Wednesday, October 27, 2021


 I sat in front of the computer, scrolling through cat pictures last night.

Getting ideas for more cat runners.

I've now got quite a few ideas, and am excited to make more.

But first, I will be making the first two again... cos SPARKLING bought them both!

I will be sewing all morning, then after lunch I'm going to Cambridge to pick up some plants.

A friend's kid has been growing succulents and selling them over Facebook.  He had a few left so I am getting them.  How hard is it to kill succulents eh?  😂😅😊

Actually, I am going to plant them in the front garden.  They can grow and propagate, then I can give them to others.

Sooooo.... I might not be back on here much today.  Ya know... got stuff to do, places to be, peeps to see (FROM A DISTANCE).  😖

I will try to remember to pop back, I promise.

10 am:  And we all know about those 'best laid plans' eh?

So, the boys got dropped off so Bex could get the groceries and take Steve his lunch.  Yes, Steve is back at work, but still not 100%.

Then the SKY Technician arrived, cos we've been having problems with our Sky reception.

Then... I got distracted by a little job just waiting to be done.

ABOVE: These tiles by the sliding door in the family room needed to come up.
So.  I did it.  And it wasn't that hard a job at all!
I think we have to grind the grout/glue off now?
Or maybe the carpet company can do that?  Dunno.   I'll talk to them about it before they get here.
We don't even know how long the carpet lay is going to take.  One day?  Two?  Another thing to find out before next week.
The boys are quietly watching TV, so I might just sit and relax for a little while myself.

2.30 pm:  Just home from Cambridge.

ABOVE:  Hardly any traffic on the expressway, but PLENTY in town (Cambridge!).  Anyone would think we were not in lockdown, there were so many people and cars in town.
I drove past our old house, they are putting an inground pool in, and have stripped most of the gardens.
Looks so sad from the road.
They have even taken out the lovely railway sleeper garden by the kitchen and lounge windows.  Such a shame, my gorgeous Robinia Lacy Lady tree is gone.
There is now a preschool at the end of our road, and a new block of shops just around the corner.
It feels weird being back there and seeing so many changes.
I now have several pots of baby succulents to plant in the gardens.  That might be a job for tomorrow.
For now... I'm off to do some work in the sewing room.  FINALLY.

COVID NEWS:  Our area is going to be staying in Level 3 lockdown for longer.  BUT we now have the freedoms that Aucklanders have.  We can meet up with neighbours, up to 10 people.  Go golfing, fishing,hunting, boating etc.  But still have to stay in our area, no crossing internal borders.
No shops open, unless it's online/contactless purchasing.
A few other things opening, like preschools with number restrictions bla bla bla.
So ... still stuck at home really.  Like I'm gunna go golfing/fishing/hunting/boating!
Oh yeah, you can go SCUBA DIVING too!   Like... I hold my breath when there's an underwater programme on the TV!!!  No way am I going friggin scuba diving ffs.  Thanks for that 'freedom'  JACINDA.

I lay down for 'a minute'.
Woke up at 6.15 pm!  Whoops.  Not cooking dinner now am I?  Stewie went out for takeaways.  😅😆

I can't keep track of the days.  I swear all day I've thought it was Saturday or Sunday.  So weird.
It's probably because Stew is home all the time?
Anyway.  It's sign off time.  I'm not doing anything else except watch idiot TV.


  1. I have no problem killing succulents. It is keeping them alive that is the problem.

  2. Kiwionholidays9:11 AM

    Succulents are awesome ,very had to let die🌴🌵🌳
    Enjoy your day 🌳😷🌞

    cheers 🥂

  3. Your cat runners look awesome. Have a lovely day ahead.

  4. I shall start your runner in the next couple of days (just need to finish what is on my loom). I will keep the colours but add some white. I have a plan. I love my cats. Thank you. Bring on open post offices!

  5. I feel sorry for you and your "leader" as well as for us under the rule of Sleepy Joe lol. Here is hoping for better things soon.

  6. Cat runners were super cute. Take care stay safe.


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