he's fighting a viral infection, all his 'infection markers' are elevated.  So, his Pancolitis is flaring up again, and his body is fighting to get some equilibrium.
He started Prednisone today, so hopefully that will help with the inflammation.
He also has to start a two week course of anti-biotics, as while he's on the Prednisone (and his other medications), his immune system is non existent. 
He will need to be very careful who he comes into contact with for the next month or so.

So extended family, he's a 'don't go near him' for now.

Brylee, Griffin and Lacy... we will need all of you to help us this weekend, moving our furniture into the garage and sunroom.  Steve will not be here, or helping.

ABOVE:  And there is today's Cat Runner.  It took a lot more work.  But I love it.  "IK, PEOPLE".

Now I'm stopping to get dinner in the oven.  Pork Belly.

Dinner was amazing!  Can't really go wrong with Pork Belly, slow roasted in the oven.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I love your descriptions! Those are the types of people you always see at Walmart or the "people of Walmart" internet posts! Glad it's not just here!

    I am so sorry to hear about Steve's troubles. It really is hard to tell if it was the vaccine. Our pediatrician always told us a story about a baby that was in for it's standard vaccinations. While the baby was lying on the table, the nurse was preparing the vaccine. Baby had a seizure. They hadn't even opened the vaccine. So it was a coincidence. But, if baby had the seizure 30 seconds later - everyone would think it was because of the shot.

    So, it really is hard to tell. But, what worries me is what may happen if he actually gets Covid. I am glad he went to the doctor and is getting a thorough check up. It needs to happen. You did the right thing - Steve!

  2. Good grief Chris, those women sound like those photos you see of Walmart in the US. I feel bad if I go out without makeup on! It is heartbreaking to see a lovely young man like your Steve going through this, I hope they can find some relief and answers for him.

  3. I really feel for you and Steve. I hope that they can help him or that time will sort this out. Regarding people you see... yesterday at Point Chevalier we watched a woman cross the street in front of us... again large woman (actually very large) wearing a crop top, all belly exposed and then tight stretchy leggings. It was a sight to behold. I mean good on her to have the body confidence but I couldn't help but wonder why you'd dress that way.

  4. I think people have forgotten how to dress!! Fingers crossed for a quick result for Steve. Such a worry.

  5. Some folks have no self respect or self worth but that has got to be down right nope there is no word i can think of.
    Hope Steve blood results give some answers

  6. Im at work... no rest for the wicked 😉

  7. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Best wishes to Steve and hugs to his worrying mom. XO Ky Girl

  8. Just finished work.
    Daughter picking me up in half an hour to go looking for make-up.
    Have a good day xx

  9. Ohhh that’s terrible news but good they know it’s viral I do hope you improve soon Steve and rest up take care of you and your little Whanau bubble.
    Chris the visual descriptions were hilarious I do hope your move/carpet goes well and I know the others will chip in they’re a great bunch.

  10. Anonymous3:22 PM

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  11. Kiwionholidays6:29 PM

    Time poor,, to answer much,,

    but happy that they are on to with Steve ,,

    all the love n respect goes your way for them from us

    Take care,,all of you n the extended s will all get back to some sort of normality soon we hope for us away from Kiwilamd at the mo n you ones at home


  12. Love your good night picture tonight Chris nite nite

  13. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Oh, I remember when we were in strict lockdown and things eased a little.....I can play golf or tennis but I can't visit the 90+ year old in-laws to offer support ? Gee thanks Nicola, I'll look out my clubs !☹ We are on a short visit to No 2 daughter on the farm. So far have put up curtain rail and hung curtains, painted bathroom top to bottom, put up 3 new blinds, cleaned numerous windows inside and out and planted out some garden stuff (not forgetting prepping/cooking dinner each night for the 4 of us). Well, there are 900 piglets here as well as 1200 sheep and 200 cows (and a newborn litter of 8 adorable collie puppies) so my baby is too busy for DIY! I hope Steve feels much better soon, such a shame he keeps getting knocked back by one setback or another. I'm sure the rest of the family will pull together to move stuff so he can rest up.
    Jane G

  14. Feel better soon Steve. Going out in public these days is hazardous to the eyes and the spirit. Seems anything goes, manners and common sense have all disappeared. Take care!

  15. Hope all goes well for Stew. Now I'm going to Google NZ daily covid report.

  16. Those cats are darling! Shouldn't it read "Ick, People"? It looks like IX. I had to read the subtitle. Really cute though and now I want pork belly.


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