Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 One year ago today I lost my Mum.  

My treasured confidant. 

One of my staunchest advocates. 

My best Mum and friend in the world.

My most enthusiastic shopping buddy.  

No one can replace her. 

I miss her every day.

Today we get the vinyl in our kitchen and bathrooms.
So it's going to be a busy day. That's probably a good thing.
More later.

9.30 am: well we now have no toilets.  And the vinyl layer is onto it...

ABOVE:  Ewwwww.... you can tell the dishwasher has not been moved in YEARS!

ABOVE:  This family bathroom will be finished by this evening, as in having a toilet and vanity installed.
The other bathroom might not be finished until tomorrow morning.
The vinyl guy said he will be here till around 6 pm!

WEIRD:  There was a whole heap of content HERE this afternoon, and now it's gone!  Oh well, that's a bugger!

UPSHOT:  Vinyl isn't finished.  The installer stayed until after 7 pm getting our ensuite finished, so the plumber could put in the 2nd toilet and vanities tomorrow.  No vanities were installed today.
The kitchen will now have to wait until Thursday.

We ordered a dinner from Lonestar, for pick up at 7.30.

Progress photos from today:

ABOVE: Family bathroom and toilet floors.

ABOVE:  One 23 year old toilet, changed out to a gorgeous new modern one.  Just love it, as much as you can 'love' a toilet!  lol

And ... dinner was only just passable. The Ribs were overcooked and dry.  The buffalo chips were soggy, and the garlic loaf was very hard.  The coleslaw was lovely, thank goodness!
I won't be ordering 'Take Out' from Lonestar again sadly.  Live and Learn.

We are now (finally), relaxing for the day.  Time to sign off and watch some TV till bedtime.

" wings closed "

credit for the butterfly photo to:  http://thebalancingkiwi2.blogspot.com/


  1. Lovely, Old Moo. I am so sorry.
    Glad you will be having a busy day!

  2. Thinking of you today 💙💙

  3. Thinking about you, as I have been exactly where you are today. It hardly seems possible I was reading about your return journey to New Zealand, after she passed.
    It is still Monday here in Canada and it is Thanksgiving day and I am giving thanks for having my Mum for 101 years plus a few months. My children, grands and great grands. My Hubby who shows me many times every day he loves me. No big things just the little things that matter that I unfortunately never received from my late husband.
    Keeps busy this day will pass.


  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Sending you love, I know your pain. XO, Ky Girl

    p.s. Can't wait to see the new floors!!

  5. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Thoughts are with you. I can’t imagine how hard it is to lose your mum xx Lucy UK

  6. Still miss my mum every day, needless of how old we are we still need our mums. ❤️

  7. I will be thinking of you today, I am sure you will have some tears but that is to be expected. Let yourself feel whatever emotions you do, the first anniversary is always a tough one 💕

  8. Thinking of you today Chris. The anniversaries are never easy ... if only heaven had visiting hours! *Hugs*

  9. Anniversaries are so hard but they do get easier as the years go by, I still struggle with the loss of my mother and it's been 16 months now. Be kind to yourself today and it's good that you will be busy. Hugs and kind thoughts from me.

  10. I think the first anniversary is the hardest. That's lovely of Lacy to bring you flowers! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bathroom.

  11. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Thinking of you and your family today, Jo xxxxx

  12. Kiwionholidays1:04 PM


  13. Thoughts with you Chris xx. The anniversaries are always hard

  14. Sending hugs from across the ditch. Keep looking for those butterflies.

  15. Hugs for your Mum! What a mess with the installation. Hope it doesn't take too long to get done.

  16. Thinking of you today. Hard to believe it has been a year. Enjoy your dinner and toasting mum. ❤

  17. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Thoughts are with you Chris. I still miss my Dad and my best friend so much. They knew me so well. It takes forever to find people like that. It's been very healing making Dads hexagon quilt of all his favorite things. Kj

  18. Love and hugs today for you raise a glass x

  19. Thinking of you today.
    Much love ❤

  20. Thinking of you today. Also, I have toilet envy haha!

  21. Oh you can certainly love a toilet! I covet yours.

  22. Sending you big hugz Chris. Hold close to all your precious memories of those wonderful times you got to spend together. I still miss my mum, and she has been gone now for 11 years. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday.

  23. Wow the flooring looks fabulous and the loo very nice too.

  24. Oh looks like you went from an S trap to. P trap toilet just like we did but ours aren’t as trendy as yours. Are yours totally flush against the wall ? That one thing I wish I had thought of when doing up our bathroom

    1. Yes it is flush with the wall... so easy to clean, smooth lines, just lovely.

  25. That's a lovely toilet... I would love it too! Floor looks great too.

  26. Toilets look great sadlyrenting you get wat ya given and the toilet and kitchen in this place need a lot to be desired. Hope your last house new owners appreciate your new loos u put in thsre too.
    Sleep well

  27. Thinking of you today Chris - good that it was a busy day with happy distractions. Nice loo!

  28. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Thinking of you as you miss your beloved Mother - remember the good times you shared with her. The bathrooms are looking amazing !
    Jane G

  29. Sweet memories o you of your Mum on the anniversary.

    Well said: "I love it as much as one can love a toilet." That sentence can fit into any conversation, any time, any subject.

  30. All the best on this most difficult day Chris.

  31. The floors look amazing. The toilet looks great - but actually your 24 year old toilet is pretty cool too!


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