Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 Well... what was supposed to be a one day job... is now a 3 day job.

So lucky the carpet install is not going to happen today!  It would have been bedlam trying to get all the furniture out of the rooms on top of everything else.

ABOVE:  I just love my new family room view.  Not really, the fridge and dishwasher really don't enhance the room at all!  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  But... all should be back in it's correct place, and doors back on etc, by tomorrow night.

Fingers crossed.  

Trent the plumber is coming back today to install the 2nd toilet and the vanities.  *SQUEALS*.... MAYBE we will at least have the bathrooms done by the end of the day?

Totally worth noting, the vinyl install guy has done an AMAZING JOB of the bathrooms!  It was much more technical for him, with lots of cutting in, and fiddly bits around door frames, but he got it perfect.  So happy he wasn't a rip, shit and bust guy.

We are thrilled with his work.

Right, I better get up. Trent is due here quite early... 

I got up nice and early as the plumber was due between 7 and 7.30.  It's now 8.30 and he's not here yet.  I have been through all the linen piled in the garage, most came out from under the Queen Sized bed in the front bedroom.

I'm thrilled to say it's all now in the linen cupboards, and I've got a pile to take to the Op Shop, and a few sleeping bags to give to family.

THIS means I can now store all my batting (OMG I've got a lot) under that bed, which frees up a bit of room in the sewing room cupboards.

Organising shit... it's an ongoing mission eh?  Or am I just weird?
Yeah, probably WEIRD.

So... I'm now taking a break.  Been on the go for the past two hours.  Great exercise!

The plumber is on an urgent call out, so my bathrooms have to wait.  
Lacy is here to pick up burnable rubbish and some linen.

Brylee is here (all masked up) to get some flat finding advice.  She has to move... again.

11.50 am:  The Plumber is here.  Big sigh of relief.

I'm in me sewing room:

ABOVE:  Sorting out all my batting.  A LOT is going in the bin!  I have saved literally every single scrap for YEARS.
Time to get rid of all the really small bits that are of no use.  Christ, I hope there's SOME small bits in that lot!

ABOVE:  It may not look like it, but I'm making really good progress on sorting out the batting.
And in the process, I've freed up two shelves in the craft cupboard.
I will be storing finished runners in there now, so they don't have to sit in boxes, folded up for weeks and months.

ABOVE:  I now have two plumbers here, and Steve called in to give them some skirting boards.
All health and safety precautions are being observed, us being in Level Three 'an all.

The vanities are not a 'straight forward' job either!  There's some twiddling around involved to get them to fit in too.

Nothing is as easy as ya think it's gunna be!


2.30 pm: 

ABOVE:  The first vanity is 90% in, taps and sink to go...  and it's done.
The second toilet is installed and working.
I've got scones in the oven for the men's 'smoko'.  Better go check, don't wanna burn the buggers.
The scones came out perfectly.  The men enjoyed them, mission complete.

ABOVE: The second plumber/builder helped get both vanities in, and now he's gone on to another job.  Trent is still working... but it's looking very likely that both bathrooms will be up and running by the end of the day.
THEN I can titivate!  😋😊😅  And show you them 90 % done.
We have an electrician coming in the next day or two to install the mirror above the vanity in our ensuite (it has LED lights around it's outer edge), and the lighting strip in the family bathroom.

6.04 pm:  And both bathrooms are 90% done.
All that's left to do is hang mirrors, lighting strip, towel and hand rails and loo paper holders.  (I think!)

I probably have more titivating to do... but right now I'm too tired.
It can wait until I can get into all my ornaments etc that are stored in the garage.  

Stew just finished work.  Now we are going to have some dinner I suppose.  I think it's scones! 😂😅😊

9.07 pm:  Right, that's this day done and dusted.  Time to sign off, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. WHAT???? Why on earth does Brylee need to move? Oh , poor girl. I thought she liked it there. That stinks.

    1. I think it was a personality clash. The owner of the house (a young guy) just made some pathetic excuse about wanting guys instead of girls as flatmates! So one girl has already left, the other girl is leaving in Feb/March and Brylee is looking for somewhere else right now.

  2. Poor Brylee but I am sure there is the perfect flat out there for her and it is all good life experience for her.

    I am looking forward to seeing the floors done :-)

  3. Poor Brylee. What a shithead of a landlord. Your renos are making me positively green with envy.

  4. Kiwionholidays2:23 PM

    It’s so exciting watching your step by step Reno’s while we wait to get started on ours
    Hey, loving the bathroom flooring and the new white ware in there,
    All fresh n new n trendy looking, and best of all not lots of maintenance,
    We have enough to do to keep our homes up to date daily with housework etc so you are like us wanna have it updated to lessen the work n enjoy more time with friends n Whanau over summer,

    Fabulous to know that this time in a month you will be all finished n enjoying all the combined hard work

    I am sure Brylee will find somewhere nice soon as she will have great references,

    Cheers 🥂

  5. Leeann2:36 PM

    I join up small pieces of batting using a big zig zag, and use it to make little bags etc.

  6. Poor Bylee shifting again sucks. U be washing ya teeth in your bathroom tonight yeah.

  7. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Renovations are starting to look really good!! hopefully Brylee will get somewhere nice. Maybe back with you?..ha ha


  8. Ohhhhh nice new look fantastic looking super

  9. Hope Brylee finds a wonderful new flat. What a difference the renos make. Looks wonderful.

  10. Not only do we have the same plant pot but also the same little bench (in the before picture). Mine has pink (ugh) upholstery though. Creepy eh? I wonder what I'll see next!

  11. Hope Brylee finds somewhere really nice. I LOVE the bathroom it looks amazing. I'm so jealous, but we have to wait to do ours.

  12. Just came here to say thank you for your lovely comments. The pain at the moment is almost unbearable, as you would know. Can’t believe we are going to share that date for losing a parent. I have really appreciated your kind words ❤️

  13. Just came here to say thank you for your lovely comments. The pain at the moment is almost unbearable, as you would know. Can’t believe we are going to share that date for losing a parent. I have really appreciated your kind words ❤️

  14. That sucks Brylee has to move again. I hope she finds somewhere nice! The bathroom looks so pretty!


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