Friday, October 29, 2021


 But really, does it make much difference to me that it's Friday?


Every day is the same.  I get up, do some housework, do some sewing, or fluff around the house.

Stew is home every day, working in the lounge.  So there is no change there, with him going 'to work'.

The only thing that breaks up the day is if we get a parcel, or our bubble mates visit.

I have been doing some online shopping.  Some fabric from Gordonton, which arrived yesterday... and some Christmas presents.

They should arrive in the next week or so.

I'm starting to enjoy online shopping.  But I only order from sites within New Zealand.  I don't feel confident ordering from overseas, just in case the products don't turn up.

Do you know of any totally TRUSTWORTHY International online sites?  What has your experience been with them?

Something damn cute now.

ABOVE:  Archer gave Marley a soft toy (Rabbit) on Boxing Day, 2020.

She has loved that rabbit to, literally, DEATH.

ABOVE:  It has absolutely NO stuffing left in it, and it's coming apart at the seams.  Yet, she still loves it!  How damn cute is that???

She has very specific tastes does our Marley.

ABOVE:  We are moving into dangerous times.

Stew LOVES rich fruit cake, and coming up to Christmas ...  there's plenty around.  He bought a small cake yesterday.  I don't think there's much left.  I had a small piece last night, it was delicious.

DANGEROUS.  Must try not to have any more, or I will get hot flushes even worse than I am already.

I'm like, far out they are SO BAD right now!  And I don't know why.

Maybe it's just because it's getting warm again?  We have 95% humidity going on too.  Sticky.  



Lesson learnt.

You can spell ICK wrong.  I put IK.  Too much confusion.
Rectified now:

ABOVE:  Now it's meaning is clearer.

MOVING ON... cos that kept me awake half the bloody night!

6 pm: Have ya missed me?  Yeah, probably not.
I've been sewing all day, cos I got engrossed in cats.

I tweaked that one above, and then I made another 'Hanging Cat':

ABOVE:  It's as cute as the first one.

Then this afternoon I got this one 85% done:

ABOVE:  I will probably finish this one in a couple of days.

Now?  Both Stew and I have stopped working and are contemplating dinner.
I've got some beef sausages out so just have to pair them up with something.

Don't ya get sick of meal planning/cooking?

I tell ya, if it was only me I'd live on crackers and cheese.  And maybe pies.

I'm gunna have a tipple now, cos IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT! 😂😅😆

And that's a wrap on the day.  I feel like I got heaps done today. Feels good being busy.


  1. I love shopping from Book Depository ... usually free shipping and super quick with deliveries. Well packed and pretty good prices 🙂. Have a good day.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Two little letters keeping you awake half the night - right, lol. I thought the K looked like an X though so maybe people who don't know the word ICK were confused by that. Love the cats - maybe you will get to like cats as well as dogs when you work with them enough. Sincerely hope Steve is feeling better soon - it's not fair, he works so hard for his family. Audrey

  3. Oh my god! That runner is so cute!!!!

  4. I love the EW. Sounds like a cat!

  5. yuuummmmmm fruit cake is gorgeous and the shop-bought ones are usually quite good (although my mum's recipe is best lololol) xxxxxxx

  6. Fixed it! Much better. I was going to suggest "Ew". Have you watched the best show ever "Schitt's Creek"? The sister always says to her brother "Ew, David..." so much so that it is a catch phrase. Loving "Ew, people" much clearer now. Plus - it is very much the nature of snooty cats!

  7. I stopped drinking because of the hot flushes. Hubby got me a bottle of Southern Comfort for my birthday so I had two of those, then I realise it only wine that is giving me hot flushes. How weird is that

  8. Yeah Ma'z on the Tippel 🤣😁 have a good night Ma and Pa xxxx 😘
    #Lacy 💙

  9. Yeah i get sick of thinking what to eat and now im livin alone i have a lot of toast and honey for me tea about 8.30

  10. Enjoy the weekend and your tipple.

  11. I buy from Amazon, have never had a problem. I like "connecting threads", a US fabric store, their fabrics aremuch cheaper than in Aus, and good quality. Postage is cheap, and if you spend over $ 100 US, it's free. I've bought heaps there / including lots of comic boards that I store my fabrics on ( only $8 for 100). Great shop, but can take 2-3 weeks to arrive, but it's always tracked.


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